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please make a character using this form:









2/20/2009 #1

Name: Arietha, Ari or Etha

age: 14720 years

race: elven

homeland: mirkwood

appearance: Tall, dark hair, peircing yellowish eyes, prefers green and blue to wear

personality: very friendly, curious, confident,determined

other: studied hand-to-hand fighting

hobbies: sparring, dancing, swordfighting, reading, sitting up high in a tree and watching all life below, including the trees

2/25/2009 . Edited 6/5/2009 #2

Name: Lanephries, goes by Lance.

race: Human

homeland: Gondor

appearance: A fairly tall and thick man. Short black hair in a ilitary crewcut. Scars all voer his body, but none of his face.

personality: will develop.

other: Member of the Kings Royal Guard.

hobbies: Baking pies and getting drunk.

3/4/2009 #3


3/5/2009 #4

baking pies and getting drunk? heehee

3/21/2009 #5





appearance:A slender tall elf with stunning blue eyes and a perfect complexion, she has long strawberry blonde hair with the top pulled back. her clothes are a green top with brown paants, and a cloak that seems to shimmer against the trees.

personality: A princess who isn't your typical princess. She loves to run around in the forest and HATES orks. Little bit sarcastic.

other: excellent archer, skilled cook too, gets into trouble with orks a lot

hobbies: archery, cooking, annoying older brother, gardening, trying to avoid being killed be orks

3/24/2009 . Edited 6/5/2009 #6

Yay new char!

3/24/2009 #7
Alatriel Evanstar

Name- Cassandra (given name) but she prefers to be called Raven

Age- 16

Race- Half elf, half human

Homeland- Rohan

Appearance- Short, dark hair, average height, slim build. She has blue-green eyes that look different in light and dark. She wears dark colors.

Persona- Very calm, stable, but when she gets angry she explodes.

Other- Weilds a curved sword, similar to a katana, along with a recurve bow.

Hobbies- Wandering, archery, sitting in the forest, thinking, meditating.

4/25/2009 #8

Yay! go ahead and jump in, we're at the gates of the eye!

4/25/2009 #9

Name: Jirah

age: 9978

race: elf

homeland: Mirkwood

appearance: shortish, about 5'4", long, rich, red-brown hair, bright emerald eyes

personality: Bubbly and hard to anger, but when shs is angered, she is EXTREMELY MAD and dangerous

other: Ari's little sister

hobbies: dancing, singing, experimenting with arodinear

6/5/2009 #10

Hey guys can I be like a kind of Heir to Mordor similar to like Aragorn was to Gondor?

6/7/2009 #11

sure! thisll be interesting

6/7/2009 #12

NAME: ( Can you help me with this please?)

AGE: 26

GENDER: Female

RACE: Near enough human but is also race like Sauron

HOMELAND: Rohan or so believed.

APPEARENCE: Black long hair, blue/grey eyes, average height, wears Gondorian armor. Has a ring similar to that of the One but is silver with part of Sauron's soul in it.

OTHER: Doesn't know she is the heir to Sauron and Mordor

HOBBIES: Fighting and learning about the history of the Ring.

This ok?

6/7/2009 . Edited 6/7/2009 #13
So can I start whenever or do you want me to wait for a bit? Oh which reminds me can you help me think of a name for my OC please?
6/7/2009 #14

uh, go ahead and start, i would have no idea for a name, but i was thinking maybe victoria

6/8/2009 #15
Yeah thanks that name will work. Thanks for the help.
6/8/2009 #16


6/8/2009 #17
The guys are all in Mirkwood right?
6/8/2009 #18


6/8/2009 #19
Alatriel Evanstar

Name- Voice, Pest, Rodent, whatever Raven is in the mood to call him.

Age- 16 since he`s been in Rae`s head since her birth

Race- Umm disembodied voice inside someone`s head.

Appearance- He claims to be a juggler.

Personality-Biting, sarcastic, anything to drive Rae even further off the deep end.

Other- Likes sugar and musicals.

Hobbies- bugging Raven, singing, bugging Raven, destroying Raven from the inside out, and bugging Raven.

6/10/2009 #20

woo! go crazy voice!

6/10/2009 #21

Name: Tasha Sovik

age: 17

race: elf

homeland: rivendell

appearance:blonde hair, usually worn in a bun, pretty tall, 5'8" extremely bright blue eyes that look kind of scary when you're fighting her or when she's concentrating

personality: very fierce, acts sort of wild. when fighting, extremely creepy, when dancing, kind of creepy.

other: is a contortionist, like to do contortionist-type stuff when fighting, when she moves, she seems wild, inhuman(i know she's not human, but she doesn't move like an elf either)

hobbies: dancing, swordplay, hand-to-hnad stuff

7/21/2009 #22

Name: Ketsueki Krohne

Age: 5118

Race: Istari Spirit

Homeland: bay of belfalas

Appearance: of a 18 year old child, blond and short hair, physical appearance of a trained knight tall but not as strong, Dark Blue colored eyes as normal, when his embodied magic shines his eyes turn Dark Red like a lizard.

Personality: His Personality varies on the people, Kind hearted to the kind wicked to the evil. Enjoys to play with people, sometimes over does it.

Short Biography: Spirit from long ago cursed to death an revival until finds his true meaning of living, looking for his eternal slumber his dark powers engulf him when in danger making him make many mistakes in his life stopping him to go to his eternal and peaceful rest.

Other: Normally Enjoys Talking to people, special Elves who have many tales, but the dark forces storys are more interesting to him. Spirit looks for measures to find power or peace.

Hobbies: Forming thoughts as in a third person seeing his errors every time he commits them and mocking himself at them.

((( I'm U__U completely New at this TT-TT Don't beat me)) (( unless lala with chocolate +_+ in that case go ahead )))

9/7/2009 . Edited 9/7/2009 #23

HEY IT'S A PERSON! go ahead.

9/8/2009 #24

+__+ perfect ........... now owo... what -w-.. *tongue tingles in thoughts*

9/8/2009 #25

Name: Gyria

age: 213

race: Dwarvish

homeland: The Lonely Mountain

appearance: Long black hair, stocky, light blue eyes.

personality: Very long-winded and rooted in history. Is bright and lively at times.

other: Skilled especially at working with silver or silver alloys.

hobbies: Metalworking, jewlery making, sketching. One of the few dwarves who likes the feel of outside air.

9/13/2009 #26

Name: Melantha Coldbane

age: 25

race: Men

homeland: Rohan

appearance: Short, light brown hair with a fringe coming over her right eye (Short layers). Browny green eyes, pale-ish skin. 5 foot 5 and weighing 8 stone. Wears tight leather dark green breeches and a green blouse with a brown petticoat emoidered with gold cotton.

personality: Quite accident prone, light on her feet. Easy going, loves to laugh and visit the pub and knowledgable about the world and it's history.

other: She travels quite a lot, she owns a library/mueseum in a medium size village in Rohan. She collects the exhibits herself, her library/mueseum is open to the public.

hobbies: Having fun, drinking at the pub, running her business, travelling and collecting artifacts and tresures for her exhabit.

10/10/2009 #27

YAY! a new person! go ahead!

10/10/2009 #28

Yay!! lol Where is the RP at the moment?

10/11/2009 #29

you should jump in and help defend the house of elrond

10/12/2009 #30
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