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Lady Zenobia

I know this has nothing to do with Bellatrix, but you guys appreciate randomness and I've been dying to discuss this.

Just wondering, what are your thoughts on Percy?

Do you like/dislike him?

Do you think he is fit for Gryffindor or would another house be better for him?

What are your thought on him abandoning his family?

He's my favourite Weasley. In the end, Fred and Gorge are no more than bullies, Ginny is a bit of a drama queen and Molly... don't get me started! But I can understand Percy's ambition to have a successful career and why he might be ashamed of his family. If you think about it, none of them (except Molly, who lived her dreams through him) showed him any respect. The twins picked on him just because he was different and Ron blindly followed their lead. Even Ginny, who first looked up to him, was persuaded by them to turn against him. I admit, that Percy can be annoying, when it comes to the Ministry and rules, but those are things he cares about and his family would support him if they were a decent one. However, none of his siblings respected nor valued him and the Ministry obviously did. Personally, If I were him, I would also change my name to Weatherby and pretend I've never known my family.

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Interesting topic...


Just wondering, what are your thoughts on Percy?

Hmm... Never really wondered.... I never especially liked him...

Do you like/dislike him?

I never liked him, but... I thought it was a nice character in DH, the little we see of him...

Do you think he is fit for Gryffindor or would another house be better for him?

I would have said Hufflepuff because of the hard-workingness. He could make me think of Ernie somehow... And loyalty maybe? He was loyal to the Ministry...

What are your thought on him abandoning his family?

Hmmm. In the books I didn't like his character, fanfiction or discussion I think he's interesting. It makes sense for him not to believe Harry and Dumbledore if he doesn't know everything the Ministry denied about Cedric's death for instance, and his decision makes sense, as does his behaviour. After all, he's very interesting indeed. And...yeah. Leaving that huge Weasley family where not many of them actually made him feel loved... I don't think it must have been very difficult...

Lol. I wrote him in a drabble recently, and it made him seem more interesting to me...

9/10/2010 #2
Lady Zenobia

Yeah, no one except Molly ever made him feel loved. Even Ginny, which I think is ungrateful, since is CoS when she was possessed by Tom's diary, he was the only one who noticed that something is wrong and tried to help, even if he was off target :)

I gotta read that drabble now, wish me luck finding it in the middle of all you stories xD

9/11/2010 #3

Aw, you'll never find it on your own! It's part of my latest drabble series, Breaths of the soul. It's labelled "Strawberry shortcake", if I remember well...

Don't feel you have to tho - it's just a drabble and it's not even Percy-centred, it's Molly, George and Percy. My analysis of it is even longer than the fic itself, lolz. I did huge review replies for that one...

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Expecting Rain

Percy just might be my favorite Weasley, actually! He's a jerk in OotP and HBP, but I can completely understand why he's a jerk. He does not fit in with his gigantic family at all, and you get the sense that everyone, even his parents, thinks he's a little ridiculous (which he is, but parents shouldn't let him know that they think so!). He's the odd one out, and his family never lets him forget it - not that they're being intentionally malicious or anything, but the Weasleys seem to be a very joking, teasing family, and since Percy doesn't really have the personality to be able to joke/tease back, he gets the brunt of everything. Poor boy. And even though he's extremely successful at Hogwarts, it doesn't matter because he's still not as succesful as Bill or Charlie. We don't get the sense that he's popular, either. Percy never fit in anywhere, and he's always been made fun of.

So when he gets the chance to stand out and be appreciated, he takes it. And we see in GoF that his family still thinks his ambitions and his new Ministry job are ridiculous - and while Crouch doesn't know his name, Percy is at least taken seriously at the Ministry, and he has the chance to make something of himself there. Also, I think he believed, at least consciously, that the Ministry was in the right after GoF. Admitting that he was wrong, apologizing to his family, and coming back to fight in DH was one of the most heroic actions of any HP characters, I think!

And as for Gryffindor - I think my last paragraph shows why I think he's a perfect fit for the house, even if he's not what you'd call a typical Gryffindor.

So, yeah. Go Percy!

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Lady Zenobia

Exactly, I can understand the siblings, they are just children after all, but his parents shouldn't make him feel ridiculous!!

With this another thing comes to mind. I like Arthur, so I don't really want to be harsh on him, but he did act like a jerk on one occasion. When Percy got promoted at the beginning of OotP, Arthur said it's only because Fudge wants to spy on his family but I just don't buy that. Excuse me, but who do you think you are, Arthur!?! None of the Weasleys was in the Order during Voldywar I and you can't exactly say that Arthur was important at the Ministry at the time. Like Draco said, they probably didn't talk about important things in front of him, so why should Fudge even care that Arthur might be connected with Dumbledore. To me that just sounds like Arthur thinking way too much of himself. He just couldn't believe that Percy might have actually gotten the job because he's good at it and deserves it.

Of course, this is all just a theory and in no way canon, but my mind just goes there, lol :)

9/11/2010 #6

Erika: (nods head)

Maria: that's an interesting theory as well...

9/11/2010 #7

I would have thought that Percy, being so in love with authority, might have turned to the Dark side before the end, but it never happened. I guess that's where those Gryffindor colors come into play.

9/16/2010 #8

You guys make me think of characters I#'ve never thought of before!

Everything you're saying here is so right! You've completely changed my opinion of Percy. He is sort of a victim of his family. And as for Ginny! He really did try to help her, the ungrateful little brat! He took notice of her when the rest ignored her.

11/2/2010 #9
echoing noise

Oh my goodness, I love Percy so much!

Just wondering, what are your thoughts on Percy?

Percy's my favourite Weasley. He's so ambitious, and yet is still in Gryffindor - that makes me happy, because I would hate to think that people are defined by one mistake, in this case, betraying his family. In the end, he comes back to him, still ambitious, still brave.

Do you like/dislike him?

I love him. ;)

Do you think he is fit for Gryffindor or would another house be better for him?

I absolutely love him as Gryffindor. I don't think that hard work and a perhaps unhealthy ambition is worthy of being in any other House. Bravery is not being rightous; it is facing something that scares you by choice and with a level head where you have the option to run. Percy showed bravery when he went against his family for what he wanted. It wasn't a good choice, but it was a brave one.

What are your thought on him abandoning his family?

See my thoughts on bravery above. It wasn't the right choice, but it was brave. It was what he believed in, and he stood behind it. He came back and they welcomed him, because that's what family should do. He learns his lesson. ;)

2/25/2011 #10

Interesting thoughts. I do agree....Percy never really was a fave of mine, but I didn't dislike him, necessarily..You do bring up really excellent points about the Weasleys, though..I suppose, if I were Perce, I wouldn't stay to be made fun of. I mean, yes, it is sad that he didn't stick with his family, but he's a grown wizard (or out of Hogwarts at least) and he does have the rights to make his own decisions. Even when Arthur sees him at work, he doesn't acknowledge's sad, that his family doesn't give him the support he deserves.

I suppose he is brave, in some aspects. I mean, just abandoning your family, and doing what you think is right for you, especially when you're being put down by people who should be your main support takes a lot of courage...

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Just wondering, what are your thoughts on Percy?

Never liked people who sided with the corrupt Ministry against their own family.

Do you like/dislike him?

Definitely dislike. I mean, Ron can be petty and jealous, but Percy is much worse.

Do you think he is fit for Gryffindor or would another house be better for him?

I'd like to see his face when Sorting Hat sends him to Slytherin. He is definitely ambitious enough.

What are your thought on him abandoning his family?


I mean, just abandoning your family, and doing what you think is right for you, especially when you're being put down by people who should be your main support takes a lot of courage...

As I remember, Molly used Percy as an example for Twins, and wanted them to work at the Ministry too.

12/22/2012 #12
The Angel of London

Not once have I liked Percy. Okay, maybe at first, but then... Not so much.

Sure he's ambitious, but to side with the corrupt Ministry of all things!

He could be a Slytherin, but I always thought he'd do good in Ravenclaw. His so damn annoying mother would've sent a Howler and a half to him for not being a Gryffindor.

Don't even get me started on Molly Weasley!


I forgot to add, I'd read this story about Percy, called Percy's Diary by bionsena. Give it a try.

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