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Lady Eleanor Boleyn

Bess: Thanks, will do (and how do you know I've got bushy hair? Delayed reaction I know, but...)

Erika: I'm not sure yet. They'll let me know the details later...

Everyone: Thanks again for all the congrats

3/1/2011 #1,921

Elodie: Ha. I've asked myself that many times. :) His thinking was that while in France, I should learn French. And I wouldn't learn as much if I was in an English school. It sorta makes sense when he puts it that way, but that doesn't mean I like it... Or that I agree... X(

Thanks a bundle. :) Tell you what: As soon as I feel I'm capable, I'll PM you in French. That way you can see my progress... and tell me my mistakes. Because I'll still have A LOT. ^^

Eleanor: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry, that was late. :P)

3/1/2011 #1,922

Jo: Yes it have a mean... but it'll never mean that of course you will like it :O you have something like 4 years to wait before be able to do all by yourself ^^

Okay I will wait your PM ^^ You know I make some mistake too xD

3/1/2011 #1,923

Elodie: 4 years before I can do what all by myself? Pick a school? I know; that's part of why I'm already super excited to go to a university. xD

Okay; you'll have to be reeeeeeeeeeeeally patient, since I probably won't send it at least until I learn the subjonctif... :P EVERYONE makes mistakes, even in their own language. :)

3/1/2011 #1,924
Expecting Rain

Emma: Theaters in the UK are more expensive, bigger, higher quality screen, nicer seats and bigger spacing, have lots of commercials before the previews (American theaters generally have a couple commercials before the previews start, but they're never the same commercials that are on TV), have assigned seating (American theaters don't)...basically American theaters are much more casual. At least the generalizations I'm making at this point, I might change my mind if I go to more UK theaters haha.

Jo: I'm feeling that way about the UK too; I love London and I love how easy it is to visit Europe, and I wish I were staying here longer than four months, but I don't want to live here for the rest of my life. I could do a year or two or three though, or frequent vacations!

3/1/2011 #1,925

Jo: I know I must don't says it here but if you want you can come to my forum (on Bellatrix too) there is few girls but it's really nice and Elizabeth just introduce herself ^^

But don't worry I'm really patient! I know what is it so it's okay ^^ you know I make mistake in french too ^^

3/1/2011 #1,926

Azzie: Yes, I dared. Paige needs to learn who I am. (Who am I? Only the most amazing, powerful, sexy girl ever! Muahahahahahahahahahaha!)

Haha, yes, I made Elo Molly. =P

Cathy: Boo. I'm not particularly evil, and I'm definitely more awesome than you. Like, duh. xD

Elo: Yeah, I made you Molly. But you can be a sexy, well-dressed version of Molly. xD

Jo: Yeaaah! *fist pumps* hellz yes, I made a good match!

Bethie: Haha, actually I think it might have been a guess. =P But didn't you tell us some story about your friend and shampoo and bushy hair or something? =P

3/1/2011 #1,927

Expecting Rain: I'm sososososososo sorry about this, and I feel terribly rude and awful, but... I completely forget your name. -.-" I'M SORRY!!! It's entirely my fault; a combination of my lack of memory and not going on this forum enough...

Anyways, we're a little different in our opinions, actually. I'd like to visit here for a week or two- that'd be enough for me, honestly. I don't want to stay here for over a year- unless, that is, I could visit my friends back home during every vacation. Which I don't have the money to do. Cue melodramatic sigh...

Elodie: I'll head over! :D Not right now though, I'm a tad busy; but sometime. :)

...I really don't have anything else to say besides thanks. :)

Xan: Haha. Congratulations; you're very proud of yourself, aren't you? ;)

3/1/2011 #1,928

Psst, Jo! *whispers* Go to the Logbook to check when you forget names! ;D

Haha, I'm always proud of myself, but now more than usual. Because...*sings and dances* I made a match! I made a match! doo doo doo, I made a match! ♫


3/1/2011 #1,929

Elizabeth: Yes I see, as I can change her look it's okay I accept :D and the most important I have the power on Az MOUAHAHAHAHAHA (who tought I will ever like a very very little Molly for killing Bella)

Jo: You're welcome ^^ if I can help you =D (god I already make my Molly x) )

3/1/2011 #1,930

Xan: Oh, right... *slaps forehead* Brain fart. :P I'll do that next time. :)

I'd give you a cookie in congratulations, but I'm afraid that might make you even MORE hyper... ;)

Elodie: Thanks so much; speaking of which, you know the verb "manquer"? If I want to say, "you miss me," then how would I conjugate it?

3/1/2011 #1,931

Jo: So miss the worst of all. Miss is translate by manquer. So it will be I miss you tu me manques so You miss me Je te manque ^^ If I can help you

3/1/2011 #1,932

Elo: Haha! Yes, see, you have the most important parts of Molly - the niceness and the killing-Az. xD

JoJo: We need a proper nickname for you. I'm contemplating JoJo and Joie. Haha, and yes, you definitely had a brainfart moment there. xD

*growls* I'm not hyper, and I want that cookie! *lunges at you*

3/1/2011 #1,933

Elizabeth: xD the killing Az can help in case of war "

* for the good french give cookie*

3/1/2011 #1,934

Elo: Can we have a war so I can watch you kill Az? xD

Merciiiiiiii!! *eats cookie* That was the best cookie ever. =D

3/1/2011 #1,935

Elizabeth: *must found a nickname... is it how you say? for give a familiar name to someone?*

When we'll have a war at the end I will just for our pleasure ;) hehehehe

Az: You know that I love you :D (even if the fact I'm Molly give me bad idea :D)


=D when you are Molly and you have children you must know how to make good cookie ;) (lol)

3/1/2011 #1,936

Elo: Yup, to give a nickname is to give a familiar name. ^^

Haha! Yes! I'm excited for this war now. =D

3/1/2011 #1,937

*Dashes in with machine gun*

Yay war!!!

3/1/2011 #1,938

Elizabeth: I will found something ;) it risk to be a strange or cut but I will found!

Me too but it must wait tomorrow (even if it's in something like less than 1 hour but I must go, (fucking homework to do grrr))

And you know what I'm really happy to had made my come back :D

See you later :D xx

I think I wake up some warrior spirit xD

3/1/2011 #1,939

Tiger: *Drools over hair*

*hands over bottle*

Here ya go sexy!

3/1/2011 #1,940

Elo: Okay! Nicknames! =D

Fucking homework. *burns it for you* There, now you don't have to do it. =D

I'm glad you came back too! *hugs*

Cathy: *machine gun fire*


^ that's the sound of a machine gun in my head. xD

PiC/Wife Sara: Om nom nom. Delicious! Thank you, wifey. You're so good to me.

Ooh, okay, I'll have to kill Elo in the OSS then. I would say you're allowed to post twice (you know, us elite bitches are exempt from all laws) but The Elite Bitch (Sarah) might not like that, and *sighs* we still have to obey her for some stuff.

Oooooooooohhhhhh, sounds like fun! For a minute there I forgot everyone in the world isn't Canadian, so I was kind of shocked by how far you'd be going in a mini-bus, but then I remembered you're American. =P You're interested in law? I'm interested in law! Oh, our marriage was meant to be!

Yes, it's an evilified version of Lucius (and I can't publicly reveal the secret reasons behind casting, but we both know what happened on that casting couch. ;) )

3/1/2011 #1,941

Sorry for the double post but:



Let's celebrate by getting drunk and kissing gingers. Cathy, you're the closest to a ginger we've got, so pucker up! xD

3/1/2011 #1,942

Elodie: It's nice you have a holiday right now. I have my spring holiday in three weeks, but I am in school at the moment. Too much work. @_@

Az: *takes the cookie* *hugs* Yay for cookies!

Xanax: I'm much better now, just generally achy and groggy. I did finish my "Dear Bella" chapter, and I will begin your Blackcest the next chance I get to sit down and write. =)

Shall we stalk him together? ;)

Erika: Interesting... they were a bit like that in India, as well. Much more organized. I do wish I could see one when I visit London this spring break, but it's a school chaperoned trip, and they won't be letting people wander around London on their own. =(

Sarizzle: It's up! I wrote most of it when I was sick, and finished it off today. :D :D :D I actually felt more inclined to write when sick, since I wasn't in the mood for anything else. xDAnd thanks for the Luna compliment. =3

P.S.- though I have been avidly reading your fic, I realize I never reviewed it. *bows head in shame* In the next few days, I shall be reviewing... if I have the time. :D


3/1/2011 #1,943
Lamia of the Dark


Unfortunately, most of my Potter fics will be on hold while I finish up an ongoing fic in another fandom and do my spring cleaning. (Spring cleaning = read through all my fics and delete the ones that I think are crappy.)

3/1/2011 #1,944

Hullo, Lamia! (waves)

The word "spring cleaning" always make me laugh because I somehow picture you going around your profile with a vacuum cleaner and stuff... But that's because I'm not, y'know, sane. It's really wise to do that besides, I guess, once you reach a certain amount of fics...

...I DEFINITELY need to do that to my faves though. 900 faved fics is... not reasonable. (not when I know that there are certainly crap fics hidden beneath from my... let's say youth... :P)

3/1/2011 #1,945

Sara: At my big regret no. I want but my parents wont... So I'm in a university where english don't take a big place.... It's only a pastime a strange pastime yes xD and too because there isn't a lot of fic in french xD

Elizabeth: =D thanks for burning it :D but can you burn teachers, exam, and school too? xD


What do you have to kill me ?:O

Emma: You are in school =x just 3 weeks before holidays ^^ and how many weeks will you have? But you know I have a lot of homework because it's the hollidays xS

3/1/2011 #1,946
echoing noise

On spring cleaning: I need to do that to. :( I'm waiting till Daylight savings time, though, 'cuz that's when spring starts for me. See if I care what the calender says, if we're all going to change our clocks then we may as well change our season too.

I've got a tonne of awful fics in my favs, besides... Grr.

On casting: Yes, I did know that saying that would likely make me Hedwig. No, I did not particularly want to be Hedwig. Yes, I am loving the fact that I'm apparently not Hedwig, but Paigwel the Owl, familiar to none other than the great and powerful Bellatrix. Take that, SUCKERS! ;D Plus I now have the power to peck y'all's eyes out. Peck. Peck!

...Though I'm amused by the act that you, Azzie, apparantly thought I'd make a good Luna. It brings me great joy. :DDD

On school, because that's apparently what we're talking about: Science Fair was yesterday. Stressful? Yeeessss. Did I stay in the bathroom and listen to my iPod? Hell yes. Do I hate DNA now for all of eternity? YES!!

I can't wait wait waaaait until I graduate!!

3/2/2011 #1,947

Elo: don't take it personally. Lizzie and Sara are all about discipline and keeping people chained to the forum, and well, you did leave a bit...

Paigewel: HA, I like your little revenge. All hail Paigewel the Owl!

Yeah, I kinda see you as a Luna. But Emma belongs to the role fully, and she got there first :P

Yay for Ipods m'dear! OMGGGGGGGGG, I would have died, methinks. DNA is... not for us xD

And yay for graduation. June better come soon, for both of us :P

(though you don't have exams, correct?)

3/2/2011 #1,948

Az: ?? oh that!! for the double post? I know but how I tell you I had my alert mail with really later so.... it's what you wanted to say? if not it's I don't understand =S

3/2/2011 #1,949


Er, no. Sorry.... Well, you left forum for a few months, and that's being unfaithful. So you're being punished ^^


3/2/2011 #1,950
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