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I made a homework help thread. XD

It seriously needed to be done. Besides that, I'm WAY to lazy to do my own freakin' homework. So this is a place for everybody to totally throw out random advice, ask for help, get help, and -- this is SPECIAL -- listen to Lainana's inane ramblings. Cuz she's just the greatest like that.

Sooo . . .

This is for help with pretty much any kind of homework.

Any kind.

3/22/2010 #1
Kuro Ryoushi

Punch it

3/22/2010 #2

So you finally figured out how to create a topic! good job! Great-o! Now tell everyone what you need help with and then I'll whip yur ass into grass.

Also give me yur opening para.

3/22/2010 #3


Pwease don' punch me!

I thought you loved me!!!

-sad face-

3/22/2010 #4

I think he meant 'Punch your homework'

3/22/2010 #5
Kuro Ryoushi

Nooooo!!!! i meant homework!!! not Ten-Chan, Ten-Chan is awesome homework is not

3/22/2010 #6


Here's the intro. Nice and short. !-- @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } --

George Catlett Marshall, a high-ranking army officer, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953 for helping develop the Marshall Plan, to assist foreign nations and to help prevent the conditions that led up to World War II, such as inflation and the depression in Germany that allowed Hitler to come to power. Originally the Marshall Plan was called the European Recovery Program.The name was changed and named for Secretary of State George Marshall who spoke for the administration. Their desire was to help the Europeans recover from perhaps a threat of internal communism.

3/22/2010 #7


's all better, Kuro-kun. 333

3/22/2010 #8

I feel like I spot some copy and paste. Good job-o?

3/22/2010 #9


Copy and paste is the greatest.

But I rephrases alot.

I just C&P'd off yours and Default's posts.

3/22/2010 #10
Kuro Ryoushi

Alrighty im going to bed

Night Ten-Chan

Night lai

3/22/2010 #11

For six pages though hmm.

You'll need atleast five different Paragraphs and an ending paragraph that consides with the opening para.

The five middle paragraphs have to be about the things you brought up on the opening para too.

3/22/2010 #12

Night Ku-chan.

3/22/2010 #13

Night Kuro-kun

3/22/2010 #14

I like copy and paste it's fun.

3/22/2010 #15

Yea, I know.

Imma BS my way through it and add in a few nuggets of real info.

For like, a shock attack-type thing. Ms. Saxton will never expect that!


She knows that I'm the smart-but-slacker type. She cuts me a load of slack.

3/22/2010 #16

hohoho. My teachers were impressed that my BS skills took the small things I learn and stretched them into insanity with out re-writing everything over and over. But they also would get annoyed sometimes and give me an A.

3/22/2010 #17

You should make sure your first paragraph hits the first ring of a normal piece of lined paper. That is the key to a successful first paragraph.

3/22/2010 #18



My teachers do that way too little.

Probably b/c they know that I CAN do the work, I just don't WANT to. I think it's a plan to get me to do my work. THE HORROR!

3/22/2010 #19

My teachers are totally focus'd on real life issues I think.

They know that I don't want to.

I've told this to Redo this one time, If you can write one sentance and get your point through in that one sentance then you win.

3/22/2010 #20

Unless they want multiple sentences. At which point you put one piece of information into each sentence and make a bunch of short choppy ones. Only gets you docked 1 point rather than 5. :)

3/22/2010 #21

I'm totally off subject and not talking about a report. One of my english teachers gave it as an essay.

Write about 'soandso' and get your point through in one sentance. Of course this was my AP english class (UNI level) and I got 100%.

3/22/2010 #22

Writing things out in less sentances takes alot more effort than say a page or so.

I'd have liked to have written one piece of info per sentance Oh god would I have.

Instead it was more like One piece of info per Paragraph.

3/22/2010 #23

Hm. That will totally work on Saxton.

She's a sucker for inane ramblings. You would have liked her.

3/22/2010 #24


Insane rambling is my fortay.

English was one of my majors for some reason. I like awesomecake people.

3/22/2010 #25


Watev. I'm going to ditch this thread now. I shall be back too it.

But until then . . . I shall be on the recs thread.

3/22/2010 #26

homework fail ten-chan.

3/22/2010 #27

Hey Raku-chi

it won't let me subscribe to the forum

sad face:(

Ohh i'm putting up some more stories, so come fav:D

3/22/2010 #28


I wonder why it won't let you Hm. Well you'll be updated on the posts that are being made atleast.

Hmm It's pretty late where I am! I wonder if you should be in bed also ;3

3/22/2010 #29

Ahhh. Night I'm off to bed ;3

3/22/2010 #30
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