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Thursday 13

Sometimes when people say that Nico/OC is original, it makes me wonder.

6/28/2010 . Edited 6/28/2010 #61

Thanks, hp. I'm ridiculously flattered. :)

Hi, Des. And likewise. :D

Also, I'm curious. Where's it been said that Nico/OC is original?

6/29/2010 #62
Ariadne's Twine

I don't know, but I guess it can be considered original because (not my opinion, by the way) there's a different OC for each one.

7/23/2010 #63
The Midnight Doe

I hate Nico/OC pairings. The cliche's have ruined it for me. And it is not original. Just because it's a new character, it doesn't make it original. The idea that it's original was probably made up by some annoying fangirls that wanted an 'original' plotline. -head desk- I hate fangirls. -head desk-

8/10/2010 #64

*lol* Calm down. If you take things like that so hard, this fandom will drive you to insanity in a couple of weeks. At the most.

8/10/2010 #65
The Midnight Doe

lol, it's just that I've been on FF for a month and I'm already sick of the NicoxOC fics... I feel bad for the people who have been on here for years!(:

8/10/2010 #66
willful dest

I wrote a Nico/OC fic! *looks at proudly*

*whispers* It was for the Original Cliche challenge. XD

8/10/2010 #67

It bugs me how I started being productive after the site was overrun by eleven years olds on a sugar rush. But oh well.

8/10/2010 #68
The Midnight Doe

lol I love Nico/OC parodies(:

8/10/2010 #69

You poor thing. Why did you have to mention that? Now I'm going to be promoting mine shamelessly.

It's called Ghost King's Bane, and the last line is supposedly, a masterpeice.

8/10/2010 #70
The Midnight Doe

Lol(: I just read Des's and loved it. Ironic, I know(:

8/10/2010 #71

I believe that Nico/OC is salvagable, but after the current generation of !!@#$$@s are gone.

8/27/2010 #72

I'm not really against Nico/OC. I'm just against Nico/Mary Sue.

Plus, Nico is a really hard character to nail down, and him falling in love is a pretty hard thing to pull off.

8/27/2010 #73

after the current generation of !!@#$$@s are gone.

Optimistic, aren't you?

There are still four movies left to come out. And a new series. Hallelujah for fanfiction. *mopes*

8/28/2010 #74
Lieutenant Of Artemis

Most Nico/OC sucks. But I've only saw one pretty decent one called Locket.

Not the best, but not the worst in my opinion.

9/23/2010 #75

Statistically speaking, the phrase 'well written NicoxOC' is an oxymoron.

9/24/2010 . Edited 1/6/2011 #76
Infinite Sorrow

N i c o

young and older than you can imagine

pure of heart with dark intentions

dead and b r e a t h i n g

standing while he falls

S h e

understands, but d o e s n ' t

(NicoxOC. It can be done. But maybe... it shouldn't be.)

9/26/2010 . Edited 9/26/2010 #77

I had a high school romance with a blonde older cheerleader who's transitioning into the Queen of the magically reforming Amazon tribe. Before anyone can strangle me, it's more or less on the permanent backburner now.

*waves Nico/Rachel flag*

10/22/2010 #78

And Nico almost always falls in love with some daughter of Apollo. Check out this author: rockergirl107. Totally a suethor, and apparantly in, oh, kindergarten, judging from her writing skills. Not that I have anything against it, I just hate the bad ones, which is mainly all of them. Damn fangirls and their wish fulfillment.

10/24/2010 #79

Oh yes. Or an emo girl. Or a mortal girl who can see through the mist. Or a Daughter of Poseidon.

*is currently confused on what to think about Thalico*

10/24/2010 #80

Unless Thalia is going to abandon Artemis and her oath to fall in love with a boy who's, what, six or seven years younger than her (and I'm counting the years she spent as that lovely vegetable), then that really can't work out. If it's really, really a must, I had rather see Thalia with Luke. He fits her way better. Percy? Percy had Annabeth, and Thalia might respect Annabeth too much to cheat on her.

But returning to reality: one, Thalia is a Hunter. She swore off men, people! Two, Nico is hard to write. Too little of him is portrayed in the books for my taste. I tried, I really did, but the only Nico-involving fanfic I wrote came out lame. And that's not even romance. Just friendship.

Have yet to see a decent NicoXOC fic, not that I like romance. I despise it, actually, but if anything manage to sway my opinion, then I'm ready to honey-coat my review for that. If you got any good one, please send it my way.

10/24/2010 #81

Ah, yes. You wrote that one. It was good. :)

Alas, I can't whine about Thalico. Nico/Rachel has the same problems and I ship it, so it would be me being hypocritical.

10/24/2010 . Edited 10/24/2010 #82

Thank you for your kind words, but I have a long way to go. I so nearly made Nico into an emo kid in that one, dark and unfeeling and all. Darn.

Nico/Rachel? Oh, that's right, the Oracle wasn't supposed to marry or fall in love, wasn't it? But hey, what if Rachel did fall in love with Nico? What would happen to her then? We didn't know anything about what would happen if the Oracle of Delphi become smitten to a handsome boy, huh?

Epic adventure and angst starting!

10/24/2010 #83

Exactly! I'm so glad you see my point. :D

All I've got so far are drabbles for the purpose of character fleshification, but some day, I will write a Raico story with a plot.

*cue heroic pose*

10/24/2010 #84

Good luck. I mostly write OCs, since the characters in PJO are somehow...complicate to me. I just can't get them right. The Fairy Godmother was probably the last venture I would do into canon characters. Annabeth's probably the most OOC in ninety-nine percents of fanfics out there, counting even some of the great ones. She's just so hard to grasp.

Nico is a little depressing, but I guess he was just quiet instead of downright Gothic and emo. No, I refuse to believe Nico is emo. C'mon, he deserves more credit than that!

Rachel is...bouncy? Cheerful? Floaty (if that's even a word)? Persuasive, maybe. And she makes Annabeth burn with jealousy, but that is because it involves Percy. Mm...

10/24/2010 #85

You could always read my stuff and tell me. I use both of them a lot, mainly because they're my widdle pet-victims.

/shameless plugging.

And yeah, I refuse to believe Nico is completely emo. That is just ruining a good character. And I imagine Rachel as a little... uhmm... used to getting her own way, for the most part. Somewhat sarcastic too. But then again, I make everyone sarcastic.

10/24/2010 #86

Don't worry, I will. Mainly I favor Percy in a story, because the books were told from his point of view and so I got to know him better than the others. But heck, I believe everyone's got a "deeper side", even Clarisse. Nobody's shallow, in my point of view.

But I promise you I will read several of your works before 2012 comes around. Let's hope Saint Peter does not allow Mary Sues into Heaven, eh?

Wait. But then that wouldn't make it Heaven, now wouldn't it...

10/24/2010 #87

Question from a fanfic!newb:

All of the fanfics you say should be critiqued are deleted by the time I get there. What's up with this, amigo?

10/9/2011 #88
Which fics? Because the badfics either got the site deleted them, they got that bad and was reported so many times, or they were like me and got better as writers and deleted them as quick as they could.
10/9/2011 #89

*Pouty Face* Offensive to all eleven-year-olds on a sugar rush!

Not that I am an eleven-year-old on a sugar rush or anything...

*Backs Away Slowly While Eating Reese's Cups*

10/9/2011 #90
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