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Atarah Derek

Here's a story for those who love to see a woman rise above the stereotypes of her male-dominated society.

Deborah was Israel's only recorded female judge. She was at that time the most respected woman in the land. She also had ability as a military leader, which means she could probably wield a sword as well as any man. She was so respected, in fact, that the commander-in-chief of Israel's armies, Barak, refused to do battle with the army of Sisera, an Assyrian general, unless Deborah herself helped him lead the troops. Deborah had already assured Barak that God had given him the victory. But Barak was doubtful. Deborah then prophesied that since Barak doubted God's promise, that day's victory would be given into the hands of a woman. She did, however, agree to lead the troops into battle.

Soon Sisera's army was on the run. Sisera himself broke away, seeking refuge. He found the tent of Jael, a woman whose family was traveling through Israel. Jael was sympathetic toward Israel and knew that Sisera was an evil man. So when he begged her to hide him, she played along. She offered him warm milk to help him relax. Soon the exhausted general fell asleep. Jael took a tent peg and drove it through Sisera's temple, killing him instantly. When Barak's men arrived at her tent, Jael told them that Sisera lay dead inside. She was hailed as a heroine by Barak and his men. Deborah wrote a song about her, which the army sang at the following victory celebration.

And Barak was thoroughly humbled, but apparently lauded this Gentile homemaker along with everyone else in Israel. Seems he learned his lesson.

8/30/2009 #1

Yeah... those two gals are defiantly cool! At first I actually thought it was Deborah who killed Sisera...

9/7/2009 #2

I love The story of Deborah :D

12/29/2009 #3

I love that story with Jael. Everybody says that in the Bible women were either super-guarded angels or w***. Jael proved that you can get down in the blood and gore and still be a heroine. Jael drove a peg through a man's head and she's still the good girl. Good women, in this case, are not always ignorant and innocent.

9/14/2010 #4
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