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can someone explain good reads to me, I went on once, but it was just confusing

3/26/2009 #91
Aish Sheva

Disgustingly OOC. -gags-

3/27/2009 #92


Why does everyone think that Percy and annabeth would just suddenly get all romantic and smooshy?

3/28/2009 #93

because... I don't know.

Rick Riordan is coming to my local book store in a couple months! :-)!

3/28/2009 #94

Oh whoop de do. Lucky you.

I meanwhile can't walk. *sighs* it's been a crap week, and when it got slightly better, fate just decided that it wouldn't let me have the nice day, and fucked up my weak ankle.

I'm board! I want something to read!

3/28/2009 #95
Jason Strong
I want him to come to my local bookstore.
3/28/2009 #96

oh, right... you got hit by a car or something, didn't you?

3/29/2009 #97

No, well, yeah, I got hit by a car, but that's not why I've a got a weak ankle

Dance injury when I was young.

3/29/2009 #98

*cracks whip* back on topic, people!

3/29/2009 #99

Apologies oh powerful Forum adminstratior

3/29/2009 #100


3/29/2009 #101
Jason Strong


3/29/2009 #102


3/29/2009 #103
Aish Sheva

Ugh. Just...ugh.

4/1/2009 #104

Daughter_of_the_Olympians I think this one needs help with emotions and setting descriptions as well as some plot issues.

Thanks for pointing that out. I'm working on it now.

4/3/2009 #105
Aish Sheva

Give me a break.

4/6/2009 #106
Jason Strong

Did you see this review to It's Over, Sheva?

Do not mind Aish Sheva, she has nothing better to do than flame other people unnessisarily and just goes around telling people she is a much better writer. (which I've read her stories and must say that I completely disagree.)Don't believe anything she says, your story was excellent. My best friend and I sat here reading talking about how good it was. Aish Sheva pretty much just cpoies and pastes the same review to everyone's stories with very little variation. Be proud of your story it was one of the best ones I've read on here! Emma (my bff)too! Keep on writing! 4/6/2009 #107
Sheva Das

Jeez. -snort- What an idiot. Let me go PM them...

4/6/2009 #108
Sheva Das


4/6/2009 #109
Jason Strong

what did you do to her?

4/6/2009 #110
Aish Sheva

Wrote an extraordinarily rude reply back, was about to send it when I saw storm-brain's post about not writing back, closed the window, and reported her. XP

Oh, I suppose I should mention that I made a community for shit fics:

Sort of like Honest101's community, but she never updates hers.

4/6/2009 #111

what was your reply? or do I want to know?

4/6/2009 #112
Aish Sheva

Erm. -thinks-

It involved a plethora of swear words, a rude response to 99% of the lines of her PM, and me telling her to go kill herself-

...several times.


4/6/2009 #113


4/6/2009 #114
Aish Sheva

Wasn't planning on it.

4/6/2009 #115
Aish Sheva

Oh, look. It's a troll. :-/ I'm on the verge of saying don't flame this...

4/7/2009 #116
Jason Strong

Oh my God.... I think that has to be thw worst story I ever layed my eyes on. I want to stab MY eyes out with a fork. I think I'm blind... dear God.

4/7/2009 #117
Aish Sheva

Just shoot me now...

4/7/2009 #118
Jason Strong

Just to let you know, I have your new community on subscribe, so I'm going back behind you and reading the stories that you put in. Most of them aren't worthy enough for a review...

I don't know if you know this already... but this reveiw was submitted to the crap fic "Do I Ever." must really have nothing better to do if you took tehe time to write such a scathing review, Aish Sheva. oh! and tehn to make a flame whateva to make sure other people waste their time being persuaded to agree with you. It even warns you in the summary "if you dont like romance..." EllaJoan, dont listen to any of the crap that the aish sheva thing wrote and dont pay any attention to those reviewers that respiond to her flame thing, because now the point of being reviewed is lost because the reviewers are biased. I really liked this Write more?It was from someone named Bombay... something like that. 4/7/2009 #119
Aish Sheva

Already wrote them a PM, but thanks for telling me. :D And thanks also for the subscribe.

4/7/2009 #120
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