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Dreamweaver Mirar

If you lurve pickle, confess it here!

If you have something nice to say or, wish to spread your Pickle love please post here!

Although the only person that has really been in a real pickle is obviously only Pickle's Husband. And the Alien that currently lives there.

3/2/2010 . Edited by MegaB, 3/2/2010 #1
Lord Ezra'eil

I love you Pickle-chan! You're better then my Dream/Aggy fantasies!

3/2/2010 #2

Everyone loves Pickle!


3/2/2010 #3
Dreamweaver Mirar

<3 pickle :D

3/2/2010 #4
Lord Ezra'eil

^ What they said.

3/2/2010 #5

o: 3 My favourite thing about Pickle is that she's my secret lesbian lover.

3/4/2010 #6

I think Pickle still thinks PJ is here because she's not posting at all....

Nor answering PMs. :(

3/4/2010 #7
Dreamweaver Mirar

I send her message nao!

3/4/2010 #8
Lord Ezra'eil

/me misses pickle ):

3/4/2010 #9

I'm going to go with

'She's giving birth'

3/5/2010 #10

Pickle was abducted by aliens.

3/5/2010 #11
Lord Ezra'eil

Your answer cannot be Lai. It just can't. It's too... Ew... Logical.

3/5/2010 #12

I'm not sorry.

3/5/2010 #13

I call dibs on Pickle Fan club leader, aka number one fan!!!

3/5/2010 #14
Lord Ezra'eil

PICKLE! If you don't post I will think lewd thoughts about you!

3/6/2010 #15

You'd do that anyway Az. XD

And guys, ty.

But if you ever do anything like this again, I'll have to come up with some super uber embarrassing topic for you!

I don't think my cheeks have ever been so red!

Love ya,


3/6/2010 #16

We love you too Pickle!

I love you the most! Email next time instead of Bee! Because he's laughing at me and I want love!

3/6/2010 #17
Lord Ezra'eil

You're totally right. I do, do that anyway. But I'm sure I can come up with worse if I tried. Lewd thoughts are as natural as breathing to me, but hey, you can force yourself to breathe by thinking about it!

3/6/2010 #18

I dream dirty things about Pickle more often.

3/6/2010 #19

Hey Hey! No need to start a "who perves on Pickles the most" conversation. O.O

And Nana, I certainly shall. Although you may regret it.

Does the term Lesbos mean anything to you?

3/6/2010 #20

YES! Pickle!

I will not regret it. Instead I shall force on you some of the things I force on Bee. Which also includes my drunk singing of the Pokemon theme song.

Although I did forget the word and then get frustrated at the end.

The term Lesbos means nothing to me. It's a word. And Lainana doesnt care about words that don't mean anything unless she says them.

3/6/2010 #21
Dreamweaver Mirar

I'm disappointed it meself.

I not think naughty things about pickle...

3/7/2010 #22
Lord Ezra'eil

Shame on you Dream. How do you think Pickle will feel when she sees that you don't think naughty thoughts about her?!

3/7/2010 #23
Dreamweaver Mirar


3/7/2010 #24

I picture a pickle and a cucumber everynight.

3/7/2010 #25

I'll feel relieved Az...


Why would I want Dream (or any guy) to think bad thoughts about pickles?

3/7/2010 #26
Lord Ezra'eil

You really are an odd duck, aren't you?

3/8/2010 #27

Pickles 3

i feel like spreading the Luurv today ^^

3/8/2010 . Edited 3/9/2010 #28

Lana - you get that from your mom! She spreads it around too.


3/8/2010 #29


Spreading teh love is the best.

3/8/2010 #30
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