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A general purpose writer's discussion group for Rat Patrol writers and fans. Come on in and discuss writing, reviewing, and canon. A forum for facts, questions and discussions about the era that shaped both the times and the characters in WWII.
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Hopefully we can use this forum to discuss such things as techniques of writing, styles of reviewing, the personalities of certain characters, and all manner of other RP-related topics. A lot of that would be good to share with each other.

I only ask that you keep it civil, keep it on-topic, and keep it useful. Let's kick around some ideas and have fun.

2/10/2009 . Edited 2/10/2009 #1

First, I must tell you how VERY happy I am to finally see an RP forum! Second, I must admit I am not a writer. (although I have Captain Dietrichs entire life story in my head & Hitch's too!), so I probably don't belong in this group, & I hope you don't take offense at what I'm going to say. However, I do have a comment regarding at least the Captain Dietrich section, & that's the description referring to him as a Nazi. I think a lot of RP fans will have a problem with this. I believe a lot of what was written about his character was written before Hans Gudegast (aka Eric Braeden) actually took the role. I know it was his input that changed his character from an obsessed, stereotypical Nazi to an honourable German soldier fighting for his country. I do not remember one time when he either used, or acknowledged the Nazi salute. I honestly believe that had it not been Hans Gudegast who took over this role, & made that change, that not only would the RP fandom not be as popular as it is today, but that the show would have been no where near as good. But again, I mean no offense. Now, I do have a suggestion. You might want to let others in the various RP Yahoo groups know that you have started a forum. (and the HH group too, as there are RP fans there too). I think a lot of RP fans & writers have given up looking to RP fic on this site, because there is so seldom a new story, (nor an update to Tirathons great RP story). If you like, I can let them know as I'm a member of several of the Yahoo RP groups. I see also where you've written 2 HH stories, but I don't think I've had a chance to read them, so that's something I know I'm looking forward to. (Especially since I see such praise from GSJessica & LJ Groundwater, two writers I really respect.) Again, thanks so much for starting an RP forum, even if it is just for writers. Jen C

2/14/2009 #2

LOL! No offense taken. I just wrote what was in the "writer's bible" for the characters. I don't believe he bought into the whole Nazi thing either. In fact there are times when he barely has patience with the Nazi thought process. That's why I wanted to have these forums for people to discuss characters, what they thought the background was. Something to help jump start writers. (Dietrich is a favorite of mine :)) But, I like the eps where they all interact! Please let others know the forums are here, I hope they will bring writers in also. As you said we don't have many on the site and some are not even finished!

AND, please feel free to put your thoughts in the Dietrich topic! :)

2/15/2009 #3


I just joined the other day. I began writing Rat Patrol fan fiction when I first started writing back in the 1960's. It was one of my favorite TV shows. I didn't know I was writing what's called fan fiction. all I knew is I liked the show and wanted to interact with the show in my own way. I still write, but very seldom do fan-fiction. My name is Sharolyn, but my friends call me Shay. I write science fiction, fantasy and paranormal romance. I've had one short SF story published in an anthology, and hope to get more novels published.


4/29/2009 #4

Hi all!

I thought I might tempt a few people to check out my new forum for The Rat Patrol. It's "Rat Patrol Research" and it's geared (surprise, surprise) all towards research. I have to admit that as much as I love the education factor, I'm hoping it might spark a few plot bunnies for interested authors out there...

I plan to have at least one new topic every month. For December '09 it's "Dietrich's Uniform." January '10 will probably feature a thread all about David Troy and the RAF. Please feel free to come and visit!


12/23/2009 #5

I just found out that ff has cleared the rest of my threads for discussion! they will be back up, please use them for boards for discussion or even ideas for fanfic.

2/14/2011 #6

Hey y'all :)

Hasn't been any activity here in a while- us RP fans are a relativly small community, I know- but if at all possible I would like to find somebody to disscuss the Rat Patrol with. I've had the DVDs for something like four months and it's managed to become my favorite (or at least second-favorite) TV show during that time. The beautiful barren landscapes, the superb acting, the characters, the excess of explosions, Hauptmann Dietrich- I love it. It's fantastic.

As for me, I enjoy writing fanfiction and I've got a good number of RP storylines floating around on my hard drive, none published yet though. I'm typically more of a movie fan than a television fan, but I do have one Hogan's Heroes story up, and I've been known to show my face around Forum XIIIc. I got into in WWII by way of an interest in Operation Valkyrie, and thanks to the Rats North Africa has become my WWII-front-of-interest.

So, having introduced myself, anybody out there?

6/2/2012 #7

Hi, Pizza,

I don't RP, but always up for discussion of one of my favorite all time tv shows. I started out writing fanfiction and Rat Patrol was one of the first (Star Trek was also). This was back in the middle 1960's when both shows were on TV. And this was long before I knew it was called fanfiction. My dad used to tell me that I was doing something illegal (writing my own stories using television characters). It didn't stop me from writing them though.

Have a great day!


6/2/2012 #8

When I used RP, I meant it as an abbreviation of Rat Patrol- my apologies for the confusion, I should have made that clearer (it's actually happened before!) I've only role played once before, actually, quite a few years ago in a different fandom.

I think I've been writing fanfiction unintentionally since I learned how to write and started making up new adventures for my favorite Disney characters :) This has continued more or less uninterrupted to the present day.

6/2/2012 #9

Hi 'Pizza!

Always nice to run into a fellow Dietrich fan! He's definitely a major draw of the show.

Have you tried the ratpatrol Yahoo Group: tv(dot)groups(dot)yahoo(dot)com/group/ratpatrol/? We're in the second-to-last week of our Third Annual Rat Patrol Marathon and it's a pretty fun place to talk with fellow RP fans. We do go through lulls of extreme quiet but there are still plenty of posts, pictures and links to look through if you feel like. Another fun place to go exploring is Sun Compass: suncompass(dot)fandom(dot)tv. They publish "Dunes", which is a free, contribution-based RP e-publication with lots of puzzles, vignettes, trivia, recipes, etc. When I joined I asked for all the back issues and they were kind enough to send them to me (and, boy, that was a lot of good reading)! They're currently taking submissions for their November issue and you can find out more on their website.

I love fanfiction as well -- reading, writing, and beta'ing (although I'm sporadic at the last two) -- and have always been interested in WWII. I think what I like most about RP fanfiction is the chance to add real history to the series, plus the opportunity to flesh out the rats' characters and motivations. And everything Dietrich, of course.

Hope to see you around!

6/2/2012 . Edited 6/2/2012 #10

Hey Chandlia!

I recognize your name- I've read your Desert Sketches here on FF and I've browsed your livejournal as well. You really do your research! I subscribed to Dunes and requested back issues as soon as I got into Rat Patrol. It was excellent reading :) I've set up a yahoo account and been meaning to apply to some of the Rat Patrol groups, just haven't got around to it yet. I'll certainly move it up on my agenda, though, a Rat Patrol marathon sounds fantastic!

6/3/2012 #11

Welcome FP! Always nice to meet a new fan! As Chandlia said, the Yahoo RP group is great, although quiet, but the marathon discussions are great. For the yahoo group, all they need is a question or a comment the they do come alive. As you said the actors really bring life to the characters. On the Yahoo group, there is a link to some of the scripts and you can see how much the actors are really to be credited.

6/4/2012 #12

Say, can somewhere read the scenarios of episodes? I do not know English, therefore I understand small from that is talked, and a scenario I would translate even a computer translator...

1/21/2013 . Edited 1/21/2013 #13

Episode scenarios in English can be found below. To use the web link, delete the spaces between the letters.

http:// www. imdb. com/title /tt0060018 /episodes? season=1

1/22/2013 #14

Oh, thank you, but I meant not lemmatas. I wanted to say that in some stories there are word for word quotations from a serial and it sometimes helps to understand what be going on me on the screen, because I do not understand an action in an episode since it is much talked - I understand only separate words in English language. And if it was possible to read scenarios on that episodes were taken off exactly, I would understand much more.

1/22/2013 #15
I think the word you mean might be 'scripts' or 'transcripts' :) I do not know of any, but maybe someone else here does.
1/22/2013 #16

(very abashedly)

Here, I even, to write reports here, I use a computer translator and can not check him. Maybe, he something translates not so as I wanted to say. Yes, probably, " a shorthand record" at that rate will describe more exactly, that I mean. For example, here in a story "The Helping Hand Raid" is quoted partly that talked in "The David and Goliath Raid". Only(though clear, why), that conversation of Troy and Dietrich is not, because I understood only the remark of Dietrich "Inspection my position, Sergeant"?

1/22/2013 #17

I know in one of the Yahoo groups there are a few scripts in the files sections. http:// tv. groups. yahoo. com /group /ratpatrol If you join the group, you have access to the files. Don't worry, you could just lurk if you don't feel comfortable replying. But, as it's not active right now, it could help also if you have any questions.

1/22/2013 #18

But as to join a group? Is it simple to go on reference and it will be possible there?

1/22/2013 #19

It was in those rations that was given out in LRDG in a time of patrolling, chocolate? If yes, then in what form? I tried to find information, but something does not turn out - maybe, because I search in Russian language...

1/31/2013 #20

Two good sources regarding chocolate (take out the spaces after the . and /. They are both in English, but hopefully will translate well into Russian.

org/ wiki/ United_States_military_chocolate

com/ articles/ chocolate-the-wars-secret-weapon/

It all began with a visit to Hershey by Captain Paul P. Logan of the US Army Quartermaster Corps in 1937, as America drifted closer to war. Samuel Hinkle, Hershey's chief chemist at the time and a future company president, said Logan asked Hershey to develop "a kind of survival ration." The resulting chocolate bar, with greater nutritional value and a higher melting point than usual, was the beginning of what came to be called a D Ration. "Captain Logan said that he wanted it to taste not too good, because, if so, the soldier would eat it before he faced an emergency and have nothing to eat when the emergency came," Hinkle said. "So he said, 'Make it taste about like a boiled potato.'"

Wrigley and snackmaker Cracker Jack also made chocolate bars for the military. Other makers included the Shellmar Products Company, the Cuneo Press, Charles A. Brewer and Sons, the Blommer Chocolate Company, and Peter Cailler Swiss Chocolates Company.

1/31/2013 #21

Thank you!

1/31/2013 #22

How do you think, arabs carry in Sahara, mainly, the shoe of type of sandals or shoes? Are there bootmakers in their cities? or as correct to name a man that does and repairs a shoe, if this shoe is sandals? I want in the story a bit allusion on Mustafa-bootmaker from a fairy-tale about Ali -baba, but I am not sure that is here correct word "bootmaker"...

Maybe, is this man named how differently in English translation of fairy-tale? Then I would use this word. There are different translations even in the Russian variant - there is "a shoe-maker", and there is "a bootmaker". And I do not know that correctly.

2/2/2013 . Edited 2/2/2013 #23

I've seen shoes in museums and pictures that were from North Africa and they are inclosed and look like boats meaning they come to a point in front. Some are very elaborate with embossed leather and embrodery. Also, in many pictures, the desert chieftains look like they are wearing boots. I think in the desert there would be a need for enclosed shoes so they wouldn't get the hot sand on their feet. Sandals would probably be worn at oasises(Sp?) and in town. Also it would be easier to walk in the sand with boots, the deep sand would fall into the shoes and sandals making walking uncomfortable.

In English, I've seen bootmakers and shoemakers. I don't know if they only made boots or shoes or the town was big enough where it could support both.

2/4/2013 #24

Thank you! Certainly,, that not all will understand my allusions - but it is inevitable, in fact most readers here, seems, Americans? And this personage - it even not from an original fairy-tale-source, and from the magnificent soviet musical raising... but with it there be nothing to be done :(

2/4/2013 #25

I am very thankful Chandlia for that you explained to me the stage between Troy and Dietrich in "The Chain of Death Raid".

Maybe, would anybody could - if it will be not very difficult and will allow time - to help me to understand some moments from other episodes? I do not understand them, because I can not understand English, that I hear. But, if I had writing records that talked in these moments, I would be able to translate them and understand...

Here these moments:

Season 1 Episode 18 - The One That Got Away Raid 15: 25 - 16: 00. Do I understand only regarding spies (and that not quite - does Dietrich mention executing, shooting or hanging simply?), "It not in your style, captain" and do not "count on it, non-commission officer", and what they talk before that? And then yet after 18: 15 - as though something regarding the special orders concerning this four (I suspect, he therefore and left these three with two guards. perfectly knowing, on what they are capable and knowing that fourth somewhere alongside...). Episode 20 - The Last Chance Raid Dialogue of Moffitt and Windsor - from 16: 11, then dialogue Troy and Dietrich (to 17: 07) (maybe, there some word-play, puns. In any event, it, as far as I understand, exchange by sharpnesses). Episode 24 - The Two Against Time Raid 12: 55 - 13: 07, 14: 38 - 15: 15, 16: 40 - 16: 56, 18: 30 - 19: 47, 21: 21 - 21: 40 About what Troy and Dietrich it is talked? I understand only to "I need your help", "Slowly", "Give up your gun" and "Easier". Episode 29 - The Hour Glass From 15: 22. What did Dietrich say to Anderson, that decided to kill him? And that then did Dietrich tell Troy? And after 19: 30 yet dialogue... Season 2 Episode 2 - The David and Goliath Raid After 15: 40. I understand only a phrase regarding position, and farther - only separate words. Episode 3 - The Trial by Fire Raid After 16: 40. That was such said by this young lady, that Dietrich snatched out a pistol? He in fact generally to the women belongs very as a gentleman...

Beforehand large - no, enormous! it is gratitude!

2/13/2013 #26
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