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Same thing as percybeth except NicoxOC.

Here's one. Notice death in the title, Nico fics always have some form of the word dead in them.

8/20/2009 #1
Zoe Nightshade

I tend to not like them because the OC is always a terrible Mary Sue and not Nico's type.

8/22/2009 #2


8/22/2009 #3
Zoe Nightshade

And most of them are short with lots of grammatical errors.

8/24/2009 #4

Here's one mary sue and everything.

8/24/2009 #5
Zoe Nightshade

*looks* Ugh.

8/24/2009 #6

In my head, Nico's gay or with Bianca.

Take that, fangirls. *smirk*

10/3/2009 #7
Zoe Nightshade

I really, really don't get all those NicoxOC fics. I mean, Nico is not ready for a relationship, and if you make him older in the love fic, it's OOC since no one knows him.

10/3/2009 #8

Mm. Nico's not ready for a relationship, true. But he can remain IC if you make him older. It's just that he doesn't remain IC in any of those fics.

(Does no one ship Percy/Nico? Nico/Malcolm? No one? Though I admit, I mostly think Nico's gay because of his many fangirls. I mean, it just seems so fitting.)

10/4/2009 #9

...I did think of a Nico/OC once. *winces*

But in my defense, the girl was a mortal, a couple of years older than he was (for some reason I can't get the image of Nico being with any female younger than him. Or even the same age. Hadn't really thought about the gay thing, but I suppose it's possible.) and going through some trauma. And even then, I abandoned the romance bit after the first day, and it became a supernatural murder-mystery.

All in my head, in case you're wondering.

Nico does have a lot of fangirls. The amount of crappy OC stories I've seen...*shudders*

10/4/2009 #10

I wrote a Nico/OC story at one point, but it really, really sucked. Since abandoned.

10/4/2009 #11
Zoe Nightshade

Personally, it would take a really, really, good author to write a fic where Nico is older and where I could still believe it was Nico di Angelo.

10/5/2009 #12

I've read a few, but... *shrug*

10/5/2009 #13
Zoe Nightshade

Random question. What bugs you the most? For me, it's terrible fics that have good reviews.

10/5/2009 #14

The same.

10/5/2009 #15
Zoe Nightshade

I was just wondering, I have this list of people who can actually give quality feedback (not people who only give good reviews).

Can I put you on it?

This is the list:

10/5/2009 #16

Go ahead. Thank you!

10/5/2009 #17
Zoe Nightshade

Thanks so much. Basically, someone PMs you a URL to their fic. It's optional. If you want to, go ahead, but you are under no obligation to look at it. Just tell them if it's worth something or not, and why or why not. Also, if it sounds mean they might cuss at you. I put not to, but I know no one will listen.

10/5/2009 #18

Gotcha. I have to go now. Be back in a few hours. And like I said, no problem.

10/5/2009 #19

Mm. So, anyone found any fics in need of CC or praise? I've got some time I need to waste/use.

10/6/2009 #20
Zoe Nightshade

Most of the fics are for flame, but I'll go look in my review history right now:

Serious CC on this one. I did a really long one in chapter 2.

10/7/2009 #21

I don't think I'll even try. It's a quartet of Mary Sues, OOC and mauled canonical characters, and the author's got too many good reviews for it to make much of an impression.

10/7/2009 #22
Zoe Nightshade

I hate when bad fics have a lot of good reviews.

10/7/2009 #23

...Gah, I want to write a Nico/OC fanfic now...

-My names Ellen. I read bad fics (really really bad onces, not moderatly okay, because I can't top moderatly okay, that's what level I'm at) and then get an insane urge to write a good one, before writing it, then killing it dead. None of these are posted, they stay in the recycle bin-

10/25/2009 #24
Zoe Nightshade

I have almost given up on reviewing. The pathetic fics have so many good reviews that the author won't listen to one or two bad reviews.

10/26/2009 #25

I review the salvageable ones... I'm not wasting my time on the other things anymore.

*shudders* Oh, the horrors of purple prose. I want to scream when people go poetic.

11/2/2009 #26
Zoe Nightshade

On really terrible ones,I just do short ones: Look over the grammar. There are a lot of mistakes. Also, Annabeth is out of character. I can't picture her saying, "Yeah, babe!"

11/2/2009 #27

...Funnily enough, I can. XD

Sorry, but I can imagine her screaming that out in the event of a smug victory... immediately followed by a sarcastic put-down, maybe.

11/7/2009 #28
Zoe Nightshade

I can't at all. I mean, maybe as a joke, but in that particular story, it was Annabeth and Percy going to the mall and meeting Rachel. In that same fic, they called each other Dude a little. I can't picture that.

11/7/2009 #29


Nope. Can't see that happening.

11/8/2009 #30
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