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How dare you guys babble on without me! *Stabs Impy* I feel so left out!

*Catches some incoherent mumbling Impy's doing* What's that? *Listens some more* Are you saying that it's my fault for never being online? But...but...

Damn, I hate it when someone I'm abusing tell me off.


Sara:(We must be scaring the newbies!) Provide what? Please, elaborate... *Winks*

Also, quit freeing them in OSS. The whole point is that we keep them chained to the walls!

Brookie: *Grumbles* Fine, I'll give you a goldfish to talk to.

P.S. - you live by the Golf? :OLucky! I live in Norway, and it's effing freezing! I can't even open a window!

Elizana: What's even lamer than your April's Fools is that that was what I had been planning to do, then you took it. And I had nothing else to come up with *Scowls*

You just wait 'til next year - I'm going to make you hallucinate a wallet lying straight in front of you by channeling my magical powers, and when you reach out for it, I'll make the hallucination stop! Aahahahahahahah, isn't that simply pure genius? *Grins evilly*

Alexa: Hm... what if I chain you to a cushioned sofa? Will you be happy then?

Everyone: In order to compensate for my absence, I've got a treat for all you Sweeney Todd lovers!

4/3/2011 #2,221

Beth: Wait WHA???? You didn't tell me that! The alcoholic in me wants to go to Holland now!

4/3/2011 #2,222

Ellen: lol.

You know what I've just found out? They're gonna do Sweeney Todd in April and May at some theater in Paris. I gaped at my TV when I saw the ad. I was like "OMFG I'm just dying to go", except that I'm not going to Paris anytime soon, so I'm gonna try and forget :P

If you like ST, though, Jo... It's in the Théâtre du Châtelet, if I remember well. But if you go, please don't tell me about it or I'll have to kill you out of frustration :P

4/3/2011 #2,223

Az: Oh no! *Cuddles* That must suck... Are you sure you can't go? It could just be a day trip, no-one'd notice you were missing...

Or am I just making it worse?

In any case, love, hugs and kisses to poor little you. *Squeezes*

4/3/2011 #2,224

(squeezes back)

Never mind. I have the movie and nothing can be better than that. HA!

4/3/2011 #2,225
Thanatos Angelos Girl
Azzie: I would just go insane if I were you! I'm sorry but or could be a 'day trip' nobody would know.,... Ellen: thank you for the clip! :) I heart that movie sooooooo much. (I have a thing for Johnny Depp movies)
4/3/2011 #2,226


I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you!

Which is your favourite movie?

I'm balancing between Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd(though Finding Neverland is a worthy opponent)

4/3/2011 #2,227
Thanatos Angelos Girl
Ellen: I love ( to infinity!!!) horror movies so my favorites are Sweeny Todd and Sleepy Hollow with Corpse Bride at third.
4/3/2011 #2,228

Brookie: Is Sleepy Horror good? I love horror movies too, see... best I ever saw was that Korean Psychological one... it was terrifying, and so was 'It'. But then, nothing can beat 'Sweeney Todd'.

4/3/2011 #2,229

Ooooh, Sleepy Hollow! It's brilliant :D

4/3/2011 #2,230

Am I the only one who haven't seen it?

4/3/2011 #2,231

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh! Sleepy Hollow! It's amazing!

4/3/2011 #2,232

...clearly I am.

*Pities self*


4/3/2011 #2,233
Lady Eleanor Boleyn

Cathy: Didn't you know? Yeah, we can drink at 16 here...only wine and beer - the mild alcoholic drinks, basically, but we can legally drink. The spirits like gin and vodka have to wait until we're 18, though.

4/3/2011 #2,234

Sara: *Grins*

Yes, I very much want you to tell me just what you're going to do to me.

And then I'll report you to the Government *Giggles*

P.s. - you wait 'til you're old enough to watch movies? *Faints* Way to make me feel bad for watching all those fifteen and eighteen year old films!

4/3/2011 #2,235
Lady Eleanor Boleyn

Sara: Good. Glad we're clear on that point.

Ellen: I tend to wait until I'm close to the right age - though I was watching 16 rated movies about a year ago. It depended on whether I really wanted to watch the movie or not, and just exactly how much it deserved the rating. I'd never have watched one at 13 though! But each to their own...

4/3/2011 #2,236
Thanatos Angelos Girl
Sara: Sweeny Todd is R rated? Wow.... But I saw Sleepy Hollow the first time on the TV with my mom. She was watching it and let me. It is good. Really good. Yeah and yesterday when I was getting Black Swan my mom told me she had to pay for it because they don't let minors buy R rated movies! I totally didn't know that.
4/3/2011 #2,237

Happy news, everyone! Canada's going into their fourth federal election in a year, because our government has been found in contempt. *sarcasm*

Fooke: Haha, I knew because it looks the same as it does for me when I respond on my iPod. Buuutttt, if you like, you can imagine I'm super psychic. ;D

Cathy: Awwwwww! That's so hilariously cute! ^^

Azzie: Yeah, it's, uh...interesting. *shifty eyes* But lol! "You My Roof" makes no sense!

Margietitie: *snickers* Yeah, that's right, I beat you to it. *gloats*

And, uh...your hallucination April Fools prank is sort of lame. You do know you're not supposed to tell people what prank you're going to do to them, right? ;D

Drinking Ages: In the Isle of Mann the legal drinking age is like twelve or something crazy like that. =P

Sleepy Hollow: OMG. I was literally freaking the fuck out yesterday because I was trying to remember the movie where there was a guy with a pumpkin head, and my parents were completely useless in helping me. It took me hours before I figured out it was this.

And no, Margie, you're not alone. I've never seen it either.

4/3/2011 #2,238
Lady Eleanor Boleyn

Xan: Oooh, bad luck. Your Government really is messed up... On the Plus side though, at least you get to vote this time, now that you're 18. (ps, what does "in contempt" mean)

4/3/2011 #2,239

Bethie: Ugh, I know. Everyone thinks Canada's government is super stable and awesome because our recession was barely nothing, but

In contempt means that the goverment pretty much broke the law by not disclosing information that they were legally supposed to. And then not only did they not disclose it, but after they were found in contempt, they didn't apologise or disclose it, they just said it was beurocratic red-tape. *fumes*

The worst part is that the Conservative party, who's in power atm and the cause of all this nonsense, still holds the majority of votes in the poles.

Wifey Sara: I married a goodie-two-shoes? Ick. I think I need to punish that do-gooder streak out of you...;)

And, uh, your history teacher is hilarious.

4/3/2011 #2,240
Thanatos Angelos Girl
Sara: While that is creepy it is shocking he would sell himself as a cult man.. He really wanted to see it I guess! XD. But no that just made my day. It really made my day! :)
4/3/2011 #2,241

Nell: Well, to my defense, I tend to never check the rating, soo.. Still, I've never respected those limits.

Brook: I tried watching it with my mom too(ST)... she ended up telling me how Lucy was never raped and thus never turned insane or anything, and Sweeney turned back into Benjamin and then they went to live by the sea with Johanna and Anthony while Toby and Mrs Lovett lived in the neighbouring house... Thinnest plot EVER

Perfetit: Meh, whatevs. I've got an even grander plan.

Sending you a rotten apple!

Ahahahahah!'re right, it's lame

Sara: You've seen The King's Speech too? :D So have I! Awesome, innit? They did everything SO RIGHT... Helena was freakin' amazing, Spall was disgusting, and the king was just plain adorable!

Sleepy Hollow: This is to those of you who've watched it: is it memorable, in a really awesome, and in any way worth seeing?

4/3/2011 #2,242

Ellen: it is memorable :)

4/3/2011 #2,243

AZkaban: Then I'm so pestering my family 'til they give it to me.(Spoilt much? I'm like a female, Muggle Draco)

4/3/2011 #2,244
Thanatos Angelos Girl
Ellen: Wow............. O.o that did NOT happen. My mom was very honest. She said this is bloody and I love Johnny Depp. My mom loves him the most. Sleepy Hollow wasn't that bad in my opinion. Idk why it's R rated. But no. They do not live at the beach. Have you watched it all? I want to talk about but I don't want to spoil anything...
4/3/2011 #2,245

Brook: No, I have not watched it... yet. I'm planning to. If only I can keep the actual contents of the movie from my mom, then it'll be alright. Maybe we could discuss.. oh, I don't know - favourite pairings? Do you prefer Bellamort or Belladolphus? Or both? Or maybe neither?

Sara: No, I haven't heard anything about that... though I could try to do some research.

BTW, have you seen her in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? She was so much alike the Queen there! Although the Queen had a lot more dignity.

4/3/2011 #2,246

Liesel: Ha! You call that a crappy government! Our parliament just got dissolved, so that makes this the first time a Northern Irish executive has served a full 4 year term for over 40 years! xD We keep getting put back under direct rule by Britain for being too sectarian. Not that everyone's happy, hence IRA dissidents planting that car bomb in Omagh that killed that poor policeman yesterday. A fine Motherday his poor Mother must be having.

Althogh we hae some pretty weird corruption. This woman... http:// knews. g ... (famous for calling homosexuality an "abomination") cheated on her husband (our beloved first minister who as also involved in the money side of the dodgy deal) with a 19 YEAR OLD!!!! And did some dodgy money deal with his family's business. While bucking him. *Shudders*

Margrethe: Go watch Sleepy Hollow now. I order you!

Americans: Can you explain the whole rating system to me? What does the R actually stand for? I'm a poor simple little British girl who goes by "U-PG-12-15-18" ratings.

4/3/2011 #2,247

Help me!

I accidentally unsubscribed to all forum alerts ever. (major Lizfail moment) and I don't know how to fix it without going around replying to everything I ever did before. =(

Margie: ...amazing plan. -_-

You're like the evil queen in Snow White, but lamer.

Sara: Eh, it's okay. Things work out in the end, I suppose.

And yes, the Punishment Room has been empty for too long. Let's have a little time there, shall we...? ;)

Cathy: R=18+, I believe.

Oh. Well then. =/

I'm sorry about your goverment. All goverments are a bit stupid, it seems. What's "secretarian" mean, though?

And good lord. That woman is just...ugh. All of it. That's not good at all.

*hands rum* Let's drink our problems away, darling.

4/3/2011 #2,248

Cathy:I'm having the same problem. That's why I brought up rating! I was hoping for someone to explain it to me, without having to ask!

Seriously, all I get is that 'R' is... mature

Also, what's PG-13 for?

4/3/2011 . Edited 4/3/2011 #2,249

Lizzie: argh! Did that happen with the link given in the alert email, "unsubscribe from all forum"? Then are you sure it's for all the topics? perhaps it's just for new thread alerts. You don't have to reply to every thread, but you do have to visit them and click on "subscribe" on the top right hand corner. Poor you :P

4/3/2011 #2,250
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