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General discussion thread for the Death Eaters, Lord Voldemort's henchmen and women.

Severus Snape

Peter Pettigrew

Barty Crouch Jr

Amycus Carrow

Alecto Carrow

Antonin Dolohov

Evan Rosier

Fenrir Greyback




Walden Macnair

Igor Karkoroff

Thorfinn Rowle

Crabbe and Goyle Sr



Augustus Rookwood





(I've left off members of the extended Black family, who each get their own thread. Hence the absence of Lucius, Draco, Regulus, etc. If I've forgotten anyone then please tell me and I'll add them to the list above - or, if you're a Mod, edit my post and add them yourself. But I think I got them all . . .. . )

Ask questions, state your opinions, and have fun!

4/15/2010 #1

OMG, no one ever answered this????????????????

Okayyyy... So I'll get it started a bit?

Lol. Besides "we love our Death Eaters"? There isn't enough about them in the books! Lol... I'm not a very Snape/Lucius kind of person, tho I do like them. I love Barty and the Lestranges, and the Carrows/Greyback/Macnair kind of characters would be pretty good to use :D I'd be curious to see more about them really :D

It's funny, to see what a crowd the Death Eaters are... An army of fighters that hardly ever show alone. I loved the part about Travers in DH btw... Anyone has special thoughts about him? His behaviour to Bellatrix? How the DE usually see her?


Don't leave that dead thread. It's making me sad.

9/20/2010 #2

I meant to respond to this a while ago, but... I never did.


I have a thing with Rookwood. LOL. I dunno why. You know when you feel that pull toward a certain person or character? I usually always put him in my stories, some way or another.

And, of course, Mr. and Mr. Lestrange [aka: Rodolphus (Roddykins) and Rabastan.] They're cool dudes... ya dig?

The Carrows... hmm. I love taking them and making them evil, but then totally getting embarrassed or whatever. Because I don't really like them. (I think I'm too much of a Bella lover, so I get possessive over her being the "only female DE" and so I usually try to make Alecto a lot like her, trying to suppress pass, but it just doesn't happen. =] ) As for her brother (right, that's her bro?).. umm... their relationship, actually. I always got the feeling they were shagging each other. =\ I don't know why, but my sick and twisted mind ALWAYS thought that. Just another feeling.

Greyback is a loser and I wanna punch him in the face. =P

Yaxley is pretty cool. Not sure why, but I think it's his name. Lollllllllll.

I don't really have an opinion on anyone else... I don't think.

Oooh, in answer to your questions:

Travers: I got the feeling he was a suck-up.

Other DEs thoughts of Bella: Insane. I think Lucius thought she tried to hard. I think Alecto (as stated above) wanted to be her. Snape hated her. I think the others tolerated her - maybe they thought she was annoying in a childlike manner because of her obsession over Voldy - and I think they enjoyed to see her fail. (But, on the flip side, if they were with her on a mission and in danger, I think they'd cower behind her. xD Babies!)

9/22/2010 #3

Death Eaters rock, what can I say. I do have a soft spot for Rabastan tho. For no reason at all =S Roddykins aint too bad either =D The Carrows irritate me, don't know why. Quite like Dolahov, just 'cos his name's quite awesome. Gosh, I'm too tired to be online, I can barely form coherent sentences. I shall return and wax lyrical at a later date =D

9/22/2010 #4

Rookwood... Interesting...

Lol. I see the Carrows are quite ridiculous, too, most of the time. Shagging each other? :O well you do get Bella/Cissy, so who knows what people could think of those two? Personally, I always imagined Alecto as...very sexual, lol. Whorish.

Awww, lol. (shields Greyback) I could really like him if he didn't look so awful in the movies...and if he didn't smell bad! That kills me! (reconsiders)

I don't like Yaxley in DH...

And Travers a suck-up... (considers) Das stimmt! Lol. German for that's right... It went straight to my mind...

9/23/2010 #5

Yeah Cathy, I have a random thing for Rabastan too. I think it's his name. It's so... I don't even know what. =P

I always got the feeling that the Carrows were sort of lesser Death Eaters. A bit more bumbling, kind of like Crabbe and Goyle. Dangerous and deadly and all that, but still a bit comical and, ah...dumb. But Alecto as sexual? No. Just no. I always see her as being fat and sexless. Kind of like a less pink, less vocally affected Umbridge.

And I must admit I also have a bit of a fondness for Snape as well. Not a lot, but at the end of DH, when we learned about his life and all that, even though he's still a greasy gross thing, I kind of liked him.

I think I agree with you, Mes, about how the other DEs see Bellatrix. She's a crazy bitch, but she gets shit done. =)

9/23/2010 #6

Hmm... I just thought..

Would the Death Eaters pick Team Harry Potter or Team Twilight? =P

9/24/2010 #7
Lady Zenobia

Mes: Well Bellatrix would probably pick team HP! Here's a picture of her killing Bella Swan xD

9/24/2010 #8
Valkyrie War Cry

Not sure where to post this, so I suppose here will do.

I was rereading the Malfoy Manor chapter (for about the 10th time) and I wondered how the Dark Lord punished the family, since Harry later recounts visions of Voldy at the Malfoy's house. How do you think he dished out the punishment for letting Potter get away?

11/20/2010 #9

Narcissa isn't a Death Eater. Her husband and son are, so that's why she gets to go to meetings and whatnot. Plus, she believes in the pureblood supremacy, etc. Also, I imagine that Voldemort likes to have her at meetings to show her that he owns Lucius & Draco - his own little torture for her. To me, Narcissa isn't weak. She's essentially what holds the Malfoy family together. She betrays the Dark Lord not once, but twice - first she goes to Snape, against the Dark Lord's wishes, to seek protection for her son; and then she saves Harry's life. Voldemort is a very experienced Legilimens, so chances are Narcissa is a very skilled liar or she knows Occlumency (which, if the latter is true and Voldemort tried to prob her mind for the truth, then he'd know.) Also, going back to Narcissa seeking protection from Snape for her son... Bella was there. And Bella didn't tattle on her sister. I think that's saying a lot. If anything, I believe that Narcissa is the strongest of the Black sisters and of the Death Eaters. She could have left her husband, she could have taken off with Draco while Lucius was incarcerated. But she didn't. And she knows what to say to Voldemort and when to say it. Weak? I don't think so, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

In regards to Lucius, I can see why some people would view him as a coward. However, I don't think he was. Being the Lucissa shipper I am, I think that maybe he didn't act as crazy as Bella did because he had a wife and a son. Yes, Bella had a husband, but she didn't love him, so she didn't really care for him. Lucius loves his wife and son, so he perhaps acted cowardly in an effort to keep them safe and to not be separated from them. Prison changes people, messes with their head. Bella become more insane and more in love with Voldemort and Lucius turned in the opposite direction. I believe he saw Voldemort for what he really was and no longer wanted to take part in it. He saw how it was harming his family. And, if the worst that he can be called is a coward, I'm okay with that. Because he made the right decision in the end and that's what matters. =]

2/4/2011 #10

And yet that's one of the things I really like about the Malfoys. Everything does work out for them in the end and they do get more of a happy ending than other characters who probably deserved it more. It just seems more real to me and keeps the books more in line with real life. Good things happen to bad people. That's life. (Housewives killing sociopathic murderesses, on the other hand...)

I also really like Narcissa's (probably wrong but meh) attitude. In the end she doesn't give a shit about the war she just wants her baby. In a way, I personally think, it makes her a better mother than Lilly (and in other ways it makes her alot worse) but it's there. No matter what she is just as dedicated a Mother as Lilly was.

And Lucius... *sigh* Dear Lucius! He did what he thought was best for his family at the time. He truly believed in pureblood values and believed the dark Lord would win (I mean, Voldemort [not really but meh] killed by a baby? Who saw that coming? Not Lucius, that's for sure!) so he wanted to make sure his family was in a good position when the new Voldy world order came about. It didn't quite work out the way he wanted but his heart was in the right place.

*Ignores various death eater activities*

2/4/2011 #11
Mrs Bella Riddle

I seem to be in a question asking mood. Do excuse me :)

We know Bella and Alecto are female Death Eaters, are there any others?

How much of a hierarchy was there in the Death Eaters? How was it decided?

Was there a defined inner circle? If so how big was it, who was in it and how was it defined?

Do all Death Eaters automatically get the Dark Mark or do they have to wait until they have reached a certain level in the ranks?

11/6/2011 #12

We know Bella and Alecto are female Death Eaters, are there any others?

Yes. I know in most fanfictions Bella is the first and it's a big deal that she is a woman. However, the order is almost half and half and since Bellatrix is arguably the best Death Eater I highly doubt Voldemort would have had any objection to recruiting women after her if not before. I think there were far more men as there were probably a lot more women like Narcissa in the pure blood circles but I have always pictured there being several other female Death Eaters

How much of a hierarchy was there in the Death Eaters? How was it decided?

I think Voldemort probably just treated them differently without any real system or structure to keep them constantly fighting for his favour. There are clearly some who are of higher status within his ranks than others but I think this was all very fluid and changeable - Lucius goes seemingly from the top to the bottom over the final 3 books.

Was there a defined inner circle? If so how big was it, who was in it and how was it defined?

I don't think so, not within those who were marked anyway because it seems pretty fluid. Lucius was clearly one of the Dark Lord's favourites before he fell but is definately not in the inner circle by Deathly Hallows. There probably was a kind of unofficial inner circle of those who were in favour at a particular time. The only real distinction seems to be between those who are marked and those who aren't.

Do all Death Eaters automatically get the Dark Mark or do they have to wait until they have reached a certain level in the ranks?

I think they have to wait and prove their loyalty first or something. When Draco is marked at 16 it is portrayed as being very young whereas we are told Regulus joined at 16 and assume Barty Crouch Jr. was only about 16/17 as well. I have therefore always thought Regulus and Barty were therefore just hanging around with the Death Eaters for a while and were actually marked at 18/19. After all Greyback goes out on missions with the Death Eaters and he isn't marked (though this is probably more to do with his half breed status as he has clearly been on the dark side a very long time without a mark).

These are just my opinions, I'd love to hear what the rest of you think :)

(ps - sorry the comment got screwed up first time I posted it)

11/20/2011 . Edited 5/21/2012 #13

Whoo, thread revival! ;)

Your questions are awesome, Caitlin, and shame on everyone (except Lella [hi, you're cool]) for ignoring them. =P

We know Bella and Alecto are female Death Eaters, are there any others?

Personally, I don't like to think so, but contrary to the popular assumption, I don't think it's a sexism thing. I just see the Death Eaters as being only the people we're introduced to in canon. Did Voldemort have an army? Yes, definitely. Were there women in that army? Again, definitely, but I don't consider them Death Eaters, just his followers. Anonymous fighters, if you will.

there were probably a lot more women like Narcissa in the pure blood circles

Yes, and this too, exactly.

How much of a hierarchy was there in the Death Eaters? How was it decided?

Literally exactly what Lella said. =P

Was there a defined inner circle? If so how big was it, who was in it and how was it defined?

Yes, I think there was, and I think it was very small. Mostly I think the members of the inner circle would have been Voldemort's most loyal and dedicated, regardless of whether they were in favour with him at that moment. Which is to say that I feel Lucius was still a member of the inner circle even after he fell out of favour -- and this is merely a practical thing. Even though he failed to do as he was supposed to do, it's still necessary to keep those who had been close still close, because the threat of demoting someone who knew a lot of select information is that such information could find a way out, to be heard by unworthy ears. So in order to keep the private information private, Lucius would still have been a member of the inner circle, but as is seen in canon, not as trusted, etc etc.

I'm not actually sure who would have been in it, besides Lucius and the Lestranges, except that the Carrows were definitely not part of it, nor Draco.

Do all Death Eaters automatically get the Dark Mark or do they have to wait until they have reached a certain level in the ranks?

Again, pretty much what Lella said. =P Getting the mark would have been an honour reserved only for those who deserved it, and not something given out as soon as someone was accepted into the ranks. (Like Greyback, who's accepted as a DE-ish, but never marked.)

5/2/2012 #14

Well, I, personally, am a MEGA Snape fan. Like, I literally screech when he shows up in the films...anyway...

I think when it comes to DEs, I would, given the choice, probably merely support them, like Narcissa....I know, that's a bit off-topic, but...

I find it extremely funny that in DH (ch 1) Bella's totally hitting on Voldy, and I bet her hubby is sitting right next to her...c_c..

As for Barty, I can't really get over what he does in the films, where he's always doing that weird thing with his tongue...

I def. think that Greyback is pathetic. I mean, he's not even a DE! c_c

So yeah...just felt like venting a bit... :)

7/19/2012 #15

TuesdayNovember: I'm going to sorta go off of what you've said on the whole Was there a defined inner circle? If so how big was it, who was in it and how was it defined? topic.

As for who's in the inner circle, it was most likely people who Voldy trusted with the big stuff...Remember that Voldy trusted both Lucius and Bella with his Horcruxes. I believe he also called Barty (not by name, of course) one of his most faithful supporters, or something of that sort, in the end of GoF; I believe that was merely because he had broken out of Azkaban, spending a year trying to bring Harry to Voldemort...

Also, I suppose the inner circle would be defined as those who were 'in the know' with Voldy...

7/19/2012 #16

This essay argues the Death Eaters' not being quite the heartless monsters they are sometimes pictured to be, and the Ministry's responsibility in the war. It's a really fascinating theory about the beginnings of the Death Eater movement, and makes some great points about the Death Eaters' behaviour when they appear in the books - especially in the Department of Mysteries. I really enjoyed reading it, definitely recommending! Comment if you want to discuss it =)

Edit: Maria/Zen linked it to me, for those who remember her ;)

9/7/2012 . Edited 9/7/2012 #17
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