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So.... We need an avatar and I have looked on my account page type thing and I know how to do it (So, in that sense we're good because I know how to do it.)

But the actual avatar itself. Gamma has done a design here:

However, I had discussions with Azzie and Azzie has gone to the General Questions Thread etc.. So, we thought we would change the bottom bit to a quote from one of the books.

The quotes we have thus far are:

"I was and am the Dark Lord's most faithful"

"You've got to mean it."

So, if anyone has any book quotes can you post them on this thread and then we will have a poll and we can vote for the best one and lovely Gamma will edit it and do her thing with it.


-Sarah :)

6/12/2012 #1

Sarah! =D Been a while, hasn't it? *hugs*

Anyway, just a little note on the avatar ... because of the way the picture shows up (sort of vertically rectangular and not very big), it might be best not to have a LOT of text in it, because it might just get too squished up and small to read, you know?

So (and this is just my opinion) I think that it might actually be best to just pick one: forum name or quote, so that it looks a little cleaner, more legible, whatever.

But anyway I think this is a really awesome idea, and if I think of any suitable quotes, I'll add. =)

6/12/2012 #2
Lady Eleanor Boleyn

Well, they're not Book Quotes as Such, but what about the Latin Sayings Fortuna Fortes Iuvat or Per Ardua Ad Astra? I think they'd fit her quite well as well...

Or else "Crucio!" It was always her favourite of the Three Unforgivables...

6/12/2012 #3

Liz: I'll have a nosy to see how other have done it. Personally I would prefer the quote because at the end of the day the forum title is next to it. -hugs-

Eleanor: Nice! I'll have to translate the Latin though as I don't and never have studied it. -hangs head in shame-

6/12/2012 . Edited 6/12/2012 #4

Eleanor: In terms of translating the Latin. I had to use google translate (-shudders-) Something along the lines of fortune helps the brave and the steep slope to the stars?

6/12/2012 #5

I agree, I think the quote, if we do end up doing one-or-the-other, would be best.

As to the Latin though, I think -- as much as I do like the phrases -- that it might be too alienating, since a lot of people don't know enough Latin to understand what it means.

6/12/2012 #6

Liz: But doesn't the fact that it is in Latin intrigue you to want to know more about the forum? Either way they will be a poll.

6/12/2012 #7
Lady Eleanor Boleyn


The first one means Fortune Favours the Bold and the second equals Through Effort To The Stars

6/12/2012 #8

Much as I'd love to be supporting any use of Latin, I think we have to go for "I was and am the Dark Lord's most faithful". I think perhaps we should try it out first though to see if it will be readable from such a little avatar.

If not, I think "Crucio!" works well and gets our message across :)

6/12/2012 #9
Gamma Orionis

"Make love, not horcruxes".

6/17/2012 #10

"Make love to whorecruxes"? :3

6/17/2012 #11
Gamma Orionis

Make me a t-shirt with that on it, Lizz, and I will be your devoted slave for all eternity.

6/17/2012 #12

What is it with you and t-shirts, Gamma? =P

I'm totally doing it, though.

6/17/2012 #13
Gamma Orionis

I wear them often and you can never find clever ones in Cowtown :P

I LOVE YOU. *Is your slave*

6/17/2012 #14
Mrs Bella Riddle

I think I was and am the Dark Lord's Most Faithful. As awesome as make love not horcruxes is.

6/19/2012 #15
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