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Lady Eleanor Boleyn

Guys - Or Girls - I'm not sure how many guys we do actually have on here -, we have a Problem. The Introduce Yourself Thread has filled up, so no one can write anything any more.

Ergo my solution - a new one!

We'll carry on the discussions exactly as they were, but on here instead...

How does that sound?

12/5/2010 . Edited by xoxLewrahxox, 12/5/2010 #1
Lady Eleanor Boleyn

Estella: Don't worry about having to wait to start your fic. I know how you feel. I've got about three stories planned, plus two I desperately need to finish, but I'm having to wait because the exams are taking over my life...roll on the Christmas holidays!

Sadly, with our new word count rule, I haven't found fics much of a help for Essays - not yet, anyhow!

Alice: How can you not like Christmas Music? I love it! Carols are some of my favourite songs...and I love the presents too!

Bess: Whatever you've forgotten, I've forgotten too! Exams tend to do that to you...

Snow: I'm so jealous! We had snow up until yesterday, but now it's melted and gone all slushy and horrible! Oh well. As long as we get a white Christmas...

12/5/2010 #2

Oh, thank Goodness. I don't know how I'd survived without Introduce Yourself.

12/5/2010 . Edited 12/5/2010 #3

Wow! I can't believe we actually have to make another intro thread!

As for the snow, I actually hate it! I wish it would go away! I fell five (FIVE!) times on the way home from school on Friday, and I DON'T BLOODY FALL! EVER!

Although I do have to admit, it's very pretty =) ]


('' )

12/5/2010 #4

Damnit! FFNET took the beak off my penguin


*Smacks Impy upside da head*

Oh yeah! You didn't think you would get away just because we moved threads did ya! Mwa ha ha!

12/5/2010 #5

Cathy: You... never... fall?

Wow. I'm the clumsiest in my year. I can't even lean against a wall without falling over! No kidding. Once, on a mountain trip, I somehow ended up upside-down with my head under a bush. Heaven knows how...

(Who's Impy? You're very mean to her.)

12/5/2010 #6

Cathy, you're mad, you know that? Completely bonkers. =)

Snow: it stopped snowing. =( But at least it hasn't all melted yet!

And let's all give a mass Thank You to dear Eleanor for saving us after the collapse of the former thread.

Thank you, Eleanor! =D

*throws cake and champagne in your direction*

12/5/2010 #7

No, what really!!!!... I actually didn't know that could happen Eleanor..

Oh well, I have to admit that I am quite delighted.. I will just lock it and do some forum admin stuff to it.

Thanks for using your initiative too by the way by creating this thread.. I shall pin it to the top of the page! :D..

Though Eleanor, I have terrible forum OCD especially on the "Forum Logbook thread." That is the only topic that I and the other mods won't allow any conversation or anything off-topic to go on there.. So, I hope you will forgive me when I delete the post, but be rest assured.. I will put your post to Rongeur on here. (Sorry, to be a cow!)

Oh, and the girls, guy thing.. As far as I am aware, there is only girls on the forum at the moment. There was a guy on here once though before you joined, but yeah.. erm... let's just say that he won't be posting on here anymore.

Ellen/Margrethe (Which one do you prefer me to call you?): -waves- We have already met via PM, but I will formally welcome you to the forum now.. -bestows sweets and chocolate onto the table- I did get your Youtube friend request by the way! :D .. I shall accept your invite in a second!

Liz: Fab news on the fact that you didn't get your essay back because you got over 80%. When do you get it returned to you, let us now how much you did get?

New members: If you are wondering who the hell I am because I have just been watching (That sounds strange, I know.. I have been doing my bare minimum as an admin for the past few weeks. Opening emails from the forum and reading them to make sure that everything is alright.) My name is Sarah and I am from England (Woop!) I am the creator/owner/admin of the forum and responsible for all the randomness and sensible-ness which happens on here. Myself and the other moderators are fairly relaxed as forums go with the fact we won't be too harsh or anything, unless we need to be. Make yourself at home, put your feet up and sip lemonade or whatever beverage you prefer. (The house-elves are paying!) Finally, a massive warm welcome from your admin, -bows-

(Sorry, that was incredibly random.. The most random introduction ever in fact.. -nods head-.)

Question to all new members: (Unless you have been asked this question already of course!) Do you support the pairing Bella/Rodolphus, or Bella/Voldemort or both? Or neither?

Finally, how has everyone been lately? and I apologise most profusely for not being on here much.

All my love xox

-Sarah xox..

P.S: Thanks for the 100th page and 5000 post girls on the Introduce Yourself thread! I never knew that the forum could get this big! :D

-More sweets, cakes and chocolates bestowed upon the forum-

12/5/2010 #8

As promised Eleanor hun xox.. Forgive me!

A message from Eleanor- Ronguer:

Hi Ronguer! Nice to meet you!

Also, I've just fixed our Introduce Yourself Thread problem, so if you'd like to head over to our new one and introduce yourself, that would be fantastic!

12/5/2010 #9
Estella May

Margrethe: You can call me anything that isn't offensive! And I am American, yes.

Believe me, you've got it pretty good when your biggest complaints are a royal family and an education council. And from the pictures I've seen of your fjords and such, Norway is so incredibly pretty.

Liz: Ergh, I used to be horrible at English back in high school. It was, like, my least favorite subject. Then I took up fanfic and ~200k+ words later, my college professors were all complimenting me on my "well-written" papers. I honestly think any kind of writing is going to improve your skills overall.

Erika: I actually prefer brutally harsh betas, being one myself. =)

No pain, no gain! That's my motto.

Az: I always look at drabbles as a sort of writing exercise that forces you to examine exactly what your words actually mean and to express yourself in as concise a manner as possible. So yeah, wordcount is your friend!

Eleanor/Erika/Az: Have you read The Poisonwood Bible? Other than being a fantastic beach read, it's also an example of how I plan to structure my fic. =)

Question: Have you gals (I don't think we have any guys here) watched Spirited Away? If you haven't, you need to, like now.

12/5/2010 #10

Sarah: *Eats the sweets and chocolate, not bothering to wave back* Nice to meet you again! *Shakes hand* And, as I've already said, I'm a Bellamort shipper - I don't really like Belladolphus, you see, as Rodolphus is, in my opinion, nothing but a name JKR put in the books in order to stress Bella's loyalty to her family. Ever noticed how he quietly slips out of the books, as soon as JKR are done with him?

Oh, and you may choose for yourself what you want to call me. I don't care. You can even make me a nickname.

Ps. What on earth did you do to that boy to scare him away?

12/5/2010 #11

Ellen: Oh I am rubbish at nicknames seriously! Though, I will think about it! :D

Yay! Bellamort! -high five- I am too! Though, I prefer it to be unrequited. I don't really like the idea of Voldemort being in love with her because it is just isn't him.

I agree with you on the Rodolphus, but I think that it is a shame that he isn't really noticed that much in the books.. Though I have to admit that it does leave a lot of room for the imagination particularly in fanfiction.

Oh the boy.. well, it was more what he said. In my next PM, I shall explain a little..

Estella/Cathy: Hello!

12/5/2010 #12
Estella May

Sarah: Hi!!! You live!! :)

How's you?

12/5/2010 #13
Expecting Rain

I was wondering why I wasn't getting any notifications for the thread! Thanks for making a new one, Eleanor!

Sarah: You're alive!! How have you been lately?

Estella: I have read the Poisonwood Bible, and I loved it! Though I read it probably 5 or 6 years ago so I'm a bit foggy on what actually happened...I do remember really liking it though! That would be a really interesting way to structure it - do you mean with different sections from the POVs of the different sisters?

General question: Does anyone know of an Oscar-nominated or Oscar-winning movie that most people in the movie industry and movie critics thought didn't deserve the nomination, but time has shown that it actually did? I'm writing a paper about tabloid journalism v. mainstream journalism, focusing on the National Enquirer coverage of the John Edwards scandal, and there's this quote that nominating the Enquirer for a Pulitzer was like nominating a porno for an Oscar. I want to say in my conclusion that it isn't like nominating a porno for an Oscar, it's like nominating _____ for an Oscar, but I can't think of any movies to put in the blank! The closet I can think of is the Blind Side or Sandra Bullock's nomination but that's not quite right (and I don't think the Blind Side or Sandra Bullock were Oscar nom worthy anyway).

12/5/2010 #14

Margrethe: Well... I never fall in the snow...

And Impy is the forum House elf. I am very mean to her,as are some other people who enjoy graphically torturing her on various forum threads XD.

Bessabess: Yup. Completey doolally =@ Crazy Catherine became my nickname after the German exchange trip. (Alcohol is my friend!!!!)

Sarah: Yay! You're back! I too am interested in this mysterious boy...

Estella: I wasn't too sure about the Poisonwood Bible. Although I did like the littlest girl (damnit what was her name!)

Erika: Havn't a baldy, sorry

*Passes cake and champagne to make up for lack of knowledge*

12/5/2010 #15

Sorry to quote this post. -___- I can't find a reply button to the thread anywhere, but perhaps I'm just failing miserably. Or my computer hates me.

So, this is a little late into the "introduce yourself" part of the thread, but I've been lurking on Fanfiction for a while but never went in the forums. But I decided to after getting back into my Bella-craze. =)

My name is Emma, and I'm pretty much only writing Black-related pieces right now. I love Bellatrix because she is the epitome of "fallen off the deep end", which I love love love. 3 She fascinates me, because there is so much depth in her character and so much to explore and uncover. Her movie portrayal is what really inspired me to look into her, and seeing the new movie (twice) is what re-inspired me to start working on my piece "Dear Bella" again. (Dear Bella is a WIP biography of Bellatrix)

I hope to take part in some Fanfiction challenges (they've always looked fun...) and get to know some other Bellatrix fans on the forum. ^_^ Hello, everyone!

12/6/2010 #16
Free Dreamer Night Writer

Eleanor: Something about christmas music puts me off, I think its how there are so many of songs and carols. I just find it hard to keep up. Presents rule!

12/6/2010 #17

Nell: you rock, girl :)

(throws confetti over the new thread)

It's so sweet :) I don't know why, but I'm absolutely delighted. Having to change threads seems like an accomplishment ;)

Sarah: (jumps and hugs you)

Stop calling yourself a cow will you? Lots of love ♥♥♥

Estella: I don't know The Poisonwood Bible... Nor Spirited Away... What are they about?

Emma: hellooooooooo! God, another Emma... We've had two already, but one is gone, for good as it seems, and Em isn't much around either... (sniffles) Anyway. We have the Hannah/Hanna/Anna/Anna Bella madness going on already, so I guess that no one will mind...

I'm Az (short for Azalaïs), sixteen, French and a Mod here. Could you go to the Logbook thread and put your name there please? It helps us keep track of everybody. Besides, well, make yourself at home (offers cookies)

12/6/2010 #18

Sorry about not replying sooner, but I were busy riding a horse, cuddling a rabbit, taking photos of a cute cat and feeding a dog.

Sarah: Who knows, if you find a nickname for me, maybe I'll find one for you...

Of course it must be unrequited! I can't stand those fics in which Voldemort suddenly realizes he loves Bellatrix, they marry, get an adorable Mary-Sue baby and lives happily ever after. No, it's got to be angsty and dangerous. Of course, I don't like those fics were he loathes her and treats her like a whore either, but I think they had more of a relationship in which she loved him unconditionally, and he felt a certain Voldemort-fondness for her. He may even have felt a bit protective of her - remember how he walked across the Atrium in OOTP so that he could save her? Anyone could have cursed him then. Dumbledore, Fudge(*Pictures Fudge hexing Voldemort* *Snickers* Or maybe not...), the Aurors accompanying Fudge... It's a wonder Voldemort got out of there alive.

And regarding Rodolphus... Yeah, I guess we DO get pretty much freedom with him, but that almost make him an OC. After all, the whole prospect of FanFiction is to write something that could have happened to the characters, to try and capture their personalities... And that's just not possible if there's nothing to capture.

Looking forward to the PM! I really want to know what exactly that boy did for you to shun him.

Cathy: We have a house elf? Why didn't anybody tell me?

Hmm... I ought to take advantage of this. 'Impy! Give me some Redbull! Now.'

Emma: Hi there! I'm Ellen or Margrethe, whatever name you prefer. I'm a thirteen year old girl from Norway, and like you, I am a huge fan of Bellatrix. Welcome to the forum! *Hugs*

My mock exam in Math is tomorrow - wish me luck, everyone!

12/6/2010 #19

Sarah!! You're back! =D


I'm so sorry, I haven't talked with you in simply ages. It's absurd. How are you?

When I get it back I'll tell you what I got. I'm hoping it's 99%, but then that's not likely =P

I'm going to have to second Margrethe and Cathy in asking what happened with The Boy.

Estella: NO! Nononononononono! You can't tell me these things! "horrible in English" my ass. I simply refuse to believe it. You're infallible, and that's that.

And Spirited Away! Oh man, I haven't seen that in ages! But it's pretty damned brilliant, isn't it? Did you just watch it?

Erika: That's a damned intense question. I really wish I could help, but I don't know much of anything about movies. =(

Cathy: Doolally? Oh good lord, you really are mad! =D I'm going to have to start calling you Crazy Cathy.

Emma: Welcome! It's great to meet you! I'm Elizabeth/Liz/Bess/Eliza (am I missing any?), Canadian, 18 and super awesome =)

I don't think anyone's asked yet, so I'll do the honours: Bellamort, Belladolphus, neither or both? =)

Alice: Presents are the epitome of awesome, I can't deny that. But there's something so terribly heartwarming about Christmas carols. But those awful pop songs that are like, 'oh baby, all I want for Christmas is youuuu' are pretty painful =P

Az: *jumps on you*

just because I can, bitch. ♥

Margrethe: Riding horses? Cuddling rabbits? You're either secretly a princess or you live on a farm. I'm going to assume the former, because that'd be pretty brilliant. Can you make me a Lady in Waiting or something? =)

12/6/2010 #20

Ellen: do you have so many animals at your house? Lol ^^

I like your Bellamort thoughts :)

GOOD LUCK!!!!! (crushes)

(in France we say shit because it's bad luck to wish good luck. It's an acting thing. Is it the same in England and USA and stuff?)

Liz: (jumps back)

You called me bitch! That's unladylike! You dirty banshee with a poor vocabulary! I don't love you anymore!!!!!!!!!

12/6/2010 #21

Az: I knew about the 'merde' thing! =D My French teacher told me, and then she wagged her finger at me when I went around saying it to everyone. =D

I'm ladylike on certain occasions. Right now my mouth is a dirty as a sailor's. =)

But I still lurve you Azziekins, mon p'tit chou-fleur! Je vais te manger avec dip. Mmm, delicious.

(Sorry, I think I've gone mad)

To whom it may concern: So, last night, in the midst of my ablutions, I was suddenly struck by an Idea. And now, I must ask: would I be allowed to run a challenge? and if yes, with whom must I confer for such an honour?

12/6/2010 #22

Lollllll ^^ I know how you are, I had enough trouble making you stop calling me the names I taught you myself xD

Lol. You're funny so I shall forgive you ^^ you won't eat me though. I REFUSE!!!!!!!! (runs)

(your madness is cool)

And now I'll be all serious and Mod-ish and tell you that you'll need to PM Sarah for that. Nell has the challenges for the two next weeks, and then it's Sacha's turn. Then I pretty much think they're free. PM our lovely admin and she'll add you to the list :)

12/6/2010 #23
Lady Eleanor Boleyn

*nibbles cake and toasts the forum with champagne*

No need to thank me. I doubt I'd be able to live happily without Introduce Yourself...I thought I'd better fix the matter - and fast!

Bess: The best person to ask about challenges is probably Sarah...that's how I came to run one - or two, to be honest...They have a rota of some sort going, just talk to her or Eve or Erika and put your name down on the list.

Sarah: Wonders never cease! You're alive! *shrieks and hugs ecstatically* Don't worry, I completely understand. Regan's the same way on the Tudor Forums with her Challenge Master Lists. Heads up: if this (or any thread) ever gets to 5000 posts, they'll close it automatically...

And what did you do to that boy? Please tell me - I'm dying of curiosity here!

Estella: The Poisonwood Bible? No, I haven't read it. I'm going to go look it up right now! As for Spirited Away, though, I can't honestly say I liked it, It gave me the creeps!

Emma: Hi, nice to meet you! I'm Eleanor but you can call me pretty much anything...Nell, Nora, Leanora, I've gone by pretty much all of them by now! I'm fifteen, British, live in the Netherlands and love both Bella and the Tudors. That's all you need to know right this second, but you'll find out more as you go...

Can't wait to read your Dear Bella story!

Ellen: Good luck with your Maths Exam! And I second Bess: If you are secretly a Princess, can I be a Lady In Waiting? Please? Pretty Please? ♥

12/6/2010 #24
Estella May

Erika: Yeah, one of the things I really liked about that book was the POV structure that really got each of the girls' personalities and outlooks across. It's such a "show, not tell" technique and I really thought this was one of the more effective uses of it. The only drawback is that you have to be pretty damn good at characterization to even attempt it, or you're just highlighting your own weaknesses.

Cathy: I actually can't remember what the youngest girl's name was. Ruth something? I personally really liked the brain-damaged twin. We kinda have similar personalities. =)

Emma: Hi and welcome!

Az: The Poisonwood Bible is a book that came out eh, 10+ years ago when I was in high school. It's basically the story of a Baptist preacher from the American South who drags his wife and four daughters to the Belgian Congo in 1959. It's told from the POV of the four daughters, who each have radically different personalities and ...ways of adapting to their new life. My friends and I used to pass the book around and discuss which of the girls we were most like. Back then, I thought it was incredibly deep and fascinating, but that was before I realized it was another one of the many "first world people go to third world, act like jackasses, and learn something about themselves" books in that same genre.

Spirited Away is an anime movie by Miyazaki. I really can't describe it very well, other than to say it has sort of the same plotline as Alice in Wonderland. A young girl stumbles into the spirit world and has to rescue her parents, who have been turned into pigs. It's really quite a lovely modern fairy tale. :)

Liz: I just rewatched again recently, since I'm on a Studio Ghibli kick right now. Have you seen any of their other movies?

Eleanor: How did it give you the creeps? I thought it was so cute!

Ellen: If you're a princess, can I be your infallible sparkly co-princess?

12/6/2010 #25

Evening all,

I am really sorry for my absence and my really short post a couple of days ago, my dad called me to go out and I had to literally post it and we've had people over. Anyway enough excuses, but if I missed you out, please don't think I'm rude or a bitch, because I'm really not, just scatty and unorganised.

Narnia discussion: I haven't read many of the books, (well just the magicians nephew actually) though I have listened to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Voyage on the Dawn Treader and The Last Battle on audio tape. My favourites of these are def. the lion, the witch and the wardrobe and the voyage on the dawn treader. Are we looking forward to the movie?

There are so many good movies out, I am struggling to find the money and time to see them all.

Eleanor: The snow has gone slushy, that sucks. Here it has gone really icy. My mum has forbidden me to walk to school because of it. I love snow when it first falls and looks really pretty but when it goes icy, or grey and slushy it really sucks. Did you have any snow days off school?

Kathy: *hugs*. I hope you're feeling okay after all those falls. And well done, for re-introducing Impy torture... there is something so theraputic about torturing a house-elf...

Ellen: Me too, I am also clumsy, big style. I walk into walls, and I once spent a long amount of time pulling a door before noticing it said ' push'. You have youtube??? Add me (please, only if you want to). Maths exam? Ahh, good luck darling.

Erika: That paper sounds hard. Good luck. I seriously have no worthwhile opinions, so I shall not waste your time. *hug*

Emma: Hellooo. I am Sophie, I'm British and I'm 18 years old. I like your avatar.

Liz: Hello dearest, how are you??? *hug*

Az: *hug*

12/6/2010 #26
Free Dreamer Night Writer

Evening my lovelies.

My brother, David is fun to annoy. I told him its my duty as younger sister.

12/6/2010 #27

Eliza: Ah well, guess there's no use hiding it anymore. *Takes of hat to reveal a crown Sleeping Beauty style*

What's a Lady in Waiting?

Stella: Of course you can! Do you want a pink dress or a white one?

Az: Um... The rabbit was not my own, I were just babysitting it? As for the rest, well, lets just just say that Mom and I love animals.

*Gasps for breath* I think I'm going to be OK, because I'm bringing my favorite drink: Thy Redbull. Of course, that'll get me hyper, but at least I won't fall asleep.

(Hm. That sounds odd - but in Norway we say 'Lykke til'.)

Nellie: Thanks! And of course you can be my Lady in Waiting, but only if you tell me what that is.

Sophie: Another clumsy soul? I'm at home!

Hm, I were once walking sideways on the pavement - please don't ask me why - but then I lost my footing, so I tripped and fell all over the road the the joy of my friends. Hahahaha, very funny. And I were once sitting by my desk, when I fell of my chair. Just like that. Heaven knows how.

I'd love to add you at Youtube! What's your name there?

Thanks for the luck.

12/6/2010 #28

Oh, so many people to respond to! I guess I didn't REALLY introduce myself other than my obsession with Bellatrix... but I am 18 and live in the United States. Emma seems to be a pretty common name... you can make up some form of "Emma" so you don't get mixed up. xD

Individual responses, GO!:

Az: I did go to the logbook and put my name in. It's very helpful. =3 What a pretty name! And thanks for the cookie. xD

Ellen: Thank you, and GOOD LUCK! Goodness knows, math is my weakest subject by far... I feel your pain.

Elizabeth/Liz: Nice to meet you, too! I'm sure you are super awesome. Bellamort if it's purely sex, Belladolphus most of the time. As long as it's written well. xD I pretty much endorse Bella/anyone as long as everyone stays in character. I'm so messed up... T_T How about you? =)

Nora: Hello! And I'm actually writing the next chapter of it as I write this post... hopefully that will be up later today. I've been home with the flu (blech. I can't eat and it's horrid) so I've had lots of time to write.

Estella: Thank you!

Sophie: Hello, and thanks! It's the only picture of Bellatrix as portrayed by HBC that has her actually looking Hogwart-ish. xD

12/6/2010 #29

Emma: Perhaps I should call you Bangy? ...On second thoughts, maybe not.

Thanks - I feel I'm going to need it. Math is just not my thing.

Great Avatar, by the way!

12/6/2010 #30
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