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Zoe Nightshade

Please tell me that's a troll.

8/25/2009 #241
The Bagel of Justice

Sadly? I don't think so...It should've been wipped by now. Did you all report it?

8/25/2009 #242


8/26/2009 #243
The Bagel of Justice

Have you guys notice that after every book the good writing becomes less and the bad more?

8/26/2009 #244
Element Wolf

What do you mean?

8/27/2009 #245
The Bagel of Justice

Like, after Titan's Curse there was just a little bad writing and after BotL there was even more!

8/27/2009 #246
Element Wolf

Oh, bad writers? Or bad RR? DX!

8/27/2009 #247
Zoe Nightshade

Now I go on the forums, and sometimes write, but really there's no point in it. You know what happens when you write? You don't get any reviews unless you consider a good review from a person who reviews everything good a good review.

8/27/2009 #248
The Bagel of Justice

Seriously. I've noticed bad writing becoming more frequent mainly on this fandom. Harry Potter is just about the same, I check in rehularly to make sure Twilight is trashed but this one...

8/27/2009 #249
Element Wolf

I have a favor to ask of you people.

Okay, so I'm doing a project for one of my classes. We can do anything we want with literacy, and I want to write a short story. The only problem is, I don't know what I want to write about! DX! I have four ideas, and I can't choose between them. I wanted to ask everyone who's on this forum to please tell me which plot of my stories sounds the most interesting, and maybe one you think your friends would be interested in. Here's a list of them:

1---A historic fiction story about the Titanic---Rebeckah Gullman is a nine-year-old girl living in Southampton, England. When her father tells the family that they finally have enough money top move to America, she is thrilled. Rebeckah gets even more excited when her father tells them they will be riding on the Titanic, the grandest ship ever built. Even when they enter in third class, they find that the rooms are comparable to second class, a rare luxery to the family. On the ship Rebeckah meets two girls her age, Elizabeth and Anne. For the first few days of their trip, the girls spend their time talking and wandring around. The night of April 14th brings Rebeckah's birthday, and another surprise. But this surprise is life-threatening and will take all of the courage her and her family and friends posses. The sinking of the Titanic told from a new perspective--that of a child. Title: (Tell me if you have any suggestions, please)

2---An adventure and fantasy story---When ten kids fresh out of sixth grade get invitations to a special camp, they are more or less excited. None of these kids know each other, and they are all of different personalities: the popular kids, the jocks, the 'losers', the geeks, and the bullies who's anger managment takes over the attitude. But none of them expected this. They are of the Element Commanders, the only people who have full control of the different Elements. The camp is specially designed for them to train and use their powers. They are told of themselves, and how every 500 years there are new Commanders. There is also a dark side to the Elements. There has to be a dark side to balance out the world. If the world was perfect, nothing would happen. In the end, the end up having a battle with the dark side for the power of the world. Title: Elements: The Element Commanders

3---An adventure story---In the United States--and the world--there lies different secretive Guilds that are hidden from the goverment and the common people. These Guilds have each a different purpose. There's the Bandits Guild is a Guild that is the home for outlaws and people who ran away from the law. There's the Thieves Guild, in which the people of the Guild are hired by others to steal rare and valuble objects. There's also different guilds like the Merchants Guild, the Travelers Guild, the Craftsmens Guild, ect. A member of the Travelers Guild gets an assignment to go to the Merchants Guild's preperation school to see what they're planning, he doesn't plan to make such good friends with some of the kids there. And when one of the kids--the leaders daughter--is kidnapped by the Thieves Guild, will he turn on his duties to help save her? Title: (Not sure)

4---A fanatasy story set in a different world---This story is set in a world called Illan. In Illan there are different races: humans, elves, fairies, demons, dwarves, ect. The story starts with a runaway servant who meets a group of outlaws. One of them is a half-demon, who was shunned by his community for this, and his mother was killed because of it. Another one is a calm elf, who knows her place and is quiet normally. The other is the unastablished leader of the group, a moody werewolf (this werewolf isn't like in Harry Potter where he changes during the full moon. He just gets. . .that time of the month like, if you know what I mean.). The servant, Leli (Lel-ee) joins the group and while they are traveling to the elf city of Pepera to rescue other races that are being held captive. They find out that these elves actually had more in mind for them. . .

Oakies, please tell me your top one and two. Thanks! :D!

8/30/2009 #250
The Bagel of Justice

OMFGWTFG! Those are all great ideas! It's so hard to decide! Well, I'm a history sucker, so the Titanic one of course. And...The Element Commanders and the one about Illan...Are a tie...For 2nd? Or 1st? I have no clue.

8/30/2009 #251
Element Wolf

I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to go with the Titanic one. Another person on here told me that one sounded good, and my friends at school told me that one sounded good. The second choice would have been the one about Illan, though.

9/1/2009 #252
Element Wolf

Oh dear gods. I just went off on someone in an RP about their RP character and their bad writing skills. The person isn't even in this fandom!

9/20/2009 #253
The Bagel of Justice

Wow...I love RPGing.

9/21/2009 #254
Element Wolf

I love your new avatar. XD! I hate Twilight, but that's funny.

Adn I know you do. For a DAY your name was RPG Lover or something. Didn't you join my PJO RP? Why don't you post? And what other fandoms do you like RPing for. I'm on a few other RP's, you could just give me some names of fandoms you like or something.

9/21/2009 #255
The Bagel of Justice

Yeah, I know, I hate it too.

I think I did...Anyways, yeah. Harry Potter, Twilight parodies, PJATO...

9/22/2009 #256
Zoe Nightshade

Hey, if anyone thinks the fandom is pure crap - below that even - check out this site:

9/22/2009 #257
The Bagel of Justice

Will do, thanks for the link.

Some moron invaded my PJO forum and put up a random add for a Saw (the movie)/ Percy Jackson crossover and I checked out his profile and his only story is...Well...Here's the link.

10/12/2009 #258
Aish Sheva

..................I know that moron. He's been posting complete crap on BlueTrident for the past month or so.

10/12/2009 #259
The Bagel of Justice

*Eek!* I haven't been on the BlueTrident in a while...Shame on me!

10/12/2009 #260

Oh, Gawd. Now I remember why I quit BT.

10/14/2009 #261
Aish Sheva

Sighhhhhhhh. Erin, I miss your posts. They were so...intelligent.

10/14/2009 #262

Oh, please. My posts were fangirl rants. XD Why'd you log off? *whinge*

10/14/2009 #263


I just felt you all wince.

10/21/2009 #264
The Bagel of Justice

Nah, we jumped with joy.

10/22/2009 #265


10/22/2009 #266
Aish Sheva disrespect, but who exactly are you?

10/22/2009 #267

A person.

Who avoids questions.

10/23/2009 #268
The Bagel of Justice

...I'm Bri...And I've sorta been posting on here for about six months...

10/23/2009 #269

Oh no not a guilt trip. I'm EJ and I've been looking at the crap that is FF for years and just made my 2nd acount. I have problems with gramer and spelling.

10/23/2009 #270
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