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The Lauderdale

Got a song, or non-vocal piece of music, stuck in your head? Here's the place to share it - and, potentially, why it's in your head, what you think about it, links to it elsewhere on the 'net, etc.

'Cause I've got a song in my heart, and I want to share it...

1/28/2012 #1
The Lauderdale

"I've Never Met A Nice South African," from Spitting Image. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeDk6ZeGNnU

Nimbus is either going to laugh at me or kill me, depending. But he's the one who put it there. I was reading an old post where he had written out the accent, and suddenly there it was in my head.

How do I feel about it? It's a catchy little tune, but it's extremely dated and it makes me think of creepy British muppets. [hates Spitting Image]

1/28/2012 #2
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Oh, that one's funny! I was linked there by someone on another board -- a South African, as it happens.

1/28/2012 #3
The Lauderdale

I was shown it by a Finnish friend when I was in Finland. We were sort of bursting into it at random after that.

1/28/2012 #4
The Lauderdale

Llorando (Crying), as sung by Rebekah del Rio. I was trying to find a particular scene from Mulholland Drive, and found that segment instead. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0lFFFEc13Y

Actually, this is a beautiful song and I don't mind having it in my head. However, I am breaking it up a bit with Roy Orbison and Ricky Nelson.

2/4/2012 #5

For three days now I have been pursued by the theme tune of the "Abney and Teal" children's programme my little boy loves... :(

2/20/2012 #6
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Right now, I have James Horner's theme from Braveheart stuck in my brain. Could be worse.

2/20/2012 #7
The Lauderdale

It's not James Horner, but I get The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack stuck in my head periodically. I think we all talked about that on lj at some point.


Damn "Promontory."

2/20/2012 #8
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

The Gael. I have an entire workout playlist of five versions of The Gael. One by a Scottish bagpipe band. One by Dougie MacClean live. One studio version. The Kiss, and then Promontory.

2/20/2012 #9
The Lauderdale

Thing is, I didn't realize until we were talking about it that there was an "extended" version of it: ie. the complete piece as it plays through the film sequence at the end. I was used to the rather short spliced version on the soundtrack CD. And I wasn't aware of Dougie MacClean at all. [sheepish]

2/20/2012 #10

I would give my left leg (well, or at least the sock on my left leg) if I had Last of the Mohicans stuck in my head instead of "Abney and Teal, how does it feel to live in the park on an island? It's just right for us, it's adventurous, and it's home, home on our island..." It's a lovely programme and I much prefer Gregor to watch that than what some other children watch at this age, but it can get on your nerves after a few days.

2/20/2012 #11
The Lauderdale

I have a secret for getting any song out of your head: I mean, if you really don't want it there. I once had Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia" in my head for a month. It was hell. Then I discovered that if I said it aloud, slowly, in a really fake Brooklyn accent, it went away.

Now, if I need to banish a song, I just get "Cecilia" in my head instead because I know I can get rid of it.

2/20/2012 #12
The Lauderdale

"'Celia. Yer breakin' my haht. Yer shakin' my confidence...daily. Whoa. 'Celia."

2/20/2012 #13

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I can't do a Brooklyn accent. I might try a horrible German accent.

"Appnie and Teeeel, how duss it feeel to liff in a paak on an aylent?"

2/20/2012 #14

Actually, I prefer Abney and Teal to my last earworm, which was "When they begin the Beguine" in the schmaltzy German version sung by Julio Inglesias.

2/20/2012 #15
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

And I wasn't aware of Dougie MacClean at all. [sheepish]

Most people aren't aware that Trevor Jones soundtrack borrowed the theme. But here it is:


2/20/2012 #16
Just a Wili

I'm with David Gates' Goodbye Girl stuck in my head today.

I loved the movie with Marsha Mason and Richard Dreyfuss, BTW.

3/15/2012 #17
I know I'm a bit late but... I constantly have the song 'somebody that I used to know' by Gotye stuck in my head. It's a great song and very well sung. The video is even interesting! I just wish I could get this song out of my head. Oh! and 'Name' by the Goo goo dolls is also weaving it's way through my brain quite often.
4/10/2012 #18
Just a Wili

Stevie Wonder's All in Love is Fair. I think I've replayed it at least a dozen times since yesterday. And I'm listening to it now.

4/11/2012 #19
Nimbus Llewelyn

Nimbus is either going to laugh at me or kill me, depending. But he's the one who put it there. I was reading an old post where he had written out the accent, and suddenly there it was in my head.

I'm not. Mostly because I'm not South African. I am making with the laughter instead.

I've got 'Rest in Peace' by James Marsters stuck in my head. Mind, listening to it on a constant loop will do that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wF6khBKrmQ&feature=fvwrel

I want James Marsters' cheekbones. And his singing voice. And his ability to look utterly badass in a long coat despite being about 5' 9''.

4/27/2012 #20
The Lauderdale

I have had the Samurai Pizza Cats theme song in my head all day. I don't know why. I was in high school when it was on the air, so it's not like I was home to watch it.


The guy who sings this sounds like Paul Lynde, and he was drunk the day they recorded it. Supposedly the dubbing for the episodes themselves were wholly improvised because the script translations were so poor as to be unworkable.

5/18/2012 #21

Don't know why, but I've got "Whiskey in the Jar" playing on my internal loop machine today. I've heard only a couple of versions, but the one I like is by Thin Lizzy.

It just seems sad to me, whether due to the spin Phil Lynott gives it or the subject matter. Not sure. Anyway, worming through my brain today.

6/12/2012 #22
The Lauderdale


Because I watched this last night.


Good to be back on my viewing schedule.

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #23
Sailor Pluto
I want it all/We will rock you mash up from the Sucker Punch soundtrack. That was yesterday. Tonite it is a random Cheetah Girls song. DAMN CHILDHOOD!!!!!
6/28/2012 #24
White Eyebrow

It took me forever to find the lyrics to this song that has haunted me for years:

Major nerd points awarded to the first person that can guess what movie made this song (sort of) famous (but not really).

7/7/2012 . Edited 7/7/2012 #25
Thranduil Oropherion Redux

Coming up a total blank, Seth. Give it 24 hours and then tell us, okay?

7/7/2012 #26
White Eyebrow

Give it 24 hours and then tell us, okay?

Here you go:


Tap, singing, and juggling... Steve is a triple threat.

7/8/2012 #27

For me, it's the opening to Highschool of the Dead that I can't get out of my head these days.

7/8/2012 #28
The Moriarty Song from the Fame episode Holmes, Sweet Holmes will not leave my brain.
8/9/2012 #29
A.A. Pessimal

I have an utterly execrable advert theme running aroun in my head. more irritating than the singing frog, it's the "We Buy Any Car" jingle, for which the composer deserves a slow and hideous death.

8/15/2012 #30
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