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The Little Lost Time Lord

I've heard all the arguments against it. Voldemort can't love. Voldemort is gay. Voldemort is asexual. He wouldn't let someone get that close to him. He considers himself above all that. I get it! I know he can't love and the rest of those arguments may or may not be true but there is a chance: Lust.

He can't love but he could certainly lust. Anyone who says Bella isn't pretty is nuts. She's very beautiful. Anyone who says Bella isn't in love with Voldemort is even crazier. A child would bring him more power and an heir if he were to fail at becoming immortal. Voldemort wasn't stupid he would have known that, and Bella would have been more than willing to have his child, it would have been the greatest honor in her mind. Even if he didn't want a child he mostly likely realized she was most evil and aggressive when she felt there was a chance for them to be together. He may have had sex with her, to both satisfy any urges he had and to string her along. It's been rumored that Bella is infertile and can't have kids, but even if this is true they most likely still had sex for the above reasons.

But say she did get pregnant. There are three times after he came back when she could have been pregnant without the reader knowing (that I see). There are millions of times she could have had the kid before the first war and perhaps it went to another magic school was homeschooled or just goes by a different last name if one was born. But here are the times it would have been possible during war number 2:

1.) The end of Book five: if she got pregnant either a few days/weeks before or after the battle at the ministry she wouldn't be that heavily pregnant at the beginning of book six when they visit Snape, and he could have either not noticed it or just figured she'd gained a little weight. She'd have had the kid before the battle at Hogwarts (if she did attend which she may not have)

2.) Mid-book six (or for this argument after they visit Snape): let's says she wasn't at the Battle of Hogwarts. She could have stayed back because she was pregnant. In this possibility she'd have the kid Spring-Summer book six to beginning of book seven.

3.) Summer after book six: if she got pregnant in the summer after book six she could deliver the child before the trio ends up in Malfoy Manor. (She did coming into the room when they were there as if coming from doing something else, perhaps caring for a child.) I realize she was at the meeting in the beginning of book seven but again she would only be lightly pregnant and it may not be obvious, to the point where she might not even know. Even if she did know I don't think the Dark Lord Voldy-poo would appreciate her bragging about it in the middle of a meeting.

Agree? Disagree? See another time when she could have had the child? Tell me.

Hope to hear from you soon,


8/27/2011 . Edited by xoxLewrahxox, 9/9/2011 #1
Lamia of the Dark

I agree that it was possible for them to have had one, but it definitely did not happen in the canon - not even behind the scenes.

8/27/2011 #2

Strictly speaking, it is possible... But I agree with Lamia, I think it's highly unlikely in canon, and in fanon it ought to be handled very carefully. The thing is, Voldemort wants to be immortal! In that way of thinking he has no use for a heir... Besides, his self-centred, megalomaniac personality wouldn't stand the thought of another heir of Slytherin, I don't think. If he did have a child, it would be seen like an extension of himself (perhaps for rituals indeed, though that's really quite fucked-up... not too fucked-up for Voldemort, perhaps? =S) and never ever to reach some independence or represent a threat towards the Dark Lord. And that's impossible. Every child has a brain of their own, even the more brainwashed, there's a risk - and I honestly don't think Voldemort would take any chances, creating another heir for the house of Slytherin, a child likely to be very powerful, just for a heir he wouldn't believe he'd need and maybe for some rituals... That's just my opinion though.

I agree that Bellatrix would want Voldemort's child, though I don't picture her as very maternal. See, I think she'd want this child as a part of the Dark lord, living into her and been given birth through her, and never as his/her own person. Which is why the result of Voldemort and Bellatrix having a child would be pretty messed-up in my opinion. A child being born basically as an object to be used by his father... -shudders-

Then again... agree to disagree, I guess =)

8/28/2011 #3

I pretty much agree with Azzie. I see what you mean about having a heir, but then I don't think Voldemort would really want that. Plus I don't see Bellatrix as very maternal. I think she's capable of very strong love but not of that kind. She may be dedicated to Voldemort, and even in love with him, so she could see it as an honour to carry his child... but would she really want to raise it when she could be out fighting? I don't think so. If done well, it could make for an interesting fic though.

8/28/2011 #4

I'd think that with as much crap as Voldemort has put himself though, he'd be impotent by now.

Although I'd bet money he slept with Bellatrix. Seriously, who wouldn't?

9/2/2011 #5

I think they could but i don't think he would want to because he (was) immortal and can (would) live forever so there was no need for a heir but Bellatrix on the other hand probally wouldn't want a child but if that meant her and Voldey gettin together then I think she would think otherwise

10/8/2011 #6
glue and tar

I'm sure they could. The result would probably be a bit like the birth scene in 'It's Alive', though.

Except Bellatrix would probably be helping it instead of screaming hysterically.

10/9/2011 #7
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