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Taken from the Rat Patrol "bible" edited for fanfiction by Cat. (take this as you will, CG did change the character to a more "human" version)

Age: early thirties.

Sam Troy is a man of direct action. There is no soul searching, no elaborate weighing of this against that. He never makes long speeches. He is blunt and to the point.

When Troy has a goal, he takes the shortest and most direct route to it. He has no patience with anybody or anything that stands between him and his goal. He will not be swayed off course, and he will run over anything in his path until he attains his goal.

Troy is a loner. He is self-contained and self-sufficient. He needs no one. Troy has strong feelings and deep loyalties, but these are never, never expressed into words. They are expressed in action in the heat of crisis. He will unhesitatingly risk his life to get one of his men out of trouble; but he will not waste time being nice to them. He does what he has to do, and does not care what people think of him.

Women are attracted to him. His way with them, as with all things, is blunt, primitive, and direct.

Troy is a leader. He is keenly aware that lives of his men are in his hands. Accordingly, he is a hard, relentless taskmaster. He demands and gets perfection--and it is the force of his personality that has welded this group of highly individualistic men into a super-efficient fighting machine.

(Chris George's notes :)

One of the important things about Sgt. Troy is he has learned to rely on himself--to believe in himself--to make his decisions and then go with them-- he has become sure of his manhood.

Troy cannot be one of the crowd--he cannot just follow--he must lead.

Above all things, Troy is a professional at what he does-- and through an in born pride learns everything there is to know about his job--whatever that covers. This is what makes his superiors respect and trust him though they might not like some of the things he does.

As to his men--they would go to hell for him because they know he'd be there to bring them back.

From the show: He has one younger brother in the RAF.

3/16/2011 . Edited 3/17/2011 #1

I think that two years from the moment of surrender of the African corps and to Victory became very unpleasant for a non-commission officer. In fact in the desert he with the command operated under orders, but without control. And in Europe a command much nearer, and, probably, it was very unpleasant for Troy - he does not love obviously, when during a task alongside higher officer.

1/19/2013 #2
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