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It's the beginning of the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup, and we are now getting fully into the MLB season, so I thought, "Why not start a sports thread?" Talk about you're favorite team, sport, a game you saw, or even share a story you have involving sports. Enjoy!!!

5/31/2011 #1
Just a Wili

Hmm, I must confess that I'm not a big fan of basketball. But I do love football (soccer) and I follow closely the Brazilian volleyball team. The World League has started, BTW, and we'll have three weekends of matches here.

6/1/2011 #2

I like to swim and cycle and walk/climb hills. And I find it very dull to watch other people do sports.

6/1/2011 #3

It is understandable to find watching sports a bit boring. I myself are very involved in playing sports. I run track in the fall, play basketball in the winter, and play golf in the spring at my high school. I also have my running ability to fall back on for football, if I get interested.

6/1/2011 #4
Just a Wili

Ah, and figure skating. It's lovely! *has a crush on Evgeny Plushenko*

6/1/2011 #5

Oh, and dancing, forgot dancing.

6/1/2011 #6
Hamfast Gamgee

And I find it very dull to watch other people do sports.

I would respectfully disagree as I have spend many fun hours of my life watching sports, some of which can be quite attractive to a spectactor if played properly. Not to mention exciting if one is committed in some way. Although I do admit that in the case of Football I think I have been watching it to death recently particularly on TV and I could do with a Season long break next year, really. I do have quite an active lifestyle so I don't really need to play any sport or take more exercise to keep fit apart from swimming would be good for my muscles I always think. I have got as far as buying swimming trunks.

6/1/2011 #7


6/1/2011 #8

I am a big sports fan, as long as my local team is playing. :D

I love watching football, hockey, rugby, tennis, American football (the super bowl) and when the Bulls and Gators are playing, the winter Olympics, the summer Olympics, softball, and Formula One.

You name it, I watch it. Do I have time to follow them all? No, but I don't mind if they are on TV, and I usually get very involved. I love rooting for teams. It's fun. :D

I am a big lazy fatty, so I only swim and cycle every once in a while. I also used to play basketball and when I was in the military I jogged a lot (but I hate it with a passion).

6/1/2011 . Edited 6/2/2011 #9

I would respectfully disagree as I have spend many fun hours of my life watching sports

Ham, I merely said that I, personally, find it dull.

6/1/2011 #10
Just a Wili

American football (the super bowl)

I never could understand the rules of that one. :/

6/2/2011 #11
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Horse-racing. It's over quickly. I also like pretty much anything in the Winter Olympics.

6/2/2011 #12

A topic I feel compelled to talk about is the use of HGHs (human growth hormones) and PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). How do you feel about it and have you ever been in a situation where you've seen or heard cheating in sports.

6/3/2011 #13
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Given that human being produce varying amounts of these hormones in their own bodies, and that as a result some people have a natural advantage to begin with, I don't get terribly upset if someone wants to help things along. There's more to most sports than sheer bulk and muscle power. Taking steroids is really stupid, though. Anyone who does it is risking his or her health.

6/3/2011 #14

I mean, it is true that bulk isn't everything in sports, for example golf, tennis, basketball. Anyway, in recent sports news, Shaquille O'Neal has retired at the age of 39. After 19 years in the NBA, 28,000+ points, 4 championships, and many amazing moments, what is your favorite moment of Shaq? (Everyone has one)

6/4/2011 #15

I don't.

6/4/2011 #16
A.A. Pessimal

Soon, the start of the football season again, and the beginning of Stockport County's quest to gain re-admittance to English professional football's lowest senior division... for the uninitiated, there is a multi-million pound glamour end to pro football, occupied by the Manchester Uniteds and the Chelseas. Below the premiership are three other leagues - in simpler days everything was called Division One, Division Two, Three and Four, where as you descend the leagues, the glamour fades and the money gets less and less, until you get to the old Division Four. This is almost the lowest fully-professional League in England.

I understand American football doesn't have the concept of promotion or relegation between leagues. How does it work for you when nobody gets punished for being crap or rewarded for being excellent???

Over here, the system is simple and elegant: the best performing team over the course of a season wins the championship, The lowest three Premiership teams are relegated to the division below whilst the three best playing teams in that division step up to the next level. This is repeated down all the leagues. It's simple and elegant and basically Darwininan - survival of the fittest.

But in the old fourth division, a special penalty is reserved for the team finishing last.

It then drops out of the fully professional leagues altogether and is replaced by the best team from the league below, composed largely of clubs that cannot yet afford to pay fully professional staff, who rely on people who have day-jobs outside football and get paid for training and match attendance.

This was the fate of my club, Stockport County, a team a mere five miles away from Old Trafford but seperated from Manchester United by a vast gulf of money and several full divisions. The club is technically broke and has said it cannot afford the wages bill. So it is likely to go either semi-pro or amateur.

Will they make it back? Or will they drop further, like so many other formerly pro league sides?

I may be perverse, but this is where the real joy in football lies.... and I really hope the promotion and relegation which is at the heart of the English football system remains. Some of the richer clubs want to abandon it, at least for the top flight, and go American - I can't imagine anything duller. Look at Scottish football... no surprises, the two Glasgow teams win everything and the cometition appears to be for the runer-up places.

6/4/2011 . Edited 6/4/2011 #17
Hamfast Gamgee

Well, Scottish football is rubbish. Really, really rubbish. As you say, we have two teams that win all the time. Yet when they go anywhere else such as European competition they always lose miserably. For example, Rangers, the Scottish Champions beat anyone in Scotland, but in Europe they lost at home to some French team half-way up their league. At home they lost 1-0. That is a big do not do in European football. Yet in scotland they regularly beat teams 4-0 away from home. Which makes me wonder just how shite is the rest of the Scottish league?

6/4/2011 #18
Hamfast Gamgee

You know, I can tolerate people talking crap to me but sometimes there is a limit especially if they are supposed to be professional journalists. Firstly there is Geoffrey Boycott making a bigger idiot of himself than normal. The Cricketers in the second test went of for bad light and Boycott was on the website a damn sight quicker than he used to be at scoring runs, saying wasn't it terrible that the paying public wasn't taken into consideration on this decision. Oh, and some was equally quick to follow him on the website agreeing with him. For the first time if I am supposed to believe that. However then it pissed down for the next 12 hours. I wonder if Boycs will make an apology for that rather hasty remark?

Also, another commentator was very quick to point out to me how the rain benefitted Sri Lanka. A rather odd assesment I was thinking. Even odder as now it looks like it is England that is the only team which might win. I do wish sometimes these people might think a little bit before putting their oar in as they delight in doing so!

6/6/2011 #19
A.A. Pessimal

There was a terrible joke about Geoffrey Boycott, when he was up in court a few years ago for wife-beating.

Boycott was legendarily slow at the crease, preferring to personally grind down the other side's bowlers in a process of attrition, only going for runs when it was absolutely safe to do so. It once took him, what was it, seventeen hours at the crease to make a century, all in singles?

Anyway, the joke was that it came out in court that it took him twelve hours to land a single punch on his missus...

I'm not defending wife-beating, btw, but we are talking about solid Yorkshire folk here who maintain the old tried and trusted ways, tha knows...

6/7/2011 #20
A.A. Pessimal

Ah, Yorkshire. The County Cricket Club long had a policy of employing only Yorkshire-born players... alas, they interpreted this as meaning only white Yorkshire-born players, thus ignoring the wealth of talent born in the county which had names like Singh, Gupta and Patel, or else were of West Indian parentage... I beleive they were actually taken to court in the end for blatant racial prejudice.

I loved the Hale and Pace sketch, "Yorkshire Airways", starting from the premise that the county was in itself bigger and richer than many countries that had their own national carrier.. cue gruff Yorkshire pilot

"I'll take off when I please, I'll fly at whatever bloody height I please and I'll land when I bloody well please!"

"Family Guy" recently did a sketch where the two brighter Bronte sisters are sitting at the table discussing literature, when the overlooked third Bronte, a bit of a thick sister, comes in and says something utterly banal.... a shame they did it in Dick van Dyke cockney accents, as if that's the only form of English region America knows. Watching it, I had a flash of inspiration - run the sketch again, but this time have the bronte family reprising Python's "Four Yorkshiremen" (Americans must surely know that cultural meme?)

"Ah, our Charlotte, who'd have thought we'd be sitting here drinking Chateau de Chasselais?"



6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #21

It's finally summer!!!!!!! Time to start golfing, but it sucks 'cause I lost my chipping wedge. :(

6/15/2011 #22


The Tampa Bay Lightning lost to Boston the Eastern Conference Championship, so it's good to know that my city (a city where there is no ice ever) placed second. :D


6/15/2011 #23

I can't believe that hockey was still being played in JUNE. They really need to fix the scheduling for the NHL. And it won't hurt to air more games nationally.

6/16/2011 #24
A.A. Pessimal

New balls please...

yup, Wimbledon's on, and all normal BBC coverage is seemingly halted for two or three weeks of tennis. They wouldn't disrupt normal TV to this extent if the Queen died...

(Would the mourning be for the old Queen passing, or Charles taking over as King, Gods help us all? British monarchs called Charles tend to be autocratic and inflexible, and Charles III by all accounts would fill the bill. let's hope he's learnt from what happened to the last king called Charles.)

Of course, the Queen might die during Wimbledon fortnight, which would have BBC planners in a mess... not of course this will be any time son, she's a mere stripling of 88 and her mother managed 103. Then again, her father was 55 when he went, but then he had WW2 and the collapse of Empire to deal with).

Aparently a British player has made it past the second round and is arousing unrealistic expectations, although I note the Williams golems/sisters are both out...

6/29/2011 #25
A.A. Pessimal

It gets worse.

The token Brit is in the men's semi-finals now, which is not right at all. We are supposed to be total crap at tennis...

6/29/2011 #26
Hamfast Gamgee

You forgot to mention Federer's defeat. And I can't help noticing that our American friends are very quiet about Wimbledon and tennis at the moment. That wouldn't have been the case a few years ago!

6/29/2011 #27
Hamfast Gamgee

I can be a bit of a prat at times. Only at times? However, before work were I do to be fair always have things to think about, I saw the reports of the England Scotland game with the England win. Fair enough, but then I saw highlights, so I thought of a Wales Fiji match. Which I saw Wales loose. So I have been thinking for the entire day that Wales are out of the World Cup. But as I frantically saw the updates on the BBC website, it turns out I was watching a repeat of the match 4 years ago! I was thinking it odd that Wales were beaten twice in two tournaments in a row by Fiji!

10/1/2011 #28
Hamfast Gamgee

I am going to whisper something. But if Harry says no. Mick Mcarthy for England??????

2/13/2012 #29
Hamfast Gamgee

The Masters Golf is looking interesting at the moment!

4/8/2012 #30
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