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What did she do which was so bad? Wanted to be equal to Adam. Today nobody would think that was weird (at least not in the Western world...)

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Stormy night of rain92
But even so, eva knowing the will of God sin by greed and above all also adan to not know what to decide; It is true that were committed that error and has cost as much as for that Dios had to sacrifice his first-born son. Adan also followed his advice, after all he knew that she was created for how the aid suitable for life in the paradise and yet both did not take the best decision with respect to hear God's voice
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Lilith in the bible was considered to be the first succubus, but in all reality was just a beautiful woman who used her looks to tempt Eve to eat the able. It's a common misconception that it was a snake that tricked her into eating it, but it was in fact the bisexual Lilith. All that apple did was give Eve knowledge, where as it infuriated God that they now knew things, it was probably a good thing that they did. Not that I'm saying any of this really even happened, in the original story it was talking snake that tricked a woman created from Adam's liver. It's about the most unrealistic story ever created. You have to remember that the old testament of the bible is purely fictional and meant to either teach morals or trick people into living by what the church deemed as acceptable. The new testament was actually written by men, not god, and were as there was a portion written by Jesus, it was taken out of the holy bible due to Jesus being against churches. The same goes for any of the bible that was written by Judas, because he was stated to be evil.

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Stormy night of rain92

bueno, tu opinion cuenta bastante al saber que el judas que escribio no fue iscariote sino el hermano de jacobo. ademas, no hemos visto Sucubos reales con sus poderes, solo en las historias de terror, pero siendo escrita por hombres es el libro mas cercano a la realidad pues sus datos son mas ciertos y certeros que incluso algunos libros repiten la historia de ibrahim(abraham), y si era bueno el conocimiento entonces ¿Porque no se usa adecuadamente? pues lo utilizan para asesinar, robar, entre otras cosas que nos distancian cada dia de su humanidad misma. ademas, si fuese ficcion el A.T. entonces las leyes actuales basadas en el talmud y en los diez mandamientos se hirian a la basura, ademas las cartas enviadas por los apostoles eran los suscesos que habian pasado con el maestro durante esos tres años...ademas, eva o la primera madre de todas los vivientes, era la unica mujer en muchas historias no mencionan una manzana sino un fruto, si personalmente has leido la biblia sabrias eso, compañera.


Well, your opinion counts quite to know that the Judas that he wrote was not Iscariot but the brother of James. In addition, we have not seen Sucubos real with their powers, only in horror stories, but being written by men is the book closest to reality since its data are more certain and accurate that even some books repeated the story of Ibrahim (Abraham), and if the knowledge was good then why not used appropriately? Since it is used to kill, steal, among other things that make it difficult for us to accept every day of their very humanity. In addition, if it were fiction the A. T. then current laws based on the Talmud and in the ten commandments hirian to the trash, in addition the letters sent by the apostles were the events that had passed with the teacher during these three years ... in addition, Eva, or the first mother of all living men, was the only woman in many stories do not mention an apple but a fruit, if personally you have read the Bible you think that, companion.

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