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I hate it when Youtube is stupid.

Gamma: I had no idea you liked that band? What's your favorite song from them?

10/17/2011 #61
Gamma Orionis

Hmm... I think my favourites are probably "Hello", "Imaginary" and "Missing", though "Taking Over Me" and "Bring me to Life" have the benefit of always reminding me of Bellatrix. Do you like them?

10/17/2011 #62

Not really sure of what I think of them. I know 'Bring Me TO Life' if good.

10/17/2011 #63
Gamma Orionis

Bring Me To Life was the first song of theirs I ever heard. My friend showed me the music video for it, and I was instantly in love with it.

I sort of hate myself for this one, because I'm positive everything about this song is terrible, but I've had Fuck the Pain Away by Peaches playing over and over for days.

10/17/2011 #64

I love that song as well.

I might listen to that song you've just linked, but what's it about?

10/17/2011 #65
Gamma Orionis

Um. I have no freaking idea what it's about, really. (Which is why I'm pretty sure it's terrible). I mean, it's about sex, I'm pretty sure... but there's this odd little bridge where it says to stay in school...

Yeah, there's a fair bit of, shall we say, "explicit content", but nothing worse than what's gone on in the M-rated chat thread.

10/17/2011 #66

I see. Maybe I will later on.

10/17/2011 #67

Gamma: it says the vids are blocked in my country (WTF?) for copyright reasons. I kinda get that, but I'm frustrated all the same :P

Oh well. I got bits of the songs on an official music store's website... Though I quite like "What you want", I'm not that taken by the rest. Doubt I'll get the CD, especially since Nightwish's is coming out at the end of the year...

10/18/2011 #68

Azzie! Remember when you linked "Iron" a while back ago? (And I thought "Woodkid's Iron" sounded like some phallic reference, then realized it was a song and liked it?) Weeeelllllll I forgot about it for a while, but then PIERRE LAPOINTE mentioned it on facebook and I sort of died a bit because omg he likes a song I like.

And apparently Woodkid is French? Never would have guessed.

And here, because I'm in one of my many squee-over-Pierre-Lapointe moods, I'mma link a song for y'all. (Honestly I think no one actually cares about my epic love for him, but whatever. One day I will meet him, and maybe make him realize he should stop being gay so he can marry me or something. =P [okay, that would never happen, but whatever.])

Petite Fille Laide (which translates to little ugly girl. Hahaha)

10/19/2011 #69

IS IT????? o.O I wouldn't have guessed that either...

I liked the lyrics to that one ;)

10/19/2011 #70

I know, right? Pierre was like, Omg, everyone sings in English! And I was like, why is that a big deal, isn't he English? And then I looked him up, and he's NOT! =O

Haha, I love those lyrics too. ^^ All his lyrics, really... *swoons* =P

10/19/2011 #71

LOL. Well I automatically assumed he was from Canada or Quebec since you would have told me if he was French, but his name DOES sound totally French!!!! xD

10/19/2011 #72

Wait, who are we talking about now? =P (brain...slow...) Pierre is Quebecois, Woodkid is French but sings in English.

Why is everything so confusing today, Azzie? I need more sleep. -___-

10/19/2011 #73

Everything is confusing because I had a brainfail =P

Don't mind me. xD

Come to bed! ;)

10/19/2011 #74

AZFAIL. *mocks you for it* (I've neeeever had one of those before. =P)

With you baby, I'll sleep any time. ;) *tumbles into bed*

What will be the soundtrack to our lovemaking, since we are in the songs thread, after all?

10/19/2011 #75

Never indeed ;)

Number One Crush sounds good ;)

10/19/2011 #76

That's so PERFECT! xD

10/19/2011 #77
Gamma Orionis

Emilie Autumn is my new favourite singer.

Let the Record Show (always reminds me of Bellatrix and Molly ^^)

Shalott (Slightly more concise than Loreena McKennitt's Lady of Shalott)

Gothic Lolita

Marry Me

10/22/2011 #78
Tempestt Londyn

My current favorites:

Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath

Elle Varner f. J. Cole - Only Wanna Give It To You

Candice Night - Black Roses

11/6/2011 #79
Gamma Orionis

Oh my God! You like "Black Roses" too??? It's like my favourite song ever :D (and the video is gorgeous) I don't think I've ever met anyone else who knows it!

*Loves you*

11/6/2011 #80

Invincible - Hedley

How to Save a Life - The Fray

You Found Me - The Fray

Rain Over Me - Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony

Hero - Enrique

11/6/2011 #81
Tempestt Londyn

Hi Gamma :D

Yeah, I'm arguably....*pauses and thinks* --no, actually, not arguably--I'm the only person (aside from you of course :)) who knows the song.

Seriously, I was playing it on Halloween night and my roommate goes, "What song is that?" So, I told her. She responds, "Who?" I whip around and say, "You know, the woman from Blackmore's Night." This awkward pause was followed by, of all things, "WHO?"

Then again, I'm not sure why I'm so surprised. My music library is a melting pot of genres, but most people labor under the delusion that I only entertain soul and soft rock music.

*Loves you back*

11/6/2011 #82
Lady Eleanor Boleyn

Hey I know Blackmore's Night as well! You're not the only ones, girls!

11/6/2011 #83
Gamma Orionis

The three of us (And April too!) should form a Blackmore's Night fan club or something :D They're so amazing! What did you guys think of Reflections? I really liked it, personally ^^ Even the songs that weren't very Blackmore's Night-ish (like Gone Gone Gone)

11/6/2011 #84
Tempestt Londyn

Well, hey, I'm all in! :)

Candice's effort didn't knock my socks off, at first, honestly. I'm not quite sure what I had been anticipating, but I felt it was kind of...all over the place, I guess. Maybe I thought it would've been more Blackmore's Night influenced. Whatever the case, there were a few other songs on Reflections that I appreciated, but none more so than "Black Roses." After one listen, I decided that song was definitely a keeper; hearing it was actually very nostalgic for it gave me the same "OMG" feeling that the band's "Diamonds and Rust" and "Ghost of a Rose" had.

Of course, I've now warmed up to Reflections, considerably; but I was more than a little vexed in the beginning.

11/6/2011 #85
Gamma Orionis

This is Bullet Thor's theme music.

11/24/2011 #86
Tempestt Londyn

In other news, Drake and Rihanna--though I adore them--have officially been owned.

Florence & The Machine covers, Take Care"

11/25/2011 #87

Lol, Gamma! That was hilarious. Bullet Thor definitely approves.

11/26/2011 #88
Gamma Orionis

I thought he would, Lizzie ;)


I think at some point I mentioned not liking Katy Perry much...


ET (Acoustic)

She sounds SO MUCH BETTER like this!

11/27/2011 . Edited 11/27/2011 #89

My latest obsession songs:

Florence And The Machine - The Drumming Song (GOSH THAT GIRL CAN DANCE)

Florence And The Machine - What The Water Gave Me

Aqualung - Good Times Gonna Come

Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart For My Sweetheart

11/28/2011 #90
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