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Thought I'd start a new thread for those who may be interested in this sort of thing. So let's have some interesting discussion.

To start it off let's go with something everyone has an opinion on. UFO's fact or fiction?!

1/19/2011 #1


There's lots of unidentified object's floating around in space whether they be piloted or not! \

Do you watch William Shanter's Weird or What show by that.... strange show interesting things.

1/19/2011 #2

I don't think I've caught that one. However I like to consider myself an old hand at this subject. They are real, though what they are is the question.

1/19/2011 #3

Watch Ghost Adventures for the lulz.

1/19/2011 #4

Cold Spots are irrefutable sir! irraFUTAble.

1/19/2011 #5

I think it would be very lonely if Earth was the only planet in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE that had intelligent life on it.

Somewhere out there, the Force exists. And with it, lightsabers (Dear aliens in a galaxy far, far away: got warp-speed on your spaceships or something? I would really like a lightsaber within my lifetime).

1/19/2011 #6

I enjoy listening to shatner talk about how feet have washed up on shores all odver the world. very amusing.

1/20/2011 #7
MegaB explanation for Roswell, no explanation for what's going down in Nevada or Area 51...

Let it be known that I'm an avid sci-fi fan hahahahaha!

1/20/2011 #8

There's also no explanation for the massive area in the middle of the Nevada desert that is blocked out by Google maps.

1/20/2011 #9
They are building something there. I don't know what, or when it'll be done, but something.
1/20/2011 #10

That area has been blocked since the first time I found Google earth, in 3rd grade... 8 years ago.

1/20/2011 #11
The plot thickens.
1/20/2011 #12

Likely just a military base. Google Earth doesn't have the rights to allow people to view these bases.

1/20/2011 #13

No fun Zei! I was imagining it being a place where they cut open monsters, aliens, and Soviet spies!

1/20/2011 . Edited 1/21/2011 #14

Monsters have, for the most part, been dis-proven; Aliens are unlikely to have fallen into American hands, and the Soviet Union collapsed 21 years ago.

How's that for fun? :P

1/20/2011 . Edited 1/20/2011 #15

The Soviet union is gone true, doesn't mean they're aren't holdouts. Need I mention Odessa as an obvious parallel? Aliens in American hands? Unlikely true. Monsters as a general thing are false, undiscovered species though? Those are almost common. Yeti are pretty interesting as a side note.

1/20/2011 #16

yeti's are like bunnies.

they turn back to brown in the spring and we call them big foot again.

1/20/2011 #17

That's just what they want you to think. You see under the fur they are actually reptillian aliens who live under ground all over the world. They use sasquatch as a diversion. WAKE UP SHEEPLE THEY'RE STEALING OUR JOBS IN A PLOT TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

1/20/2011 #18

Nah, those are my people, otherwise known as the Asians.

1/20/2011 #19

More like Crazians! You feel me knocking dawg?! THEN LET ME IN!

1/21/2011 #20

Ageant, you are an unbeliever. I frown.

How do you explain possessions? And don't deny that such things happen, because they do, I've seen it with my own eyes.

Plus, there was no way that girl in The Exorcist was acting, in the original that is. I find it waaaay to coincidental that all the staff who worked on that film originally died off. It was far too realistically portrayed to be anything but a live recording, unacted.

Which brings us to the topic of Djinn; do they exist, and if so, it would explain quite a lot about UFOs and alien-sightings in general.

1/21/2011 #21

What proof is there that you've seen it with your own eyes?

1/21/2011 #22

I 3 you so hard B.

I'm not that well informed on possessions or demoniac spirits and the like sir. If anyone would care to enlighten me that would be neat-o.

Djinn... I've been hearing more and more about that subject lately. A lot of people are thinking that them and things like them might be interdimensional instead. Or maybe they vibrate at a higher frequency then us? I don't know mang.

1/21/2011 #23

I remember one time when I was young and naive, I recieved my first chain-mail email. Something about how if I didn't foward it to at least 40 people, Bloody Mary was going to come visit me at 4:00 a.m. and slit my wrists. Scared the bloody crap outta me.

Does anyone believe in Bloody Mary? Have you ever gathered up the courage to do the thing with her name and a mirror (I don't remember exactly what it is...)?

1/22/2011 #24

Psh, that's just Religious Superstition Star-chan! Apologies to anyone if I offended by this, but that's honestly what I think.

As for my friend took a video with his phone when he was in Egypt a couple of years back. It was an exorcism and it was freakin' insane.

Scared the kerfuffle out of me indeed. The guy was making faces that a human face was not designed to make.

1/22/2011 #25

I'd like to believe I'm a skeptic. However unlike Scully if evidence falls into my lap I will believe it. It doesn't take a 12 Grey deep alien rape train to convince me that they out their bros.

1/22/2011 #26

That's really quite disturbing.

On the topic of religious superstitution, who believes in angels? I have a story for that, as I do believe in them.

My mother had a good friend who lost her second husband in a motercycle accident. She brought her video camera to her son's highschool graduation, and when he walked in, she began to video tape. However, the screen was looking all blurry (in fact, you can hear her in the video going "What the hell? Why's it so blurry? You stupid thing, focus!"). Suddenly, she felt a presence beside her (it was an empty seat, reserved for her late husband, as each graduate had two seats reserved for his or her parents), and turned towards the seat and said "You're here, aren't you?"

When you go back to look at the video recording later, you can see that the image isn't blurry at all, even though you can hear her saying that it is.

Hm, in hindsight, that was probably more of a ghost story.

Regardless, it would be nice to know that your loved ones watch over you, even in death.


1/22/2011 #27
Dreamweaver Mirar

I've tried the Bloody Mary thing. After watching the Supernatural episode where they get rid of her.

1/22/2011 #28

From the viking descriptions, I'm getting the feeling the Bloody Mary would be more scared of you, than you her...

1/22/2011 #29
The Epitome of Eccentricity

I tried the Bloody Mary thing too. I was laughing and pretending to cradle a baby and then dropping it and laughing at her. Nothing happened at all. Nope, not at all. This didn't occur during a thunderstorm, lightning DID NOT FLASH, and I DID NOT scream like a little girl. Nothing like that happened at all.

But ANgels and the Supernatural DO exist! My family comes from a long line of people who can see things and are more spiritually designated that others. The talent isn't that strong in me, but I can still see spirits at times. My Great-Grandmother could actually interact with spirits and angels, and my grandfather... Well, he once was at the hospital, dead. You know, you die, but you can still be brought back by those CLEAR!!!! thingies? That's what happened to him, but he remembered what happened when he died. He was in a pure white room, sitting in a nice chair. There was a window, and outside he could see the most beautiful garden he had ever heard of. The flowers, trees, pants, everything was perfect. Then, he heard a voice that said, "It's time to go back." And he woke up... in the middle of the operation, actually. They put him on heavy anesthetics and he fell asleep. He died a few years ago of cancer, sadly. He was a great, great man.

Another time, last summer, actually, I had an experience with th darker sort of spirits. My dad and I were looking at DOwsing things, and he had made a pendulum, or however it's spelled... It's one of those things with a weighted end on a string. We also printed out this pad thingy that had the directions on it, the alphabet and a bunch of numbers and the words yes and no. My cat, Smokey, was watching us. I started to use it, asking diffrent questions, and I think I tapped into the ghost of the guy who lived at my dad's house previously. He was murdered years back by some theif. I thought it was interesting, so I asked it if it used to live in the house. The pendulum swung to yes. I forget the other questions I asked, and my dad and I were getting excited over this when my cat jumped in the middle of it all and attacked the pendulum. My cat was lazy, slept a lot and hated to move around, so this was a big shock. It kind of scared me, and that's when my dad ggave me the talk about our 'bloodline' if I may say. I think Smokey was protecting me from the old man who died, who would very likely have possessed me. My cat died a few months later in a ton of pain and was very sick. I think the ghost got his revenge.

Another time, just a few weeks ago, my dad and I were on the phone having a discussion about something to do with (Holy crap, as I was typing this, I suddenly forgot what I was writing and I had to struggle to finish this sentence...) the human mind. Suddenly, we were disconected. I called back and neither of us could remember what we were talking about. However, I'm sure we were getting close to some truth. (I'm freaking out now... SOmething made me hisitate on that last sentence three times while I was typing it...)

But yea, I'm connected to some really freaky shit.

And I as I was talking with my science teacher, Ms. Carter, I realised I'm related to her husband. We have the same common ancester that arrived to America on the Mayflower.

1/22/2011 . Edited 1/22/2011 #30
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