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Emma: Yes x) but we are more lucky than other country ^^

So it will be her ! Impy is a person not a thing x)

2/28/2011 #1,891

Casting: It was Lizzie who made the list. I'm Sirius =D

2/28/2011 #1,892

Elodie: Most definitely. =)

So, are you in school right now? (Everyone seems to be very busy with school work at the moment.)

Sarizzle: I'm writing it right now! I was sick today, so with no school I figure I at least should get a chapter up. xD It's the the process, and the plot bunnies have returned, only they're pulling me towards a tangent. I hope you like hearing about Druella and her ongoing life problems. =D I suppose enticing them with carrots worked. xD

(And it's okay. I feel left out of the bilingual group, too. :D )

We should recast now that we have more people in the forum. =) (Though I am happy to remain Luna.)

2/28/2011 #1,893
Expecting Rain

I just got back from seeing the King's Speech (I know I'm atrociously late in seeing it) - it was really good! And English movie theaters are so different than American theaters.

Paige: Rodolphus/Bellatrix/Voldemort love triangles are the best. You get the best of both worlds, and loads of angst and tension.

Eleanor: Congrats!! That's exciting! What will you be doing there?

2/28/2011 #1,894

Erika: There's a reason it won three of the top Oscars. xD I LOVED it so much. Colin Firth was stunning, and the movie itself was charming, moving, and at parts, hilarious.

How are the theatres different?

2/28/2011 #1,895

Catherine: Okay thanks I will ask to Lizzie =D

Sara: Hi! Yes I'm french and I use English just here and in class. You're not a slacker ^^ you just have a lot of fic in your native language ^^ (in french there isn't a lot of bella's fic) but I won't do it for a third.

You respect my love for her and I respect you hate for her but don't think I can't protect her from you hehe :D

I think I found a second people who put her interest in that sort of casting ^^

Emma: I'm in university but I'm in holidays actually :) After I will be very busy but I'll stay here I must have a distraction otherwise I will be mad.

And you are you in school?

2/28/2011 #1,896

SaraandPaigewel: there is a poem by some lady called... what is she called again? I don't remember, but the poem should the Colossus...

EMMA LAZARUS! Yep, I think that's her :D

I researched it for my History exam at the end of the year, lol. Y'know, because we've been studying the US and our teacher told us to research small cultural stuff that we could comment on, like, in an essay's conclusion, to make our copy THE copy, even if it's the 5864th of the day for the guy who corrects, so we'll get good marks, cuz uniqueness is good ;)

Am I the only one to be a lil' bit annoyed by the punishment talk, honestly? Too much punishment kills the punishment. UNIQUENESS, guys! ;)

And the casting list should be a couple of pages ago. I'm going for page 20, but it's really a guess ;)

EmmaandSara: awwwww! Don't you feel left out (offers cookie)

2/28/2011 #1,897



And it WAS page 20. I'm a goddess sometimes, honestly ;D

(quoting Lizzie)

All you hawt thangz:

So, this morning, in the shower (naked!) I had A Thought. If the forum were putting on a performance of Harry Potter, who would play what part? I now present to you, the cast of Harry Potter and the Something Something

Eleanor: Hermione, for her general smart nerdiness, and because I think she has bushy hair too.

Hannah: Andromeda, because she's calm, rational, and typically more talked about than actually around.

Sarah: Dumbledore, for her calm, wisdom, and general order-keepingness

Riss: Ron, because she just stikes me as being Ron-like.

Az: Bellatrix, because she's the most likely to snap and go completely mad. (She's unstable, I tell you! Lock her up!)

Hanna: Ginny, because we all know Ginny is the biggest slut at Hogwarts. xD

Estella: Prof. McGonnagall, because of her general intelligence and strength of will.

Cathy: Sirius, because of her irreverence and rule-breaking tendencies. (And because Sirius was probably a drunk)

Margie: Colin Creevy, for her excitable nature, and because seriously, can't you just picture it?

Emma: Luna 'Loony' Lovegood, because of her secret hippie side, and because she already has the costume. xD

Sophie: Dobby, because of her continual self-punishment and bursts of 'I'm so awful!' even though she isn't.

Erika: Tonks, for her intelligence and good cheer, and because if she were Tonks, she could finally have the hair I demand she does.

Lily: Harry, because she's responsible and because her avatar makes me think she has black hair.

Maria: Regulus, because her continued dissapearances give the air of someone plotting something sinister for The Other Side.

Lamia: Hagrid, because we need a Hagrid. xD

Kahlani: Lupin, because she creeps around the sidelines, and I'm willing to bet her dissapearances are linked to the full moon.

...and in the lead, ME, as Gilderoy Lockhart, for my charm, beauty and general awesomeness.

(This production of HP has been modified so that it follows the beautiful and tragic tale of a beautiful and tragic hero instead of some boring kid.)

(end of quoting Lizzie)

So now, all that's left to do is accio her ;)

2/28/2011 #1,898

Az: And you you are the specialist to crucio oh sorry accio some one ;)

2/28/2011 #1,899

Exactly, baby.

(dramatic sweep of the hand)

(stares at entrance)

(stares at entrance some more)



(second sweep of the hand)


(starts jumping anxiously up and down)

But... but... but... my powers?

2/28/2011 #1,900

It's maybe because it's the morning and you still asleep? I hope for you....

2/28/2011 #1,901

Thanks, I love you.

(stares at Italian comment I have to learn this morning)

Shiiiiiiit... I miss my brain =X

(maybe it's Hannah's fault and she took it. Interesting idea...)

2/28/2011 #1,902

You too you must work this morning :O

You miss your brain... it can be a problem...

Let her where she is she is maybe asleep you will wake up her :O

3/1/2011 #1,903
echoing noise

The casting list makes me think I'll end up as Hedwig or something. D:

Heh. If that didn't just jinx me, nothing will. XD

3/1/2011 #1,904

Elodie: Hiya! I'm Jo, 14. Though I'm American and have lived there for most of my life, I'm living in France this year. :) I'm not fluent in French, but I'm not that bad, I don't think...

Az: *glomps* Don't worry, you still have your powers! They just abandoned you for a moment to take a potty break, methinks. ;) Or something of the sort...

Paige: Hahaha, you completely just jinxed it. xD Do you WANT to be Hedwig...?

I have no idea who I should be cast as. :P So... I'll let you all make the decision! ^^ (...Should I be afraid...?)

3/1/2011 #1,905

Jo: Hey! You leave America for France :O Are you happy year? Does the France please you?

I'm sur you're not too bad ^^ french is hard ^^ (even for me x) )

3/1/2011 #1,906

Elodie: Well, my dad's taking a sabbatical in Paris this year, so of course my mom and I came with him. :) I like France a lot, but... well... I love America. It's my home. All my friends are there, all my family (besides my parents), my native language... France is a wonderful country, and I'd love to visit it someday, but I can't wait to go back to America.

I speak enough French not to make a total fool of myself (most of the time), but that's the best I can say... :P

3/1/2011 #1,907

Jo: Of course America is your home with all the people you love ^^ Live in France is nice for holidays but all the time it's must be hard :s

If you make your best it's the most important ^^ you're not a fool you you try and other would never try because it's hard so you are on top of them :D (you know sometime if you don't understand what I desperately try to say you can tell me ^^ cause it's a little bite strange to write in English when you never really know if it's understandable ^^)

But how do you do for school?

3/1/2011 #1,908

It is hard; thanks for understanding. :)

Thanks. :) Your English is really good; I understand everything you say! With a little more practice- like writing on this forum, for example, so now you have a good excuse to do it- you'll be fluent, at least when writing. :)

I go to a bilingual school with a French Immersion program. The mainstream students have classes in both English and French, but mine are only in French. :P On the bright side, all the teachers know at least some English and understand what we're going through, and my classmates (all 9 of them) are going through the same thing... it's really unifying, in a way. :)

3/1/2011 #1,909

Jo: Yes, forum help me a lot as fanfic before I didn't understand even one sentence :O and now :D

A bilingual school I didn't know we have it :O At least you must understand well french ^^

3/1/2011 #1,910

Paigewel: I'm sure you won't! (cuddles) You'll be something nice. You could have been a Luna, but she's taken... (ponders) I thought Moody for a minute, actually... Constant Vigilance! He rocks... ...I dunno. That's Liz's job. Jo: LOL. My powers are thanking you ^^ Elo: oooooooooooh you could be a Moody too... Somehow. Or maybe I just want to fit Moody somewhere :P Now I thought Viktor Krum...'re not going to be offended, are you?

3/1/2011 #1,911

I'm here! I'm here! I'm here! Oh, it feels wonderful to be so talked-about. ^^

Elo: Yes, I'm fine, thank you! =D *hugs*

Bethie: CONGRATULATIONS! Oooh, I'm so proud of you, little Bethie. Tell me how it goes!

And don't worry. Elo will be punished.

Emmazon: Sick again? Poor dear. ♥ I damn well hope you got working on it though!

Yes. I completely understand your desire to stalk him. ;D

PiC/Wife Sara: Sadistic cravings? Oh yes. I think we really need to ramp up our murders. Elo needs taking care of, if you know what I mean. I'm also having masochistic cravings. Could you get me a pickle with icing sugar, please? xD

ROAD TRIP! EPIC! Where are you going, wifey? And of course you're granted leave free of punishment. We the elite are exempt from all laws. ;D

The Casting: (Listen up Paige, Sara, Jo and Elo!)

First, I'd like to thank you ladies for your interest in the forum's production of Harry Potter and the Something Something, starring me.

Now, I present your roles:

Sara: Lucius Malfoy, for her evil, sadistic tendencies.

Elo: Molly Weasley, for her niceness, good cheer and general happy, loving state.

Jo: James Potter, for her niceness, mixed in with humour and mischievousness.

Paige: Hedwig, because you haven't yet learned to never give me suggestions, lest I force them upon you. Muhahahahahahahahaha. Also, 'Paigewel' sounds like an owl name. xD


Azzie: Thanks for summoning me, by the way. It felt wonderful to be so talked-about. You should do it more often.

3/1/2011 #1,912


Hedwig. You DARED!



Bellatrix deserves a white owl more than Harry, doesn't she?

(grabs hold of Paigewel)

C'mon here darlin'. Your new mistress will teach you to tear the eyes out of silly blonde heads. And I'm not talking about family, if you see who I mean.

3/1/2011 #1,913

And besides, Elo is Molly. Wtf? Lol. I worry for your brain ^^

3/1/2011 #1,914

Erika: Really? What's different about us in good old Blighty?

Sara: Wooo Lucius you sexy beast!

Jo: James! Yay! I get a drinking buddy!

Paige: Avoid Lizzie like the plague. She's EVIL! (And not as awesome as me)

Elo: You are far too nice to be that Weasley woman!

Liesel: Boo!

3/1/2011 #1,915

ME MOLLY WESLAY :O:O:O but I'm not a read head xS I'm not that gentle :O I have my bitchy way.... The advantage is I'm the only one who can make Az shut up =D (lol) But it's true the " for her niceness, good cheer and general happy, loving state." (but I want change her cloth and her hair x) )

Az: Moody :O maybe it's because you want to put him in some one. Viktor Krum why not x)

But why the "Wtf? Lol. I worry for your brain ^^" hum?

But it's have advantages hehe

3/1/2011 . Edited 3/1/2011 #1,916

I worried for Lizzie ^^

3/1/2011 #1,917

poor her yes


3/1/2011 #1,918

Elodie: Oh yeah, believe me: Paris has basically EVERYTHING. They even have some fully English schools! (Though of course my dad didn't let me go there. Since then, in his words, I "wouldn't learn French and this whole experience would be wasted"... X[) But yeah, I understand French a lot better than I can speak it. I just can't get the hang of all the past tenses! *sigh*

Az: Haha. Your powers are welcome. ;)

Xan: James Potter? Really? Hmm, I never would've thought of that... He's more althetic than I am, but we ARE both nice, humourous and mischievous (thank you for those, by the way), as well as a bit show-offy... xD So I guess, all in all, it's a pretty good match! ^^

Cathy: Woohoo! Drinking buddies indeed! xD *high-five*

3/1/2011 #1,919

Jo: :O And you dad didn't want to send you in an english school :O he was ill when he decided this? (lol)

One day you will be able to I put my trust in you ;)

3/1/2011 #1,920
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