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This will be the rp spot for newcommers, to our (K-bell and myself) VampireWerwolf forum^^

6/16/2009 #1

(All vampire werewolf stories seem to start in the woods, so I'm not going to do that :D I like to think outside the box.)

Karma stared into the sunny sky, watching a few small white clouds roll by. The park was almost empty, there was only a couple walking hand and hand down the paved path by the playground equipment, witch only had a small child going down the slide over and over again. The few trees the park did have, provided nice cool shade to those who needed it, but all of the children were at school, and their parents at work, and Karma was glad, she needed time to recover from her night on the town last night. She quietly dozed off in the little park, in the not so little city.

6/27/2009 #2
Amaya Redfern

(Wow, I completely forgot about this. Still okay to go ahead and roleplay?)

7/10/2009 #3

((Of course^^ I'm still waiting for an oppertunity to fit Coast in))

7/12/2009 #4
Amaya Redfern

Achlys sat under the shade of a tree in the park, not eager to be out in the sun. She glanced around, not really noticing anything interesting(Fun huh? Lol).

7/12/2009 #5
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