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VWs in high school!!!! Rp in here!!!! Do it!!! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

3/11/2009 . Edited 3/21/2009 #1

((OKAY! dude I love the name you have^^ it's so catchy!))

A jumbled splur of voices, croud the slightly cramped English room. Bell is forced to shift a little in her seat since the asshole in the desk behind her wouldn't stop putting his feet on the back of her chair. A nother guy sitting in the row next to her, somewhat forces eye contact with Bell. He holds up a mechanical pencil, clicking it a few times making jabbing motions with it. Bell couldn't help but crack a smile, pulling out a mechanical pencil of her own. After about three clicks, she holds it close to the assholes ankle with a quick prick. "Gahh! what the fu...!" He blurts, finally dropping his feet from the back of her chair. The guy next to her just laughs.

3/11/2009 #2

Lunibi walks into the classroom, curiouse about her new high school. It was her fist day, and she could smell every human in the room, descusting! Somebody OBVIOUSLY didn't like to shower. Lunibi wrinkled her nose and listened to the conversations going on around the classroom. When she quickly became bored hearing topics like shoes, muscles, and dating, she went and sat down in a desk next to a girl that just stabbed a guy in the anckle, she seemed cool. she looked around, taking in her suroundings, when a smell caught in her nose. A vampire. She had never actually had contact with one, but it was obviously a vampire. It was the girl next to her. Lunibi looked her way with a puzzled face, she looked safe. She must have had a weird face, because the boy with the mechanicle pencil poked the girl and pointed at Lunibi.

3/13/2009 #3

"Hm?" Bell gives the boy who had just poked her a confused look. He simply points to the new girl sitting in front of her. Bell faces her way giving her a teasing distorted look right back. The guy rolled his eyes with a chuckle at Bell and Lunabi, now rummaging through his paper work. Bell suddenly stops. Dropping her "happy, joke around" act, noticing something. The newbie wasn't another human, like everyone else seemed to be within the class. Lunabi was a werewolf type. "Well.... This is a first," Bell mumbles leaning her elbows on her desk, a bit closer to Lunabi, "Sort of.... Hello my name is Bell..." She continues in a mumble, only this time slightly monotone. Bell give a curious half grin, revealing a fang. How interasting it was. The idea of actually having first hour with a werewolf, and herself, a vampire.

3/13/2009 #4

Lunibi turned her self so her werewolf tatoo was in full veiw of Bell. She smiled back, knowing that only another supernatural being would truely understand the symbolism behind it. "My name is Lunibi," she wispers back. Lunibi can see that nobody else in the class has any idea about who they are going to school with, but when she glanced over at the boy again, he seemed rather confused to see us total strangers wispering to eachother. He must think that we're nuts.

3/13/2009 #5

"I like it." Bell comments with a light smile, meaning the tatoo on Lunibi's arm. Bell never had any true lesson on being a vampire. That, was simply something forced on her when she was young. All she truly knew, was the tale of werewolves desire to kill vampires once within their 'change.' That being in mind, Bell couldn't help but feel a bit sketchy towards Lunibi. So far she seemed quite nice, but who really knows what will happen on the nights of a full moon.

The teacher stands at the front, in attempts to catch the students attention, "Class, class! Quite down!" Basically, Mrs. Colto was easy to ignore, no matter how much she "yelled".

3/13/2009 #6

Lunibi let out an agravated sigh and looked up at Mrs. Colto. She was an older woman, she was probably alot younger than she looked, because highschool students probably add about another 15 years of wrinkles in about ten days. She told us to pull out our textbooks, and all of the students reluctently complied. Lunibi looked at Bell through the corner of her eye and smiled before she pulled a differant book out of her bag and slipped it into the English textbook for sneeky reading. She was reading a book called Nine Lives, a VW tale.

3/13/2009 #7

Bell muffles a hushed laugh. Why didn't she think of that? English was so very bland, and far too easy to even pay descent attention too. Plus, she loved "Nine Lives". After a good 15 minutes of class rolled by, Bell requested to be excused to the nurses. She wasn't ill in any way, but class just seemed to drag on forever. Before exiting the room, Bell sneaked a grining glance over at Lunibi...

3/13/2009 #8

Lunibi fights back a laugh before raising her hand. "Ummm, Bell looks really ill, I think I should escourt her to the nurse's." As soon as the teacher gave her permision to leave, she rushed out into the hall and let out the laugh she had been fighting so hard to hold in. She had brought her bag with her because she knew that they wouldn't be returning to class any time soon.

3/13/2009 #9

Bell wasn't present when Lunibi asked to escourt her to the nurses, but she figured she'd show-up along sooner or latter. Bell just waited with an amused smirk, leaning against a side wall in the hallway just outside of the class. Once Lunibi walked outside of English, laughing her ass off, Bell simply joined her.

3/13/2009 #10

Once their laughing became just a snicker, Lunibi looked up at Bell and asked, "So, do those humans smell delisious or what?" She was smileing to try and hint to her that she was kidding. She'd never met a vampire, but although the ledgends say that she was supposed to want to kill her right then and there, she had no hostile feelings toward this girl. She acctually seemed pretty cool.

3/13/2009 #11

"Nah, I've smelt way better," Bell giggles, "Though that guy next to me, did make my mouth water a bit." She jokes back, upgarding the giggle to a quick laugh.

3/13/2009 #12

"I thought he LOOKED more delisious than he smelled!" Lunibi smiled and put a hand on her hip. The guy was pretty cute, and kind of funny. Lunibi desided that it would probably be too easy to lure him into a relationship, but he would make a topic for joking around.

3/13/2009 #13

That only made Bell laugh harder. She was very right there! That guy was quite cute, and very humorous, "Yah... For me ...Scent, can be almost more attracting then sight," Bell finally replied, "Only, those can either work for or against me at times. So what's your story anyways...." Bell curiously asked, folding her arms, still smiling. She couldn't help but be happy. She just met a really cool girl, that Bell would be able to chat with about the supernatural of their backgrounds. Well... Sort of. Bell's past still scares her till this very day.

((mtay I'm pass-out tired now. I'll r-ply in tekken, the i'm out for the night k-bell. Luv you!^^ Good night.))

3/13/2009 #14

((Oh-tay... Good night!))

"Well," Lunibi paused. Where to begin? "I transferred schools because my parents waited to tell me that they were both werewolves until I started to change myself." She shifted her weight from one foot to the other. "I'm so pissed! I kind of dissowned them, and moved into my shed-thing that I have just about a mile away from my parents house. I baisicly bulit a small houe for my self in the woods." She then smiled again because shee was very proud of her awsome shed-house-thing. " I figured since I'm changeing one atmosphere in my life, why not change my school atmospere?" She started walking down the hall and waved for Bell to fallow. "That's my story, what about yours?"

3/13/2009 #15

Bell slips her hands into her pants pockets, casually fallowing along, "Your...uh...'Shed-thing' sounds pretty cool." Bell commented, now walking side-by-side with Lunibi. For a short moment Bell thinks back to the time of her ambush, just a few years back. "Well..." She began, "I was a forced Vampire. Not by choice, nor birth. A few years back, I was acting stupid and wondered off within the woods of Dog Town. Quickly I found myself lost," Bell scratches the back of her head. Dog Town was very well know; so she assumed Lunibi could understand why that act was so stupid, "I was attacked by a man. At the time, I could hardly see anything. It was obvious he intended to rip me to shreds, but before he could... Someone stopped him. Another guy. Beyond that, my memorie fades." Bell finished, starring down towards the tile flooring.

3/14/2009 #16

"Ouch," Lunibi said wrinckling her nose. "That kinda sucks." Lunibi had heard about Dog Town, and it really was dangerous to go into the woods there. But now that she was a werewolf, it sounded kind of fun. She dicided to change the subject from something less dark, to something a little more cheerful. "Do you want to come to my place and get some ice cream rather than stay in this little hell hole?" She smiled and put her hands in the air. "Any ice cream you can imagin, I have it! I want to own an ice cream shop some time, because ice cream is the SHIT!!!"

3/16/2009 #17

'Hahaha whadda dork. She's awesome!' Bell couldn't help but laugh. "I agree, Ice cream is pretty amazing," She had to think that over a bit. Bell was a vampire, as in she wasn't sure how "Amazing" ice cream would taste now-a-days. Oh well. Bell figured she'll get by without dieing, due to ice cream intake, "Cones?" She asked with a smirk.

3/16/2009 #18

"Sugar cone, wafle cones, dipped cones, flesh cones, anything!!" She always got excited talking about her ice cream, that's how she made her money to live on her own at 16. She had special ice creanm for carnivors, as weird as it seems, it was really good if you were a blood drinker. "I don't know much about vampires, but if you can't have normal ice cream, I have 'special' ice cream for blood drinkers." She wasn't sure how Bell would react, so she said, "You wanna try it?"

3/17/2009 #19

Bell continued walking along; only now, slightly bent over at the waist, laughing, "I supose I could give it a shot. Keep normall ice cream on standby. Even though I'm a vampire, for some reason 'flesh cones' and 'blood drinkers' ice cream sounds quite nasty." Bell commented, fixing her postier, but still smirking at the thought.

3/17/2009 . Edited 3/17/2009 #20

Lunibi smiled and added a bounce to her step as she walked down the hallway with Bell. " I don't live far from school, I usually walk. But I'm going to drive my harley to school as soon as I have enough to pay my friend for his. It's only five miles, but it's worth the ride!"

3/17/2009 #21

"That sounds pretty cool. I live alone as well. You see... My family is long gone. I dissappeared for a long time. They must have been sure I was dead, and left the vacant home. It's pretty well hidden, and smoewhat off the maps. Pretty good deal, huh?" Bell skipped along side Lunibi, just for the hell of it, "You should stop by sometime! I never invite anyone over because...Well, just not a good idea. For you it's different!" Bell couldn't hold back her happiness.

3/17/2009 #22

Lunibi let out a squeel of excitement as she opened the front doors. The air outside was cool Ash city, but it was a wonderful releif from the unbearable heat inside the school. "Race you!!!" Lunibi yelled as she started in an all out sprint. With her newly founded werewolf streangth, it took no time at all to get to her place.

3/17/2009 #23

It would seem Bell would be either directly behind, or even at the side of Lunibi during the little race, but she wasn't. She seemed to be nowhere around at all..

((go with it XP lol))

3/17/2009 #24

Lunibi Laughed as she ran. "Eat my tail!" She yelled as she looked behind her, but she couldn't see Bell anywere behind her. 'Maybe she doesn't have supper streangth as a vampire?' Lunibi thought. "Bell!" She walked a ways back, but could see no sighn of her.

3/17/2009 #25

"Yoohoo!!" Bell cheered from on top of the shack. She sat cross-legged on the small roof top, almost giving the impression that she had been there for a long time and was bored. Bell was slender, and really didn't weigh much for it to be a problem, "You said something about 'eating your tail', did you not?" Bell yelled from up top, with a sarcastice grin. Truth was, she knew a back way that led directly to that area.

3/17/2009 #26

Lunibi did three circles trying to find Bell, and scratched her hair in curiousity when she did. "Wow," she said. She shrugged her shoulders and started walking toward her shed again. Lunibi decided not to ask because it must be a vampire thing. "I'll show you how I explode sometime when I'm not craving ice cream." She smiled up at Bell as she walked into her spacious shed.

3/17/2009 #27

Bell just slid herself down, and fallowed Lunibi inside the quante little shed, "'Explode?'.... Do I even what to know what you mean by that?" Bell raised an eye brow.

3/17/2009 #28

"You'll see!" Lunibi said with a sly wink over her shoulder. "What kind of ice cream do you want?" She walked to the back of the room (there's the front room, her bed room & the bathroom) witch the entire wall was nothing but a wall of mini freezers with little lables on them. She opened one toward the middle and pulled out a bucket of mint chocolate chip.

3/17/2009 #29

"HMMM..." Bell pressed a finger to her chin, looking through all the labels. "You got pure strawberry? If so, that, with some of that mint chacolate chip onna cone, pwees!" Bell giggled. It's been forever since she's had ice cream. Back in the day, those were her favorits.

3/17/2009 . Edited 3/17/2009 #30
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