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To whoever started this thing that Ron will die single: I'd support him with Daphene Greengrass.

6/26/2011 #4,801
Gamma Orionis

Brooke: I know! Good God, that's absurd! I'm going to write something with them now, just so I can say I wrote everything in that category :)

Ben: That would work. We don't really know anything about Daphne, so I can't feel too sorry for her, I suppose.

6/26/2011 #4,802

Gamma: Ok. I still ain't entering the challenge though. Also, I know I probably asked this before, but what would Emily cover in her classes? In age apropriateness. What I mean by that is what year the students she is teaching are in. What sort of lessons do you think would be appropriate for her DADA classes?

Sorry if I've already asked this, but I've forgot.

6/26/2011 #4,803
Thanatos Angelos Girl

Ben: Maybe.....Are you doing the challenge?

Gamma: I claim my Valentine oneshot themed piece though. I will work on that. Is that under the challenge? If so I am totally doing it for the challenge!

EDIT: Never mind Ben...I posted this before I read that. I think before you posted your post.

6/26/2011 . Edited 6/26/2011 #4,804

Brooke: No worries.

6/26/2011 #4,805
Gamma Orionis

Ben: I think she'd be doing a lot of "practical demonstrations": set magical creatures on them, cast unforgivable curses on them, possibly use her banshee scream on them... anything to feed her sadistic tendencies.

6/26/2011 #4,806

Gamma: Ok. I will have to figure this out as I go. I suspose that, if Dracos son insulted her Banshee heritage, she'd probably give him the Banshee scream. Not fatal of course, but just enough to scare the crap out of him.

6/26/2011 #4,807
Thanatos Angelos Girl

Feels alone......Oh! Do you both remember the kitten post I posted. How I got a new kitten? Guess where they found him....

6/26/2011 #4,808
Gamma Orionis

Ben: Definitely. I want to see Scorpius's ears bleeding.

Brooke: I don't know - it's not a weird pairing, it's just one that no one seems to have thought to do. You should ask the challenge people whether it counts.

6/26/2011 #4,809
Gamma Orionis

Brooke: Kittenkittenkitten! Tell us about the kitten!

EDIT: WAIT! I think we're supposed to move to the new thread now!

6/26/2011 . Edited 6/26/2011 #4,810

Gamma: Alright. First lesson, Scorpius starts talking smack about Emily, telling his deskmate that she was a half banshee and shouldn't even be allowed a wand. She overhears this and gives him detention and takes 50 points for insulting a teacher and for cheek. What do you think? And at detention, she makes him swear the Unbreakable vow and gives him the scream.

6/26/2011 #4,811
Thanatos Angelos Girl

Gamma: It's in the list so I can! :D I can't wait to do the Valentine themed oneshot.

Okay Kitten time! :D

So because I don't think I discussed on ff about his color (fb yes but not ff) he is a "tuxedo cat" and he has pretty green eyes! He looks to be about 6 six weeks old. Some of my family want to call him "Little Man" since he is soooo little compared to Tigger, my orange cat, he thinks he is a big cat though so I think Napoleon might suit him though.....

He was brought home by my mom out of the blue. She went to her work and saw that a food stall lady next to her place had two kittens. Apparantly, she found them next to the highway by hearing them crying! It was in a parking lot that people use to carpool with buddies so they think those two were abandoned. The parking lot is next to a forest kind of land and there are hawks EVERYWHERE. They found them by the forest too and so he has a good bit of fleas on him (he's not covered with them though and I guess that's what he gets lving in a forest like area for who knows how long). He is very cute and doesn't seem to have any health problems. We are going to talk to the vets about bathing him with flea resistant things.

Anyway, my mom came into my room with him in her arms and he started to meow. I was up faster than I had EVER been.

He is soo cute and tomorrow he goes to the vet. I love him! My female Beagle likes to think she's responsible for him and the kitten likes to sleep on my chest or just by someone.

EDIT: There's a new thread?

6/26/2011 . Edited 6/26/2011 #4,812
Gamma Orionis


EDIT: Yes. It's the thread that says "Newest introduce yourself thread not open yet" but it must open now!

6/26/2011 . Edited 6/26/2011 #4,813
echoing noise

But I wanna be on the last page of this one!

Okay, I'm good now. :)

6/26/2011 #4,814

Jo saiiiiiiiiiiid: "Why all the Ron hate?! D: I love Ron! He really develops as a character- not to mention that he's a perfect match for Hermione. Sorry to all of you Hermione/Someone Else supporters, but she and Ron are opposites: he eases her up and makes her laugh, they balance each other out. If Hermione was with anyone else, she would be too tense and stressed and bored all the time.

Okay, now I can move to the other thread. Just had to get that off my chest. ^^"

Yay thread-saving! =D

7/22/2011 #4,815
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