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I'm hoping a lot of you can help compile a list here about character attributes for Rorschach. I want to write something but don't feel properly cemented in this fandom yet (for want of a better term) so I've been reading fics mostly, and I'd like to see some pointers about how to get Rorschach right.

Here's something to start with:

Rorschach DOES

- he smells awful

- sex disgusts him

- he writes/thinks in contracted sentences

- he thinks of his mask as his real face

Rorschach DOES NOT

- he doesn't get along with others (with the exception of Dan)

- he doesn't do hugs

3/12/2009 #1
Electric Muse

Nor does he drink or curse... Which is interesting.

I don't think he's a homophobe, but I don't think he agrees with homosexuality.

He is EXTREMELY right-winged, a headstrong nationalist and anti-liberal.

He is LEFT-HANDED. It's true. Really. Not in the movie, but in the graphic novel, he does everything with his left hand.

3/12/2009 #2
Silk Spectre

Very interesting. I was wondering about that, but hadn't had a chance to check yet. Thank you!

Also, Rorschach does talk to himself, and have highly intelligent inner monologues. However, again with the contracted sentances.

He also can reasonably be percieved to hate animals. (Bubastis, the watchdogs)

He and Laurie do not get along more than in the tensest, barely civil way possible, more her fault than his.

He doesn't care about girls that are almost r*** that he saves. And he doesn't do kisses.

Doesn't like women. At all. AT ALL. (_ likes Dan. Maybe.)

3/13/2009 #3
Froline el-Vasper

Query then... If Blaire Roche hadn't died, how do you think he would have changed?

Just interested to see everyone elses' responses.

3/13/2009 #4
Electric Muse

I don't think his perspecitives on women would change because of his mother, but most likely, he wouldn't have been so deeply rooted in the darkness of society. I think he may have even quit super-heroing, and kept his job at the dress making shop since Blaire was killed at a dress making... place. Thing.

That's an interesting thing to think about, though.

3/13/2009 #5

About Blaire's death - it just pushed him over the edge. It could be another event, as sickening as this. After all, there are worse things than feeding girl to the dogs. And Rorschach clearly meets these things on daily basis, in his vigilante line of work.

3/14/2009 #6

I think there was always some struggle within that being Rorschach helped keep at bay at first. He had some sense of control that was shattered when the case that seems to have been "personal" with a child in a terrible situation ended so horribly. It didn't have to be Blair Roche's murder, just something at least as terrible towards an innocent he identified with.

3/15/2009 #7

Now here's a little thing I discovered, before Blair he does talk in actual sentences. Ah the joys of the comic.

3/15/2009 #8
Froline el-Vasper

Yeah. Read that too. Page 46 "theoretically" in the graphic novel:

"Obviously, I agree -- but a group this size seems more like a publicity exercise somehow. It's too big and unwieldy"

And on "page 47": "Well, of course it matters. If..."

Rorschach's trench is also open and his left lappel en't busted (stupid note really...)

3/15/2009 #9
Electric Muse

I don't think that's a stupid note. Before the Roche case, he was still living in decent conditions and he had a job. He probably showered too. The way he looked beforehand has a lot to do with how he thought back then, since he still believed in humanity, even a little bit.

But after the Roche case, it all just crashed down on him.

And, I'm kind of wondering why Dan didn't go with him for that case... Of all things, wouldn't you need some kind of back-up, especially for a kidnapping case where two people would be very helpful in the situation?

3/15/2009 #10

- Nite Owl II made the grappling gun that Rorschach used both in comic book and the movie.

- Rorschash admires Comedian, despite his moral flaws.

3/15/2009 #11

Maybe he didn't tell Dan about it till after?

3/15/2009 #12
Electric Muse

I dunno. I mean, Dan was the one person that he really trusted at the time, right?

And he was the only one that he considered a friend after the Keene Act deal. I'm just wondering why he didn't go in with Dan, since it seemed odd...

3/15/2009 #13

It is odd, then again can anyone really explain half the things Rorshach does do?

3/15/2009 #14
Electric Muse

... Good point.

Though, I do think that it would have been different if Dan had gone with him. Different in what way, I have no idea, but definitely different.

3/15/2009 #15

Well, he may not be he is now.

3/15/2009 #16
Electric Muse

Heh, perhaps. Or it might've pushed Dan away from him in that moment, to have seen what Rorschach did/wanted to do...

Making him even more distant. Which would've sucked D:

3/15/2009 #17

Yes, yes it would. Which basically means that either wat Rorschach would be distant. Or Dan would be incredably disturded by what is partner did/thought about and later would act like nothing happened. Which I can't really see him doing but it is a possibility.

3/15/2009 #18
Froline el-Vasper

Well...maybe it was because the entire thing was really personal. They didn't really know where Rorschach came from, y'know? Or his background or anything. He was just...there...

3/15/2009 #19
The Shadow Syndicate

Rorschach might resent the Police. It is said he made several anti-cop statements in the graphic novel.

3/15/2009 #20
Silk Spectre

after reading and re-reading, I feel that Rorschach doesn't necessarily resent the police so much as feel that he does their job better, and though he can probably understand they are well meaning, finds their corruptibility something to hold in contempt. Interesting....

Also, I can see Rorschach having taken the Blaire Roche case as a personal thing, almost in an egotistical manner, when he was young, and talking in full sentances. He thought he could save a little girl, be the hero. Thus, he cut Dan out, wanting this one to be 'his case'. Just an opinion that would support why he had no back up. Little did Walter know what he was getting himself into. Rorschach found out, the hard way....

3/15/2009 #21


Holy cow didn't think of it that way.

3/16/2009 #22
Electric Muse

Neither did I xD

But, hey, it makes sense. And I like that explination, actually~ Thanks Silk Spectre and Froline el-Vasper! ... Wow that's hard to type @_@ Is there something else that I could call you?

3/16/2009 . Edited 3/16/2009 #23
Froline el-Vasper

Silk Spectre: I verily much agree with you. Good points ^^.

SienRiya: You could also just call me Harv. Another one of my many names ^^. (I'll usually respond to anything on my profile ^^)

3/16/2009 #24

Unless you're doing Solid Movieverse, Rorschach and Daniel weren't Solid partners - only teamed up every once in a while to take down big bosses.

Rorschach Takes the sugarcubes. people ALWAYS Forget that.

3/16/2009 #25
Silk Spectre

untrue. Rorschach and Daniel pooled their efforts to make headway against gang violence in the comic, and they've referred to each other as partners.

3/16/2009 #26
Froline el-Vasper

...big bosses? And they were solidly partners for quite some time.

...what about the sugar cubes? I think I missed something. I mean, I know Rorschach takes the sugar cubes but...I assume you're reffering to the movie.

3/16/2009 #27
Electric Muse

In both the comic and the movie, they were pretty permanent partners, before the attempt to create the "Crimebusters", that is.

And then Roche happened. And Rorschach started working alone. Other than that, Nite Owl and Rorschach started working together in 1965; which is probably why they're so close ;P I mean, they put Big Figure away in the same year I believe, five years later in the movie. They worked together a lot, as Rorschach pointed out in the beginning of the graphic novel when Dan was giving him directions from his house in the tunnel thing.

And Rorschach loves sugar cubes in both the movie and the comic! Hell, in the arrest report in the book, they said that they found sugar cubes in his pocket xD

3/16/2009 #28
Froline el-Vasper

Silk Spectre: I just reread up on one of your posts about how he isn't such a big fan of women (worded poorly I know. I'm tired, dammit! XD). Since you are a good judge of his character (as you have shown ^^), how do you think Walter would have treated women, before he truly became Rorschach?

...and this is open to everyone ^^.

I'm going to be writing a fic relating to something about this (yes...another X OC to add to the pile...and I'm sorry, but I wanna try something different. Not to say that every since x OC is the same...y'know what...I'm just digging myself a deeper and deeper hole here. Meant no disrespect...I should sleep*sigh*)

3/16/2009 #29
Silk Spectre

Judging on his facial reaction when he looked at one of the dummies he'd need for dress making (absolute horror/revulsion) I think that if a woman approached him pre-vigilantism, he'd be very standoffish, embarrassed, and... well pretty much take a twelve year old, who's just over the 'cooties' stage and into that 'omg girls are scary, they bleed out there's hoo-has and want to kiss us' stage, and magnify it. Add a fear of sex from a w***-mother who hit him when he thought she was being hurt, and you'll have Rorschach. He never matured into the stage where men find they can love women, or even really see them as equals. Not calling Rorschach a sexist in that sense, I'm sure he's aware that there are capable women out there. He jsut doesn't want to have to sift through the silt of w*** to find the occasional pearl. He doesn't want to open himself up to the pain involved to find out, he's too fragile. Though he's a right wing conservative, so he can't dare let women know he's weak. Also, he is a very proud person. He threatens the land lady's well being when he knows she spoke bad about him, saying he can't stand to have a 'slur on his reputation'.

In other words, date wise, even pre masked Ror would be a mess.

3/16/2009 #30
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