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Who is/are your favorite or hated character(s) in Dollhouse? Any favorite or hated couples?

4/1/2009 #1

Topher is ,y favorite

4/5/2009 #2

I like Echo/Sierra.

It has potential in so many ways.

4/12/2009 #3


Adelle might like him, she did break down after she found out about his betrayal.

Joss created and sunk my ship all within 30 minutes.

4/12/2009 #4

Feel your pain, feel your pain. I liked that couple too. I think an obvious favorite would be ClairexTopher (I love the fanfic here, and the banter on the show is hilarious). My love for MelliexPaul kinda went SPLAT after I found out Mellie was a Doll, and now an even bigger SPLAT since Paul knows. I wonder how he's going to live with himself...but this is just for couples.

My top three favorites are Claire, Topher, and Adelle. Then it's Echo, November, Victor, Sierra, Boyd, Paul, and Laurence. My top ten right there. No pity for Laurence; he got the butt-kicking he had coming for a long time. Paul doesn't interest me anymore (he used to be high up on my list, same goes for November). I'm keeping a close eye on the top five, Boyd, and Paul.

4/12/2009 #5

Lol, thanks to Alan, I am now in looooove with Alpha. :O

5/6/2009 #6

Yeah, Alpha is my second favorite character now (Claire is still my favorite; not so sure why). I loved some of his lines before he went all crazy and slashed Victor's face. That was very upsetting, by the way. Wonder what'll happen to him now...

5/6/2009 #7

Boyd Langton has been my favorite character since Day 1. What I can't figure out is why a man of such strong personal integrity would work for the Dollhouse - "pimps and murderers, but in a philanthropic way" as he put it. I hope the show survives long enough that we get his backstory.

5/7/2009 #8

My Favorite characters are Victor and Topher. LOL I love Victor&Sierra, their so cute and I ship Topher&Claire as well :))

My least favorite character, would have to be Paul..but he did gain like 10 bonus points for the finale. :D

5/10/2009 #9
Alex Kade

Ha, I'm right there with you! Yup, my favorite character, overall, is Topher (which I wasn't too sure about at first, 'cause his ego was so big in the beginning!). He looked so sad in the last episode - I wanted to hug him!

Victor has been my other favorite even before I knew he was a doll. I think he does the best at portraying the different characters - his personality changes are the most drastic and he's had to do more difficult accents than anyone else on the show has. I just about freaked when Alpha cut his face, though. I was afraid they were going to retire him and I'd never see my Victor again!

5/24/2009 #10

My favorite couple is Techo. It is so cute.

6/14/2009 #11

It's a tie between Alpha and Topher. I never really liked Paul though.

8/7/2009 #12

I like techo to but i cant find any fanfictions on them.

8/7/2009 #13

Choosing my fav characters is really hard but I guess from word go i'd have to say Dr Saunders and Topher... but they are all great and like someone else said because of Alan I too love Alpha! :)

fav couple Victor and Sierra and of course theres got to be something between Saunders and Topher... theres got to be a reason why he programed her to hate him right???

For some reason and I dont know why but I'm not a huge fan of Paul... beats the hell out of me why I just... dont. opinions anyone???

9/12/2009 #14

Some peole say his obssession with finding Caroline was creepy, but for me I just found him boring. I kinda started to warm up to him towards the end of the season though

9/12/2009 #15
just drifting

I don't like Paul either. His obsession with Caroline was annoying and like Strolli, I find him really boring. And annoying. I'm afraid we're going to have to put up with him next season, though :(

Favourite character is definitely Adelle. I think I'm a bit obsessed with her (I totally haven't got an Olivia Williams marathon planned with my friend...). And Mr. Dominic (DeWitt/Dominic!). Topher/Ivy is cute too. And I like Boyd/Claire, although I haven't been able to find any good fanfics of them.

9/14/2009 #16
the little harlequin

OK, my favourite characters are, Claire/Whiskey, Alpha, November, Victor, Topher, Sierra. Well, that's my top six. If I had to go on to do a top ten, Adelle and Boyd would totally come next, then Laurence and Ivy (I think she's so cool, she and Topher are amazing together :D). I don't really like Echo, even though she's the main character, but she does have redeeming moments sometimes :D :D :D.

I hate, hate with a passion, Paul Ballard. His obsession with Caroline is disturbing and boring.

9/15/2009 #17
Heihachi Loves his Rice

I 3 Echo and Serria. Topher creeps me out just a little bit by I kinda like him:) I almost cried when Echo asked if she could be baby Jack's mommy and that stupid guy said no. Gr...

10/4/2009 #18
I love topher, n was crushed when he went all crazy in his pod talking about his phone army idea. I love victor too. I couldn't stop laughing when, I think it was in needs, where they go in the shower n he started reciting the mets lineup.
7/29/2010 #19

Favorites? Claire and Topher. Hate? Paul. There's something about him that bugs me!

Have you guys ever wondered what would happen if a Doll got pregnant on an engagement??

8/11/2010 #20

I agree with everyone about Paul being a rubbish character, which is a real shame as I used to love Tamoh P. in Battlestar Galactica, as did Joss - hence why he picked him for the role - but now I've been totally put off him.

Interesting question about the pregnancy issue. I mean, obviously I'm sure they'd put all the female Actives on the Pill or whatever but I reckon there'd be a clause in their contract saying they agreed to abort if something went wrong.

8/19/2010 #21
That sounds plausible. I just hate that Paul is always getting in the way! And then Echo loves him?? Sheesh...
8/19/2010 #22

It's been a little while since I've watched Dollhouse, so I'm not sure about all of these.

My favorite character is definitely Topher; always was, always will be. After that, its probably Alpha just because of Alan Tudyk. Then, in no particular order, Adelle, Victor, Sierra, Boyd, or Bennet. I know I just named most of the characters on the show, but I just can't narrow it down, they're all so great! I wasn't fond of Paul. He's as dull as oatmeal and twice as static (is that the word? You know, un-dynamic). They kind of admitted that no one liked Paul in what I think was the second-to-last episode. (Think of what Boyd said)

9/3/2011 #23

Iagree with you on the Paul thing! My favorite character was 100% Topher Brink. Next would be Boyd, Sierra/Anthony... Yep

6/29/2012 #24
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