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It's just what the title says! Anyone new or familiar with the book/movie can come and talk about...all things Coraline, I guess!
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Well mine would have to be when Wybie saves Coraline from the hand. It had really good music when Wybie showed up.

2/17/2009 #1
Nausicaa of the Spirits

Well, let's see. I'd have to say the part where Coraline faces off against the Beldam, right after she's saved the three children's souls along with her mother and father. I tell ya the part where Cat scratches out the Other Mother's eyes and then Coraline gets trapped in that web, like a spider's prey. That was epic! Especially when she's climbing up the web, if you read my comment about that in the movie discussion, I could actually picture somebody making a crossover with the Battle with the Forces of Evil, especially when Flora (from Sleeping Beauty) yells, "Up! Up this way!" And we see all those characters climbing away, like maybe the scene where Coraline is trying to escape from the Other Mother by climbing up he web! I'm trying to find that scene so I can listen to it along with Battle With The Forces of Evil!

2/17/2009 #2

Any part with Wybie or Other Wybie.

2/17/2009 #3

I love when the Cat scratches her eyes out I'm like "Ha, you desevred that for killing the other Wybie!"

2/19/2009 #4
Coraline Story Writer

I would have to say when the Other Wybie saves Coraline. ^^ And in the end when the real Wybie saves Coraline. xD

2/21/2009 #5

God...too many inside jokes with this movie! I honestly don't have a favorite part...unless the whole movie counts!

2/24/2009 #6

That part was dramatic (Which is good)

I loved that song! It's called the Hand on the Corakine soundtrack.

4/20/2009 #7

I loved everything!! :D

But seriously, if I had to pick a favorite, I'd have to choose either the part where the Other Spink and Forcible perform, when the Other Mr. Bobinsky performs, when Cat talks in the Other World for the first time, when Other Wybie saves Coraline, when Wybie saves Coraline, when Coraline meets Wybie, when Coraline meets Mr. Bobinsky ("Here! Have beet! Make you strong!"), and the ending.

*whistles* Wow, that's a lot...

8/5/2009 #8

Ooh! Definitley the part where Wybie saves Coraline. And the spider-web scene. And now that I've seen it in 3D, I really like the ghost children scene, too (they look sooooo cool in 3D!).

8/5/2009 #9
Mechanical Lullaby

I suppose, just that one moment during Missus Spink and Forcible's performance, when Other Wybie tosses the rose to Coraline. I thought it was adorable. :3

But I do like when Coraline and the cat walk around the world, and it begins to disintegrate, or fade. Whichever way you look at it. I just find something genuineley distrubing about the space in which you live cutting off so abruptly.

8/24/2009 #10

I totally love that cat, the fact that he can talk on the other world. and im really found of the exoct russian mr B, too.

i wish i had a doll like me. not one that could controll me or something like this, but the doll for itself is adorable.

9/9/2009 #11

I love the scene with Other Father in his scary state "He pulled a long face and Mother didn't like that!"

And I also like the Other Father song :D

11/2/2009 #12

OMG I LOVE THAT SONG!!!! LOL I bothered my siblings with that soooo much...they would be like, "Shut up! That songs sucks!" ;)

11/2/2009 #13

*GASP* XD the song doesn't suck at all!..its catchy and only 30 secs long..and you get to watch forced piano can it not be awesome? XD

11/2/2009 #14

LOL they're just hatin', is all. It was the first song from the soundtrack that I bought on iTunes, so I was listening to it a ton when it first came out.

11/2/2009 #15

Yeah, I love the song too :D It's EXTREMELY catchy, except my sister sings it all the time which kinda gets on my nerves :P I want the soundtrack so bad!! Maybe for Christmas...

11/2/2009 #16

When I finally decide to get my itunes account for my ipod im going to buy that song first..Im really that obsessed...but for loves me looking for it at the moment :D

11/3/2009 #17

Mine would probably be the garden in the other world. I really liked the dad taking her around it :)

11/4/2009 #18

Is there a song for the garden scene..if there is I cannot remember it....and who can't like Other just have to poke him!

11/8/2009 #19

I knows!

11/9/2009 #20

Hehehehehe :D

11/24/2009 #21

"He pulled a looooong face...and Mother didn't like it."

Seriously. Flipping. Scary. Easily the best quote in the movie.

6/11/2010 . Edited 6/21/2010 #22
Total Weirdo

yes, i agree. you know, pretty much anything that the other father says could be "best quote" cuz hes just amazing.

6/28/2010 #23

My fav scene from the movie would have to be when Coraline is looking in the mirror and her parents spell "HELP US" backwards... Oh yeah...

8/20/2010 #24
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