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ok, anybody who wants to talk about the show, who has read the book, or is interested in this very baby fandom come this way!
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A Song in the Dark

or, as my friend calls him, the counrty bumpkin.

I think alf is going to save more money to get their parent's house back for him and nan... what about anyone else?

3/4/2009 #1

I reckon that's going to happen as well...but on some other forums there has been talk of Thomas and Miss Ellison living there when they are married. But I can't really see that happening as Thomas always seems to look down his nose at the Larkriser's. Hmmmm?

Think Alt's the sweetist little guy. But why's he going to kill the farmers son? (It was on the trailer...)

3/5/2009 #2

Maybe he was flirting with Nan and Alf got jealous? ... I dunno just a theory!

Sunday is just too far away!!

3/6/2009 #3
A Song in the Dark

one more day to go till the next eppie! my theory is that Nan was already betrothed to the farmer's son and the only way Alf can be with her is to kill him.

that or the farmer's son does something to laura because I still think alf has a spft spot for her... the penny reading from s1 3

3/7/2009 #4

my fave gal for alf is and always has been and always will be MINNIE

10/14/2010 #5
Annie Targaryen

Alf is awesome! I just love him. He's so sweet.

And he's adorable with Minnie. 3

8/3/2011 #6

Maybe he is flirt and south and alf jealous. ---------------------------------------------- Supernatural Season 7 DVD Supernatural Seasons 1-7 DVD

6/16/2012 #7

But Laura and Alf are so perfect for each other!

1/7/2014 #8
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