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Taken from the Rat Patrol "bible" edited for fanfiction by Cat.

Age: about twenty years old.

Beneath the glasses and the deceptively quiet manner, there lurks a wild man.

This contrast between the calm, quiet, mild exterior and the hair-raising deeds is the key to this character. He is not a cocky, boastful young man; he is a nice young man. He is always polite. He never displays anger or animosity. He does not walk or talk or swagger or act in any way like a dare-devil--but, at any moment he will explode into action, taking the wildest risks, pulling off the most hair-raising stunts in this fast-moving war against the enemy.

Often, when Troy gives him specific instructions, his cool and polite demeanor might lead the uninitiated to think he intends to fully obey every detail of those instructions. But, Troy knows better. He knows that Hitchcock will never openly defy him or argue with him or refuse to carry out an order exactly as given. Hitchcock will say "Right, Sarge" to everything -- and then proceed to carry out his assignment as he thinks it should be carried out. And no matter how wildly and hair-raisingly he has departed from Troy's orders, eh will coolly justify everything by saying it was forced on him by forces over which he had no control. "Who was there, Sarge, you or me?"

It is important to note that his disobedience never takes the form of failing to do what he is supposed to. Troy knows what is going on, and chews the hell out of Hitchcock, but Hitchcock never blows his cool. He accepts the rebuke and acknowledges the authority of Troy--knowing, as Sgt. Troy knows, that the next time around he will pull off some equally wild stunt, and will be able, as always to justify it, ex post facto, with some equally unshakable explanation.

Hitchcock is cool, a quiet hipster, he is unshakable. He is a winner and he knows it.

3/17/2011 #1

Interesting to see how the actors gradually began to put their own spins on the characters after the first few episodes, especially in Dietrich's case. And this isn't exactly how I would describe Hitch either, haha.

6/3/2012 #2

Hitchcock didn't vary as much as Dietrich, that's for sure!

6/4/2012 #3
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