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What do you think Sammy looks like?
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So, we all have different interpretations of Sammy becuase it doesnt SEEM like Wendelin gives us much description about her apprearence, but she DOES a little, its just hidden in the text. So what DO we know about what Sammy looks like? For one, we know she has brown hair (In the sisters of Mercy, Sammy says that Holly has brown hair, {Page 11} and later, Dot and Marissa say that Holly looks like Sammy from the back{Page 42}) She also has bangs(it is mentioned throughout the series, but an example is in Wedding Crasher-"That made my eyebrows reach for my bangs." Page 203) And she is small, and skinny(when Heather tells Sammy she looks like a 4th grader in Hotel Thief) There are other hints also. Got any other hints? (and please try to tell what book/part/page/quote it was used/found in, you know, as a refreence.) :)

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I don't think she would have brown eyes. I mean, she loves Casey's eyes, if she had brown eyes, wouldn't she compare them to hers? Meaning they must be gray, blue or green. I don't have page numbers (sorry!) BUT it IS implied in a lot of the books so...

Also, since we've clarified that her hair is brown, and her mom's hair is blonde, wouldn't that mean that her dad's hair would have to be brown as well? You know, genes and everything...

WELL, that's what I think...so...bye!



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I would definitley agree with the eye thing. As for the hair t did say in Hollywood mummy that her mom dyed her hair so it could have used to be brown.
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Isn't it also mentionted in Hollywood Mummy that her mom had brown hair and brown eyes? Like, when Sammy was looking at her mom's driver's license? Her mom's also really pretty, so maybe Sammy got that gene as well? Did you guys do the Justice Jack/Elvis contest?

4/6/2012 #4
Yeah I think it did. And of course I entered! I really, really want to win! I really hope we win! Five chances! I wonder how many people entered? I think we find out Sunday! But probably Monday, because Sunday is Easter.
4/6/2012 #5

I hope I win!!! I found more than I was supposed to, so I think I have a pretty good chance. I just have to send it in. I took longer just in case I found something else and couldn't send another one in. Do we get a copy earlier? Cuz when she did this for Wedding Crasher (I think it was that book) Sammy4ever won one, right? Then didn't SomedayKingsly win the Night of Skulls one? (They guessed a number, right?)

4/6/2012 #6
Yeah I think we do since it comes out in July and it is April. I think that who won the last ones. I hope I win and good luck to you as well!
4/6/2012 #7

I have high hopes for the book!In the excerpt of JJ, you know how the Elvis impersonator says he's going to Vegas? Well, WVD said she needed to do some research with Elvis impersonators. Maybe Sammy sees the Elvis Impersonator in Vegas? Maybe that's the show she goes to when she sneaks back in "the show". Does that make sense?

4/6/2012 #8
Yeah it does. I can't wait until she does go to Vegas!
4/6/2012 #9

Me neither! So excited!

You think she'll have plane fright?

4/27/2012 #10

My little sister and I were wondering, what is Sammy's favorite color? We know Casey's, but what's hers? Does it ever say in the books? If not, what do you think it is and why?

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