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Best club for Vampires, werecreatures, and anyone else under the moon. Sorry we close a Sunrise....But will reopen at Dusk.
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Hey all register your characters here



Short history:

(Well if there's anything else I'll let you know.)

2/11/2009 #1

Name: Joey Valentine

Species: Vampire

Short History: Co owner of the cluub and bartender. Joey is layed back and fun loving,. Always up for meeting new people but dont let him fool you he can lift cars and will put you out if you get to roudy.

2/11/2009 #2

Name: Charmaine

Species: Werecat/Fae

Short History: Charmaine the other owner of the club is the head waitress and good at her job. Never dropped a drink or missed an order, the two friends make a great team. Welcoming all night creatures to hang out.

2/11/2009 #3

Name: Johnus Melgrim

Species: Informed human (Knows about the supernatural)

Short history: Has had a couple run-ins with the supernatural during his career as a police officer. He knows what works. Always has a spare clips of explosive rounds, nice for spontaniously combusting vampires and are in general better aginst the supernatural than normal shots. He has had a hostile encounter with a vampire a few times. And he servived with the luck of the draw. Luckily for him they were vamps and explosive rounds helped.

2/11/2009 #4
Luminera Claymore

Name : Clair Ambers

Species : Vampire

Short history: Clair has been wondering on her own for three years since her parents were killed in a violent vampire attack. Clair has had no true home since that day and her memories haunt her and nearly push her to the brink of insanity. She carries a small dagger and a vile of poison in case the worst should happen. She is usually tense and watches her back but at times she is honest and fun-loving.

2/12/2009 #5
Seraph Darkfire

Name: Seraph Darkfire

Species: Vampire

Short history: He was changed three years ago, he found he had an evil power within him that is released when he drinks fresh blood of any species except for animal. A girl named him as her mate wanting his power and love. Seraph doesn't love her and has been running from her for a while.

2/12/2009 #6
Midnight's Grove

name:Maira Sander's


Short history: Changed at age 16 in the year 1687, her faerie side come's from her mother who appear's in her dream's when something is going to happen. vampire from her father side whom she's been looking for. She want's to know why her father decided to change her instead of her mother.

2/12/2009 #7
Luminera Claymore

Love your characters ^.^

2/13/2009 #8

Thanks. Yours too.

2/13/2009 #9

Name: Aleeia Quin

Species: Vampire

Short History: Aleeia was an orphan, she was picked up in the woods while running from her foster home and was changed only about a hundred years ago, she's living her life and getting as much as she can. Although a couple other vampires want her dead for various reasons.

2/15/2009 . Edited 2/16/2009 #10

(Hey Blue its been a while... and I didn't know you had a new forum till now... sorry... ^.^;)

Name: Shini *Death* (Also known as Trioz but he abandoned that name long ago for a new one) Braveheart

Species: Shinigami *Reaper of Souls*

Short history: He used to be experimented on when he was only one year old, but the laboratory got burnt down and a Reaper of Souls found him in a hidden underground basement, he used to study how to kill and was to be a killing machine for that leader but backed out when he was supposed to 'graduate' in the academy. Now he works as a Gun-for-Hire, accepting any types of job available and avoiding killing humans as much as possible.

2/27/2009 #11

name: Chiyuki Tanaka

Species: vampire

Short history: she was abandoned at creation, then found by a talking cat named Neko, he saved her from becoming a blood--crazed monster.


name: Ryuu


Short history: he upset a witch and then was turned into a cat. Shortly after, he found Chiyuki and rescued her, she renamed him Neko, the japanese word for cat, because she didn't think his old name was befitting.

3/21/2009 #12

Name: hinate hicks

Species:vampire cat

Short history: her orginal form is cat back can walk and kinda look like a human. except for the ears and tail that still shows wen she is human. loves to mess with people and just have fun.

6/9/2009 . Edited 6/11/2009 #13
Mia Roza Torres
Name: Scarlet Rose Species: Vampire Short History: She was adopted by a werewolf named Tyrant, they say he who takes care of her becomes her mate/soul mate.
7/22/2012 #14
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