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Jason Strong

You should set up your own forum, where people go to talk to you about their feelings, instead of putting it in a reveiw, I'd go over and tell them how stupid they are for even replying to it. You are, after all, allowed to express your opinion, and there's no rule against flaming.

4/7/2009 #121
Aish Sheva

Yes, I was thinking of doing that and disabling PMs...but I'm worried that if I disable PMs it would just encourage more revenge flaming...

Ah, I'll set up the forum now and consider the PM thing for later.

EDIT: Do you think it would be better under PJO or General?

4/7/2009 . Edited 4/7/2009 #122
Jason Strong

PJO, because you're not known throught the WHOLE site... yet.

4/7/2009 #123
Aish Sheva

LULZZZZZZZ. "... yet."

4/7/2009 #124


4/7/2009 #125
Jason Strong

Just reviewed your parody. When you reply to the people who flame you, do you dumb it down for them? Type in ways they understand?

I sayed tis waz a paradie... that mena it suposssed 2b funy, and ur taking al the fun uot of it bie submmmiting a review leki dis!

4/7/2009 #126
Aish Sheva

Oh, yeah. That's exactly what I do. XD

"u idit!! HWO MANI TIMEZ MUST II SAKY ITS PRADOY BE4 U UNDRESTADN!!!!! whut teh hel is ur prolbem, mentle or nut?!"

4/7/2009 #127
Jason Strong

i dont caer! u stiil flammed mi storie fro know good raeson! your a BIG. FAT. BUGERFACE!

Is that their response?

4/7/2009 #128
Aish Sheva

Yes. Then I write back:

wtf??1!1!! burgerfayec!!! lmao ur a sch a mrono. i'm bloking u b/cuz u have noting too sya wort mi time.

Ironically, in a good deal of my flames I use the line, "Sorry, but I don't speak Retard".

4/7/2009 #129
Jason Strong

snot of i blok u frist!

4/7/2009 #130
Jason Strong

storm-brain's going to kill us for getting so off topic.

4/7/2009 #131

I am. As well as clogging my inbox. I've been trying to work and kepe hearing a 'ding! ding!'

what is this, flamer class?

4/7/2009 #132
Jason Strong

Naw, we're just making fun of the people who claim to be thirteen, but their spelling is the sam as my dog's. Whatcha' workin' on?

4/7/2009 #133


4/7/2009 #134
Jason Strong

Eww... keep it away from me. I'm allergic.

4/7/2009 #135

...alergic to homework? *sighs wistfully* I wish I was alergic to homework

4/19/2009 #136
Aish Sheva


4/22/2009 #137

Who wants to CC a increadibly awful story that you don't need to watch to CC? Please Help Me!!!:

How about it? PLEASE??!!

4/24/2009 . Edited 4/24/2009 #138
Aish Sheva

-snort- Look, Mattie, you're probably too thick-headed to have realized this but THIS IS A PJO FORUM. Not one for Sonny With a Chance.

4/24/2009 #139
Aish Sheva

And oddly enough, you've reviewed it with, "Nice idea, I'll keep reading."


Give me a break.

4/24/2009 #140


4/24/2009 #141
Aish Sheva

No, YOU need serious help.

4/24/2009 #142

I knew you were going to say that, but I don't really give a rat's ass. THAT WAS THEE WORST SWAC FIC EVER!!

4/24/2009 #143
Aish Sheva

Wonderful. Now go away.

4/24/2009 #144

So you'll do it?

4/24/2009 #145
Aish Sheva

No. I don't flame in fandoms I don't know, with very few exceptions.

4/24/2009 #146

Fine, fair enough, I shall leave now.

4/24/2009 #147
Ellen 26 and Jason Strong

*head desk* Dude? Why are you asking Sheva to flame something you've left a positive review on?

4/24/2009 #148

Well, they seem like a really nice person, so I left a nice (not really) and a I'll keep reading (to see if it gets better). So, I was wondering if you guys would flame him/her for me? :-)

4/24/2009 #149
Aish Sheva

Oh, I see! :D So basically, you're asking us to do your dirty work for you?

NO. FUCKING. WAY. Now get the hell out of here before I really lose my temper.

4/24/2009 #150
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