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I say something like an "off-limits" area and some sort of "contests" are held to see who can get in.A staff interviewed said the "Wastelands" was like their testing ground and a lot of kids are getting in and bragging about it.In fact,this was where the news about Cheese started when a player found him.It was confirmed,but still no one was suppose to know till later.I also strongly suggest getting to create your very own Imaginary Friend that kinda works like Nanos but better/worse,depending on how you made them.I also want to see some Ectonurites and some Fusion Matter Clones a.k.a. Fusion-clones, since Fusions are a bit obvious since you can obviously tell who your enemy is(unless you're blind).That's all I can think off for now.I'm going to go think some more.So whaddya think?Add your own as well.Positive criticism is welcome here,as well as sharing ideas.

7/14/2010 #1
Riley Masters

Funny you should mention blind... *pokes her stories*

Now that the shamless plug is out of the way... I would love to actually have a first person view. It would be so cool to be up close and personal with the fusions you're fighting!

But that's about the only thing I can think of right now... The curse of rewriting stories is that you spend all your time in that world, not in this one.

~Riley Masters

8/26/2010 #2

Thank you for commenting!

Yes,it would be so cool and kinda adds a twist when you realize you're not working for the good side.Working with them lets you see from a different vantage point and what they're thinking(or whatever they use in that slimy-gelatin like body of theirs).

Anyway, I thought of these:

Wear a Different Pair of "Hero Shoes":You get to switch places with other players.I'm not quite sure about this one though(and yes,you can't bring your items with you).I mean imagine the havoc if a level 36 master switched with a level 1 newbie or if the player you switched with sold your stuff.I've also thought how about cartoon-to-player switching,when an "accident" switches your places with a cartoon with only you 2 knowing about it.It ends with a series of missions that gets you back from where you started with that "deja vu" feel.

Spend the Day With Us:You get to spend the day with your fave cartoon celebrities with a series of missions that only high-level players or winners from some sort of promo get.You get to do missions and stuff for them(and you're the first/only to perform the tasks)with that "apprentice" kind of relationship with the cartoon.

I appreciate you for being the first to comment on my first forum.I'm just a kid(seriously,and I'm not even 13) and I admit I'm a noob.Don't run out of imagination!

9/1/2010 #3

Personal opinion being that they shouldn't really worry about super-special-awesome features until they work out some gameplay bugs. Because I know I can't be the only one experiencing the network shuting down in the middle of gameplay and some of the glitches. I do think that the Fusion-Clone and 'Spend a Day with Us' ideas are bloody brilliant otherwise.

9/11/2010 #4

Absolutely.They should fix the bugs first.Thanks for the appreciation!

11/26/2010 #5

I personally think they should make each Fusion clone more... unique. Like Wilt can leap far distances, Bloo can melt into the ground. Just something to make he Fusion clones and their lairs each personal and different.

5/1/2012 #6
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