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Element Wolf

DX! Oh. My. Gods. How horrible! DDX!

8/4/2009 #211
The Bagel of Justice

I read that once, actually. The author ( if yo ucan even call it that.) deleted it, thank come out of most of my fandoms this one is the most ruined?

8/4/2009 #212
Element Wolf

I know! I mean, this one has some pretty trashy stuff and I'm not even sure why. Maybe it's because I spend the most time in this fandom? I also like the Pendragon fandom, because I like the books, even though, for some odd reason, most of the stories are BAD. I'm thinking of writing a story for it, but I'm not really aure what to base it on. Maybe romance, even though I'm not that good at it. :P And I also like the X: Men: The Movie fandom, and there are some bad stories in there, but I'm not sure if any of them are troll worthy.

8/4/2009 #213
The Bagel of Justice

In the Harry Potter fandom there isn't as much bad stuff (if there is, you don't see it) just lots of kinda rediculous pairings (Lupin and his son?) So I've determined this is the most deperate fandom.

8/4/2009 #214
Zoe Nightshade

It's not just the pathetic stories (although that is the major problem)but the people who review well. Some ultra crappy stories have only good reviews. People, if you don't have anything helpful to say in your review. DONT REVIEW! I mean, when I flame, I say why it's bad, like, "You need to work on grammar" or "This is way too short." Those are kind of helpful because they tell what is wrong. Don't flame, "You write like a two year old" and that is all. Not helpful. Instead, "You write like a to year old. You have horrific grammar and spelling" or something like that. I mean, that isn't very nice, but it's better than not giving any helpful advice. That goes for good reviews. If you are going to say, "UPDATE" or "Great story!" you may as well not review. Say, "Great story! I like how...say something you like."

I mean, I got a bunch of reviews, "Great!" or "Update now!" from the same person on every chapter and finally I said in a reply, "I'm glad you like my story. What do you like about it?"

8/4/2009 #215
Element Wolf

:P I flame sometimes without telling them what's wrong with it. Some stories aren't fixable and that's what they deserve. But I HATE how there are people that review the crappiest stories and say stuff like, "tis is da besty storie i hav evr red. UPDAT!" I think there are a bunch of fourth graders on here that can't understand the higher level stories, so they read the really bad ones.

And Toaster, that's the weirdest thing ever! DX! I've not read much Harry Potter fics. Gosh, I still have to aquire the books, which can take sometime. I only go to the library once in a while, when I can, and I haven't gone to the bookstore in two months. I've got the first book, and I read the second and third about a year ago. But thanks to my friend Durza (it's an inside joke), I know pretty much what happens, but I still want to read them! DX! Anyway, yeah, Lupin and his son, WEIRD. Or Harry and his daughter. O_O

8/4/2009 #216
The Bagel of Justice

Totally. I hate it when I get a review relpy from a good CC that says. "U must note hav a hart. how do u thinkk a 10 yearold rights,' And I'm like "....You're 10...."

Serisouly, weird ships. (Annabeth Calypso M slash. Cough cough...does that even exsist? My friend is obsessed with that ship!) and stuff like that is alright, I guess, but writing it badly turns off my appeal.

8/4/2009 #217


8/4/2009 #218
Element Wolf

I hate slash stories. Not that I hate gays or anything, because it all depends on the person, not what they believe, but none of the characters in PJO are gays or lesbians. People create all of these slash stories (not so much in PJO, but I've seen them A LOT in the Lord of the Rings fandom, the X-Men movie fandom, Pendragon fandom. . .and none of the characters they do are even gay! People should do that to their OC's instead of trashing the characters) and the characters aren't gay. It's a bit wrong, okay?

8/4/2009 #219
Zoe Nightshade

Yeah, I might have flamed without telling what was wrong a few times, but I can't think of any right now. Usually my worst reviews are like:

This is absolutely pathetic. The grammar is horrific, and this is so short you've only made two things clear:

1. Sunrise is a Mary Sue.

2. You can't write.


This is pathetic.

Of course, I will only do that if the author doesn't give a damn about the story, or if it's too far gone, like WAY bad.

I don't tend to go for pairings, even if it's believable like Clarisse/Chris. I DON'T like ridiculous pairing. Also, romance in stories is fine, but for God's sake, don't tell what pairing you're doing in the summary in the slash way.

Here's an example (I hate this idea no matter what though):

DO NOT: camp halfblood prom. sumary sucks but just read. its good I promise! PERCABETH & PERACHEL!! R&R! Flamz used to bake smores! (Flamz used to bake smores? I saw that one once. YOU DON'T BAKE SMORES!)

Instead: As Camp Half-Blood's first annual prom draws nearer, things get complicated when Percy has to decide between Annabeth or Olympus's newest Oracle of Delphi, Rachel.


As for gay/lesbian, I don't go for that. I mean, don't get me wrong; I have nothing agaisnt gay and lesbian people, but it isn't PJO.

8/4/2009 . Edited 8/4/2009 #220

Actually you often bake smores, when you need to make a lot of them.

But I've heard some crazy ones, fruit cake, salmon, chicken fingers, bagel bytes, mac and cheese. I mean WOW.

8/4/2009 #221
The Bagel of Justice

Can our generation not get their minds off their stomaches for one second? I've seen cereal, pizza, icees, bagel bytes, and even JELLO! You don't bake JELLO!!!!!

8/4/2009 #222
Element Wolf

Idiots. . .you think they'd know that you don't bake an ICEE! Good gods. And cereal? Come on. Um, I'm not firmiliar with the bagel bytes thing. . .so, yeah. Try something like FLAMES WILL BE USED TO BAKE CHICKEN, if you're going to do it at all. AT least chicken makes sense. And I like chicken. :)

8/5/2009 #223
Zoe Nightshade

*Licks lips* Me too.

8/5/2009 #224
The Bagel of Justice


8/5/2009 #225
Zoe Nightshade

Hey! Started a new story!

8/6/2009 . Edited 8/6/2009 #226
Element Wolf

Yeah, chicken! :D!

Anyway, I'd like to read it. . .what's it about?

8/6/2009 #227
Zoe Nightshade

Storm-brain agreed to beta it. It's a daughter of Artemis which is why it needs to be supreme. When you use an overused plot, people tend to review more harshly even though I don't get it. There are like 20 kids of Artemis stories. MILLIONS of Percabeth fics. And daughter of Artemis stories are thought of as overused more than Percabeth fics are.

8/6/2009 #228
Element Wolf

It depends on the content of the Percabeth fics, but most of them are the same. . .stupid, meaningless, and horrible. But I don't like child of Artemis fics, but I'll be willing to read yours.

8/6/2009 #229
Zoe Nightshade

I don't know how I will post it since the prologue is...a prologue which basically only tells that she is a daughter of Artemis. In this one though, Artemis despises her daughter. She tries to kill her.

8/6/2009 #230
The Bagel of Justice

I've read one like that. Only Artemis bears the child and wants to kill her so her rep of being a virgin goddess isn't ruined, but Apollo steals the child and hides her with Hestia, who raises her as a keeper of the Flame (I'd never heard of it until this story) and then sends her to camp, where ARtemis keeps trying to kill her. It was the only good Child of Artemis story I'd ever read, cause I didn't even try reading them after a while.

8/7/2009 #231
Element Wolf

I don't think Artemis is cruel enough to kill her own child. ESPECIALLY a girl. But that's just my opinion. . .

8/7/2009 #232
Element Wolf

What other fandoms do you guys think are pretty bad? I think the Pendragon fandom fandom is pretty bad. There's seriously like maybe five good stories out of the 200 or so fics that are there. I think I might try writing a one-shot for it or something, proving that there can actually be some good there.

There's also a cartoon I used to watch like two or three years ago, and when I saw it had a fandom, I decided to check it out, because, you know, how bad could it be? It's like all of the crappy PJO stories stuffed into one fandom! DX! I mean good gods. If you want to see just how bad it is the show is called Time Warp Trio, and it's under the cartoons section. I honestly think you'll puke a little in your mouth. I might make a short fic for that too, just to prove a freggin' point. What do you think? I mean, nobody's probably going to review it because it'll be too hard for them or whatever, but it'll definetly be better than the crap they already have on there.

8/7/2009 #233
Zoe Nightshade

Really? What's the name of the story? Anyway, I think that Artemis would kill her own child. Read all her myths. She is pretty nasty.

Element - I think that every fandom has some crappy fic, some have more than others - but for the umber of crappy fics out of total fics, PJO is the worst.

8/7/2009 #234
Element Wolf

Yeah, PJO is pretty bad, but for the percentage of fics IN the Time Warp Trio fandom, the Time Warp Trio fandom is about 99 percent crappy. I haven't read ONE good story in that fandom. Not ONE!!!!! That's why I'm thinking about doing a short fic for it, so they can have a LITTLE bit of good stuff.

But on another note, in the PJO books, Artemis seems like one of the nicer goddesses. Just saying. Maybe in the myths she's not nice, but RR seems to have made her personality different. And she's my favorite goddess. . .so I hope she wouldn't do that! XD!

8/7/2009 #235
Zoe Nightshade

Yeah, same with me. Artemis is my favorite goddess, I have no idea why (probably because of TC), but she is so nasty in the myths!

8/9/2009 #236

I know, right? Artemis and Athena. I like Artemis as well- mostly 'cause the rest of the gods are s****.

I wrote this one today, but it needs CC: it's just a oneshot-

8/9/2009 #237
Zoe Nightshade

I guess I like her since I think it would be cool to be in her hunt.

8/9/2009 #238
Element Wolf

Oh gods, take a loom at this:

This story is going to get SOOO many reviews because

A) A lot of people are going to create a character.

B) She sucks at writing. I can already tell because she can't capitalize the title or the categories.

8/19/2009 #239
The Bagel of Justice

GAG! Reported for not being a real story...

8/19/2009 #240
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