we are the Veritas. By definition, the Veritas are not a cult, we are a political party dedicated to trying to make the fandom a better place. Or just chatting. Whatever strikes us.
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Aish Sheva

Because every forum needs a thread where you can just talk about random stuff...

3/19/2009 #1
Jason Strong

Okay, well today in class, I had milk and pinapple juice spilt all over me. I smell like a tropical breeze next to a dairy. :P

3/19/2009 #2
Aish Sheva

Today I got diagnosed with asthma, scoliosis, and nearsightedness (well, I knew I was nearsighted already, but the doctor told me I have to start wearing my glasses all the time because it got a lot worse). DX

3/19/2009 #3
Jason Strong

That's a joke, right?

3/19/2009 #4
Aish Sheva, no. Why would I joke about something like that?

3/19/2009 #5
Jason Strong

Just making sure. :P

3/19/2009 #6
Jason Strong

Anyway, sorry. That has to suck. I have a feeling I'm about to be diagnosed with something...

3/19/2009 #7
Jason Strong

Anybody else see ezzy's new avatar?

It's the original Veritas one with "Join our Cult" written in huge, voilet letters.

3/19/2009 #8

Oh yeah, I saw it. ((lol))

3/19/2009 #9

XDDD. I'm causing a stir. I love it.

3/19/2009 #10

Hey can someone give me a hand?

What are children of Apollo's typical Hair/eye colour?

3/22/2009 #11
Jason Strong

You free reign there, because I don't think he ever explains it. I would think blond and blue, because it just seems right, but don't quote me.

3/22/2009 #12

I thought blond blue/ blown, but I read on a review somewhere that it was black hair... so I got confused

3/22/2009 #13
Aish Sheva

Hey, is anyone good with computer hardware? I have a DVD stuck in the CD drive of my Macbook...advice, please? DX

3/22/2009 #14

Sorry no, but I really need to say this

Does anyone else think that they're butchering the Lightning Thief cast?

3/22/2009 #15
Aish Sheva

It's okay, I got it out. (I knew that Hallmark card would come in handy someday...)

In a word? YES.

3/22/2009 #16

Have you seen Annabeth? I mean, she's a brunnette, born in 1985 - I can't figure out how old that is - and Percy's 16

3/22/2009 #17
Jason Strong

Yes! I do! ME! ME! ME!

3/22/2009 #18

*to the computer question?*

3/22/2009 #19
Jason Strong

No. The cast question. I'm getting really behind because I'm going through all these forums on my email.

And I hear she's 23.

3/22/2009 #20

so am I, my inbox is filling up

Around twenty three, yes

3/22/2009 #21
Jason Strong

mine too.

3/22/2009 #22

I need to talk to you about TGT next time I'm on, but not right now, I can't be assed

so remind me.

3/22/2009 . Edited 3/25/2009 #23

Hey, can I ask you all something, I need as many responses as possible please

Would you read a fic - a rather short one admittedly - about a half-blood at camp without a quest?

3/25/2009 #24
Aish Sheva

What would the plot be? Would it just be about what the half-blood does around camp?

3/25/2009 #25
Ellen 26 and Jason Strong

Romance, with a sting in the tail

3/25/2009 #26
Aish Sheva

OH, the one you were telling me about? Definitely.

3/25/2009 #27

Coolio :D

I won't post it till after exams though, I can't handle being pressured for updates

3/25/2009 #28
Jason Strong

I feel sorry for you Ellen. I'm allowed to stay at my house until I'm sixty if I wanted to. (Which I don't)

3/25/2009 #29

Heck, I'm looking forward to lookign forward to moving out,

... just in two years, not one.

You know, in Britian, there was a book called "Cr*p towns" and so many people wrote in, complaining about their town not being in the book, they had to bring out "Cr*p towns two"

3/28/2009 #30
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