Ending the Cure RPG
The world is at war. Humans against everything else. Magical creatures are plagued by murder of their kind and hardly a way to escape. There are concentration camps for magical creatures all around . . .
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"Hey calm down, maybe he didn't," Ember said, she moved closer and hugged him. "I'm not being shocked now ..."

5/31/2010 #1,351

He sighed, and kissed her cheek.

5/31/2010 #1,352

Ember smiled at him. "See? Nothing bad happened." She kissed him on the lips happily.

5/31/2010 #1,353

He kissed her back, smiling.

5/31/2010 #1,354

(What I said earlier.)

5/31/2010 . Edited 5/31/2010 #1,355

(Yeah, but what did Jake mean?)

Torval woke up the next day.

5/31/2010 #1,356

( XD I no tell you.)

Ember yawned and rolled over. She saw that she and Torval weren't dressed and turned red. "OH jeez ..." she mumbled, embarrassed that she was embarrassed.

5/31/2010 #1,357

Torval smiled at her. "Hello!"

5/31/2010 #1,358

"Hi," she said, smiling back shyly. "Uhm ... I'm kinda hungry. Do you want to go down and get some food?"

5/31/2010 #1,359

He nodded, standing and getting dressed. "Would you like me to bring it up for you?"

5/31/2010 #1,360

She shook her head. "Nah, I'll go down with you. Just wait a moment, I have to find some clean clothes." Ember disappeared into the bathroom, where she'd left her clothes and came back out dressed. "Do you want to head back after eating?"

5/31/2010 #1,361

"That sounds good."

(Is she going to be pregnant with Jake?)

5/31/2010 #1,362

(Uh, because she wants breakfast?)

Ember smiled at him and kissed him again. "Okay," she said, and then grabbed his hand to drag him downstairs.

5/31/2010 #1,363

(No, is that what Jake did?)

He followed her happily.

5/31/2010 #1,364

(No, she is not pregnant with Jake.)

Ember sat down and grabbed a muffin off the counter close by. She started eating it and grinned at Torval. "Go up and order some food for you. Do you want anything to drink?"

5/31/2010 #1,365

"No, I'm alright." He went and grabbed food.

5/31/2010 #1,366

She went and grabbed some milk for herself. Her hands started shaking as she started drinking it and walking over to Torval. With a frown she tried to control her hands but they shook enough eventually the she drooped her drink and muffin, dumping it on other hotel stayers.

5/31/2010 #1,367

Torval frowned and took her hands, holding them still. "Are you alright, dear?"

5/31/2010 #1,368

"I don't know ... I feel all shaky ..." Ember said, her hands were still trembling in his.

5/31/2010 #1,369

He pulled her close. "Come on, let's get you some water." He got her a glass, and held it up to her lips so she could drink.

5/31/2010 #1,370

Ember swallowed it greedily but shook her head. "I don't think it's dehydration ..." she said, smiling bitterly. "I just felt funny all of a sudden ..." Her hands were steadier now then they had been just a second ago.

5/31/2010 #1,371

Torval looked very worried.

5/31/2010 #1,372

She sighed. "It might just be morning jitters ..."

5/31/2010 #1,373

"I hope so." He said, rubbing her back.

5/31/2010 #1,374

Grateful Ember turned and smiled at him. "You should eat, we've got a while of travelling ahead of us ... and no more villians to deal with at least ... but still."

5/31/2010 #1,375

"I'm alright." He smiled.

5/31/2010 #1,376

"Alright, I'll go get our stuff," Ember said, and went up to grab it, came back down, and they sooner or later arrived at Idoga's place? Or did something happen to them?

6/1/2010 #1,377

Torval stretched. "It feels good to be back."

6/1/2010 #1,378

Ember smiled cheerfully and hugged both of the boys to her. "It does. Thank you guys for taking care of them."

6/1/2010 #1,379

Idoga nodded. "You are most welcome."

6/1/2010 #1,380
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