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As the forum seems to be getting bigger and people come and go, we just thought that we should set down some ground rules. The reason being so that people who enter and join are aware that this forum is following Fanfiction's forum standards, so that everyone can get on well with each other and communicate in an effective manner.

Firstly, everyone is entitled to their own opinion... If someone says: "I dislike the pairing Lucius and Narcissa."

Insults are not appropriate such as: "HEY WHAT THE HECK! YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!"

Reasoned debate is however... This forum was created for people to get to know other authors that write in the same fandom about the same characters. It wasn't so that people could insult each other.So please bear that in mind when you post comments. Would you like to be told that your opinion is worthless?

Secondly, us Moderators are responsible for EVERYTHING that is posted in this forum. Yes, we admit that we appreciate randomness and off topic-ness especially in the 'Introduce Yourself' thread and other threads because this forum is about letting off steam. We do not appreciate however, things that could be offensive or degrading to others.

If anybody is upset or has found a post which offends them whether that is said to you personally or just offensive in general, then this must be reported to one of the mods immediately and then that will be passed on to Sarah (xoxLewrahxox)

This forum is meant to be fun and also a place where you can relax and get to know others.

We are not writing this to preach to you about what is right and wrong, it is because we care a lot about this forum and the people who participate in the threads.

If any of our points are broken, then this could result in the removal of posts and/or in serious cases, blocking the member from the forum completely.

Thanks all x

-Sarah, Eve and Hannah

5/18/2010 #1

Another rule.. (which I and other members of this forum... feel needs to be addressed)

Offensive Generalisations: If you can rephrase what you just said into: All Americans, All British, All women etc.. Then it will probably be read as offensive. Certain discussion topics need to be discussed in a respectful manner and please be aware that the topics that you may be speaking about could affect people on this forum as well as people who want to join.

Please be careful as to what you post..

5/23/2010 . Edited 5/23/2010 #2
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