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Want to see how this works out. Any and all cliches in any and all fanfics.

That certain event, reaction, or plot that you just know is coming in the next chapter or paragraph. That something that results in you shaking your head and bearing through it despite yourself.

First up,

Harry Potter fanfics, the reaction he's usually always given after his first kill "I'm going dark" "I'm evil" etc.

12/6/2011 #1

On the same note there's always Naruto after making his first kill thinking that he is becoming the Kyuubi.

12/6/2011 #2
Dreamweaver Mirar

See, when I made my first kill I laughed. Dunno why these people would be all weepy about it. ;P

12/7/2011 #3

Naruto: When it comes to Sasuke-bashing, you always see him confronting an over-powered Naruto and saying "teach me your jutsus!" or something along those lines

12/12/2011 #4
Zero the Leech

The whole "Godly-naruto" is the one cliche that irritates me the most.

12/12/2011 #5

Naruto: When people make Sasuke out for a bigger jerk than he really is (pre-timeskip). I think this is mostly from character bashing, but really, there's a difference between just ignoring someone/appearing arrogant and yelling at everyone/dipping into that hatred pool more than necessary.

Oh, and also when people take it a little too far on Sakura's "CHA!" She doesn't scream every second of every living day, peeps.

12/13/2011 #6
Zero the Leech

Even I admit that Sasuke was cool before he because a complete jack@ss in Shippuden.

12/13/2011 #7

Harry Potter: Harry Potter miraculously realizes that he needs to do something, and goes on to bang them bitches.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter woes some random bitch in the most cheesy fashion known to man. Or rather, chimpanzees. No, no... chimpanzees have more class.

Harry Potter: "Leave Sirius alone! He never got a trial! Waaaaaah"

Harry Potter: Ron is a pig who has nothing better to do than eat. (This is fan fiction - you go out of your way to present characters in a better fashion than in canon. Look at Forging the Sword, now THAT is a good fic).

Every Fandom: The need for a pairing. Yes, this IS a cliche. When you have polls to decide which bitch your protagonist gets to bang, or you entirely base your fics 'plot' on the pairing, while having not even an iota of understanding of romance, the whole bloody pairing thing is a cliche.

12/13/2011 . Edited 12/13/2011 #8

HP time-travel fics. Harry knows how every thing and everyone turns out yet he makes all the same decisions from the beginning that will only lead to the same unfavorable outcomes.

example, he knows that Draco truly isn't a bad person in the end yet he still lets him become an enemy when they first meet.

he knows that he wasted a lot of time goofing off his first couple of years yet does the same exact thing all over again

he still thinks all Slytherin are evil

he still lets himself be pushed around, or, if he doesn't he goes about it the wrong way and acts like a petulant child

12/13/2011 #9

Everything: Not exactly a story cliche, but... I always see stories where people post polls asking, "What should happen next? Option most voted for happens!" Write your own story, people...

12/13/2011 #10

Naruto is a hero/badass/Hokage/ANBU(captain, etc)/missing-nin or anything other than oblivious, ignorant and naive.

No matter what, there's a girl that is always punching him or verbally abusing him and he takes it, and whines about it.

12/13/2011 #11

When someone describes in excruciating detail what a character is wearing.


12/14/2011 #12

Naruto suddenly becomes attractive to women and never realizes it...same with Harry and Ichigo.

Why put it in the fic at all if you're not going to do anything about it? Not talking about lemons, but romances (especially failed romances) can really help shape a character. Or at least give the character something very solid to fight for. Doesn't always have to be out about ideals or justice

12/14/2011 #13

When someone reads my story but doesn't review. If only they knew that reviews are what power my ability to write. Like the sweet tears of a bitter old man.

12/16/2011 #14

-) Naruto suddenly developing Sharingan/Rinnegan/Byakugan.

-) Naruto telling Hokage how to defeat paperwork by using Shadow Clones.

-) Namikaze estate that can be only accessed by Naruto's blood.

-) Random strangers eager to help Naruto as soon as they hear the name 'Uzumaki', because they owe something to Uzumaki Clan.

2/20/2015 #15
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