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Zoe Nightshade

Just wondering, why did you want to make a second account? As one to replace your old one, or as one incognito.

10/23/2009 #271


10/24/2009 #272
Zoe Nightshade

Do you go on any other fandoms?

10/24/2009 #273

not really. HP a bit. But acutally i like making up the endings to the books in my head.

10/25/2009 #274

Anything that has been written by this author. I've tried so hard but iit's just not helping.

1/13/2010 #275
Zoe Nightshade

*sighs* Is that a troll or a serious crapwriter?

1/13/2010 #276

Sadly, he's just a crapwriter. He has a poll up asking if he could be an author; I voted no. Ugh, in one of his stories he admits that it has two self inserts in it.

1/14/2010 #277

He sounds like the male version of a Percabeth fangirl. All of his stories are bad romances.

I'm curious, where does he say he has two self inserts?

1/14/2010 #278

Ugh, he is! In his story Twins of Beauty, I think it's called, he based (and used the same names, appearances, and age) of the two OC's after his real life friends who are also on Fanfiction.

1/14/2010 #279
Zoe Nightshade

I HATE self inserts because:

1. Always Mary Sue or Gary Stu.

2. When you criticize it they get mad.

1/14/2010 #280
Avenger of the Olympian Flame


My heart sinks when I think of all the terrible fanfics here. Gonna flame.

1/15/2010 #281
Avenger of the Olympian Flame

Sorry about the double post. Flame this and say tis from me.

1/15/2010 #282

That was disturbing for a Fanfiction. I read your flame, and flamed it myself!

1/15/2010 #283
Avenger of the Olympian Flame


You flame better than me. All I really do is caps caps caps and lots of yelling.


Anyways gonna add "You know you love me!"

1/15/2010 #284

Well it's insanely easier for me to flame that specific author.

The 'you know you love me' always ticks them off even more. It's quite entertaining.

1/16/2010 #285

It reminds me of when Aish Sheva put "Have a nice day!" at the end of her flames.

1/17/2010 #286
Aish Sheva
When? I still do that, if I can ever find the time to leave a review on something... Helpful tip: if a fanbrat gets pissed at you and revenge-flames your fic, reply to their review with, "Look, I know you're jealous of me but do you have to make it so obvious? :)". Then block them.
1/17/2010 #287

When I get revenge-flames I just reply with something like: "I'm freezing right now because that flame just didn't burn. Oh next time you attempt flaming, use spell check. Oh and that was a run-on sentence too. Didn't I give you suggestions on how to avoid that? If I were you, I'd definetely get a Beta to proof read your flames."

1/17/2010 #288

D'aww, the only revenge flames I get are anonymous, so I can't reply to them. Of course, you can always leave a message to them if you update the fic they flamed, but it just isn't as fun.

1/17/2010 #289

Condescending sign-offs ("XOXO, Neko" is the one I occasionally use) sweeten the pot.

Revenge flames are amusing. I mean, how will someone fare in life if a stranger got under their skin so easily?

1/19/2010 #290

Huh. Maybe I need a condescending sign-off. I think I'm way too nice on some crapfics. Example: I reviewed this one fic with a bunch of suggestions but I tried to sound really encouraging, and then I checked back and saw Aish Sheva and a bunch of other people from here had totally ripped the author to pieces. It's almost embarrassing.

I agree. I mean, yes, I guess I can understand being a little unsettled if someone leaves you a review like that, but typing out long, angry revenge flames/PMs (random thing: I almost typed PMS there lol) are not exactly the right way to go.

1/20/2010 #291
Aish Sheva

Yes, well...I will admit I do come down rather too harshly on occasion. Encouragement is a good thing, when applied properly.

1/20/2010 #292

I mostly hope that when I review nicely, the author actually takes my advice because I'm making an effort for polite criticism, rather than just listing reasons why they suck at writing and should die. But sometimes being soft has no effect on people, either.

Well either way, I don't think it would hurt if I started being a little more blunt with reviews.

Oh, and on the topic of "Stories in Need of CC", look at this fic:

It's by the same crappy author that we discussed above. This story isn't even about PJO, it's fiction. Does he not know that it's against the EFFING TOS? Apparently, he hasn't gotten the message yet. And further, it isn't even a good fiction story.

I'm gonna go report it and probably leave an angry review now...

1/21/2010 #293

Ugh, I flamed the hell out of that story under my alter ego account. I reported and yeah it was a terrible story. Brianna was such a Sue.

1/21/2010 #294
Zoe Nightshade

This fandom is dying.

Now, not only bad writers, but writers that cry to their mommies when you say anything but, "oMg dis is aWeSome."!

1/21/2010 #295

I think the guy deleted it now.

I don't see how some people can't take criticism. I got some CC once that probably could have been nicer, but still I listened to it. You're not a pushover if you take someone's writing advice (even if it is in flame form), and it's better than being a deluded, thickheaded crapwriter.

1/22/2010 #296
Zoe Nightshade

The worse the writer, the worse they are at taking CC. That is what I have found. Of course, there are always exceptions. By the way, has anyone noticed the new fanfiction logo?

1/22/2010 #297

I have! It took me a minute to decipher what it was though. I personally like the other the other logo better.

1/22/2010 #298
Zoe Nightshade

Same here.

1/22/2010 #299
The Bagel of Justice

This one is quiet unique, but I liked the other one better. I wonder why they changed it, though. Maybe because of the growing archives or something. I remember when the PJO just had like 1,500 stories, back before I had an account.

1/23/2010 #300
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