which SC4 ending was the best?
okay so i thought of it and wacthed all the ending of soul calibur and started thinking was the ending realy to the fans liking? and if so which one was the favorite and why?..personaly mine was hilde because seigfried didn't die and! they might have a po
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Well...I have a really hard time wondering which ending in Soul Calibur was my cup of tea, however, I hardly haveany. The endings were really short and pointless and it wasn't as detailed as I hoped. Heck, the endings of Soul Calibur Three are more entertaning. None were as sweet as Talim's, Xianghua's, and Kilik's endings in the third. (Xianghua's ending in the 4th was so gay.) None were as funny as Mina's, Cassandra's, nor Yun-seong's endings. In fact, I hated all the endings, they all felt so...dark...if you know what I mean.

3/16/2009 #1

I have to agree with Celestial Zodiac - for me Soul Calibur 4 was a let-down in so many ways and not just character ending wise. Although I feel that the only real ending I liked was Kamikirimusi's since she finds a kindred spirit and all . . . But they all could have been longer and more detailed - I also missed the input choice but maybe that's just me O_o.

3/19/2010 #2
jin long

I like Taki's though, for obvious reasons to anyone who knows me on this forum.

Of course I'm biased, but I think if SCIV is the last in the series, Taki's ending would probably be the canon one. From Taki's SCIV bio she's the only one who actually witnesses what happens when Soul Calibur battles Soul Edge (i.e. Sieg vs. Nightmare), and what happens is that a near-apocalyptic maelstrom of pure enrgy erupts, which nearly kills anyone in the vicinity of the battle (i.e. Taki) and simply makes both swords stronger. Obviously, pitting Soul Calibur against Soul Edge doesn't destroy the swords, it merely amplifies them. Conflict in other words, serves no other purpose than to simply make the instruments of war stronger at the cost of human life. So Taki has to battle Siegfried, who's on a quest to destroy Soul Edge using Soul Calibur, albeit a misguided one.

From Taki's ending, it's clear that Sieg doesn't understand that him fighting Nightmare and Soul Edge would actually cause more destruction instead of redeeming him. Of course as these stories usually go, Sieg doesn't get enlightened about the whole deal until Taki kills him, which is why Taki kills him in the first place. But why kill Sieg? Why not kill Nightmare instead? I think Taki realizes that Nightmare and Siegfried are essentially two halves of the same person, which would be Siegfried from Soul Edge. In other words, Nightmare is the Darkness in Siegfried's own soul.

This seems to make sense in the whole Soul Edge/ Calibur continuum. Veterans of the Soul Series will remember that before Sieg was Namco's golden boy/ "hero" of the Soul Series, and an ardent crusader, Sieg used to be part of the Schwarzwind, which was really a bad bunch, and Sieg went insane after accidentally killing his own father, whom he never knew in the first place (his mom was a barmaid and his dad was some German noble - go figure). In his insanity, Sieg sought out Soul Edge to avenge his father, which made it easy for Soul Edge to take over him. Nightmare was probably thus a manifestation of the killer Sieg had pursued in his quest for Soul Edge - Sieg himself.

The thing is, and Taki probably figures this out, is that for as long as one half of 'Siegfried' (from Soul Edge/Blade) survives, there is always a possibility that Nightmare will also survive. In other words, you could keep killing Nightmare, but as long as Siegfried lives, there will always be a Nightmare, the latter being a mere fragment of 'Siegfried' that found power to manifest because of Soul Edge. If that were the case, the only way to seal Nightmare is to eliminate the Source of Nightmare, which are Siegfried and Soul Edge. And Siegfried himself should be the one eliminated, as Soul Edge is nothing without a wielder, hence there is no Nightmare where there is no wielder of Soul Edge.

I suppose that's what Taki means when she says "We all have to face our demons on our own," or something like that. Basically, Sieg has been completely fooling himself that Nightmare is something completely different from him, outside of him, when in reality they are and forever will be one and the same, being two halves of the same whole. In essence, that's also why she tells Sieg he will fail in his quest, and why she has to eliminate him. I suppose in a sense you could say that he can't treat Nightmare as something outside himself if he wants to eliminate Nightmare. We can't and shouldn't dissociate ourselves from our dark side and identify only with virtue, because that is what actually leads to evil.

The only way to be rid of Nightmare would be for Sieg to embrace that part of himself, and accept that Nightmare is every bit Siegfried as Siegfried is every bit Nightmare. But he's clearly failed at that for the past two Calibur sequels (mostly because it makes it possible to HAVE sequels for a fighting game anyway). Since Taki probably couldn't convince him otherwise, they duel to the death, and Taki emerges the victor, thus probably convincing Siegfried of her view, ad at the same time forever sealing Nightmare.

Of course, this is mere speculation on my part, the videogame biz being what it is, Namco will likely make a SCV with bigger boobs and a naked Ivy. But it sure would make a great fanfic.

4/22/2010 #3

I didn't like any of them, but then again I wasn't expecting anything out of them anyway. Worthwhile endings require a story, and fighting games are crappy vehicles for stories.

That's why we have fanfics! XD

6/8/2010 #4

Dude, you only have to say that you love Taki, and you like her ending.

I personally didn't like many of the endings.

1 Siegfried: Well I didn't like it, but indeed it feels like a necesary sacrifice in order to stop the resurection of Soul Edge.

2. Nigthmare: I like this one. Is horrible, apocaliptic, and it's just what you may expect of Nightmare.

3. Tira: This thing doesn't make any shit of sense... Why the hell Soul Edge vanish is SC was destroyed? What happend with all the crap of a new host?

4. Mitsurugi: This is probaly the most dicent ending of the game. Thinking about being loyal to the characters story.

5. Sophitia: Another sensless ending. I don't even care how her child was infected with soul edge.

6. Cassandra: What the fuck happend?... Just what in the unholy name of the fuck happend in this ending?!?! Why SC turns out to be evil if the big idea of the series is that it's a "Holy" wepon oposit to the cursed sword that is soul edge?

7. Kilik: This was a dicent ending, but really not what you may expect after the ending on SCIII.

8. Hilde: This one was dicent to but... I certainly don't give a crap obout it.

9. Cervantess: Another good ending acording to the character, but very short.

10. Talim: Once again sensless ending. Though it was kinda sweet.

11. Yun: This one was good to. Specially because Yun finally realise that soul edge is evil.

12. Mina: This one could've be better if they had not stop the video where thy did.

13. Taki: I like this one to. It's cruel, but it was necessary.

14. Ivy: So... Her sword was possesed to? How can she even walk with thoese boobs bigger that her head?

15. Maxi: Another that may have been better.

16. Zasalamel: At one point this may be the best ending of the game. Specially if you ever whatched Matrix XD.

17. Rock: this was a remake of the last one. Wich i really don't give a crap about.

18. Astaroth: Yet another one sensless, since he seems lo have lost his mind or something.

19. Yoshimitsu: Both Sc and Se are destroyed, Yoshi spares the life of the villian and lives fliying. Is what you may expect of him, so is good.

20. Raphael/ Amy: They acomplish theyr goal... Sort of. But i like this one to.

21. Lizardman: Sensless again. Who cares anyway?

22. Voldo: Unespected, but i kinda like it.

23. Xianghua: So... What the fuck happend?

24. Setsuka: Let's be honest. What the fuck des she have to do with anything? She's not even searching for Se nor Sc, she┬┤s only in a pointless revenge against Mitsurugi, and doesn't have a crap of relationship with the series continiuity. So why is she even on the game? Even Ashtole has a biger conection with the series, since she's developed by the same dudes that create Astaroth and send her after him. No wonder why this was another pointless ending.

That's all to it. I dislike as well the bonus characters endings, except for Ashtole, the demon girl and the Star wars gang.

10/14/2010 #5
jin long

I like Taki's though, for obvious reasons to anyone who knows me on this forum.





I said so, didn't I? Anyway, the whole thing was just cut and paste.

10/15/2010 #6

Dude, you only have to say that you love Taki, and you like her ending.

What is wrong if Jin added detail to his reasons of liking Taki and her ending? I thought it was enjoyable to read what he thought.

12/2/2010 #7

I don't have anything against it. Anywya what's your opinion about the endings?

12/2/2010 #8
yellow 14

Taki's ending was pretty ruthless, so I liked that one.

Cassandra: Fits in with the same philosophy that produced Taki's ending. Soul Calibur is not as good as SCIII makes it out to be.

Zasalamel: Very nice. Logical, assuming he is essentially immortal.

Talim: Sweet, if a little too cutesy for SC.

Astaroth: Mindless monster is his style, so again, it fits.

Raphael/ Amy: Actually Amy's was pretty amusing.

Lizardman: Loved this guy since I first played SCIII. Again, he achieved his goal, of sorts. And it's ambiguous enough to allow you to speculate.

Voldo: Another character I loved since SCIII, the whole 'eternal guardian' gig is very good.

2/4/2011 #9

I did make this topic a long time ago and said that I found all the endings pointless...but I do have second thoughts, though.

I guess I loved Ivy's ending the most. Because she was going to die because she was the 'daughter' of Soul Edge. However, she was saved by her sword, the only thing she considers to be her only family member left. It was really touching when I looked at it again because Valentine wants her to live and be happy, and make a fresh new start.

Not even caring for 'her' own well being, but for her master's.

Also, I personally love every ending where Siegfried dies (except his own, of course, since he also planned to take the whole world down with him), heck, I love Taki more for how she handled him in her ending. I don't know why people she is a jerkass for doing that?

I also like Tira's ending, considering that she really loved her master...more than she should.

...I guess those are the only endings I actually like. The others might've needed more work or just sucked.

I aslo miss the input ending options, too ;_;

7/15/2011 #10

Hilde's, because it's the one that Siegfried didn't die in, making it canon because he comes back in SCV. :D

12/26/2011 #11
u know wat ready gets me mad? Xianghua's ending. Where did her and kilik go after they vanished? I thought that was a waste of time. I also think that voldo's was really ritarded. Why wasn't anyone from the game in his ending? Once again a waste of time. Kilik is my favorite character in the game but his ending was garbage too. But I loved taki's. It was really interesting. I loved it the most. Amy is my second favorite and was pretty funny compared to lizardman's. I loved the way she just pushed him off the cliff like that. I always hated Raphael and forever will. Seong Mi-na's was kinda cool because Yun was possessed by soul edge and she had soul calibur but I didn't like when they cut it short on the part when they were about to fight. Pretty epic
5/4/2012 #12
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