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The Imaginative Light

Totally and utterly true, man! That was a homerun on your part!

11/28/2011 #91
Code Purple

First off, I agree with my girlfriend/fiancee.

Second, you, Supposed-Troll, your 'story' is against the rules.

No twisting the words, no saying it doesn't count, you're not a troll... it's against the rules.

Also, I call people who annoy me 'Cupcake.'

But... Cupcakes are amazing. And yummy.


11/28/2011 #92

Not if your brother put sour gummy worms in them.

11/28/2011 #93
Code Purple

I like sour gummy worms.

But not in Cupcakes.

Okay, maybe in cupcakes.

11/28/2011 #94
President Snow

Your penname has an error in it. My eyes, oh how they burn.

Ehem. I mean, I can't really judge on your stories, as I haven't read them nor am I willing to. But what's the disorder you have, again?

ed: Oh never mind, found it.

11/29/2011 . Edited 11/29/2011 #99
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Okay. Double posting is against the rules on the forum. Four times is really pushing it. At this point, it looks as if your goal is just to antagonize us, and if it is, I'd suggest stop, or I'll bring in a Mod to stop you. We're only trying to help you improve the quality of your stories because, apparently, quality is rather lacking in them at the moment. If you're unable to take constructive criticism, I'd suggest leave this forum, and maybe think twice before posting a story on this site for readers to critique.

11/29/2011 . Edited 11/29/2011 #101

I would agree with her if I were you, I really would.

11/29/2011 #102


1. Congrats. I can't actually tell whether you're a troll or not, but I'm tending towards the former.

2. If you honestly don't want to people to think you're a troll, then listen to the advice people are giving you, instead of antagonising them.

3. Google Translator sucks when it comes to translating from English to Latin. -nodnod-

Cheers. :)

11/29/2011 #103

1. Congrats. I can't actually tell whether you're a troll or not, but I'm tending towards the former.

//seconds this

You confuse me, possible-troll. :/

11/29/2011 #104
That One Yellow Smiley

Hmmm. I'm very confused as to which side I should take in this argument. Since I'm trying to rebuild/build my reputation at the moment (long story involving the Literate Union), I'm not going to get too angry.

Speaking as someone who has beta'd one chapter from Mary-sues-sucks, I am going to lean towards the side of them not being a troll. Although the evidence may be contrary based on some observations, I don't think that a true troll would bother seeking out quite a few beta readers. Although this user may not have always chosen the BEST beta readers, they were making an effort. I also believe them that they have a disorder, as a kid in my school has something similar. His writing style very closely resembles that of Mary-sues-sucks'.

Then again, I might also just be very gullible and have once again fallen into the trap of a troll (BelieverInChrist fooled me for little bit). No one really knows.


11/29/2011 #105
The Imaginative Light

I fell across that author once.... a Christian they claim to be...puh! Yeah right.

11/29/2011 #106
That One Yellow Smiley

I know, right? They made a thread here a few days ago. It got deleted by a mod, I think.

11/29/2011 #107
Code Purple

They did?

Damn, I would have liked to see that.

11/29/2011 #108

There's this new thing, y'know. It's called the 'enter' key. You use it to make paragraphs and reply to different posts AT THE SAME TIME. Like, OMG, right? It's so magical, you might want to start using it.

And there's also that fancy little edit button that allows you to go back and edit your posts, so you can write more, etc.

Double posting is not needed.

11/29/2011 #111

The best way to get rid of trolls is to report them. Not flaming. (Though, I used to do that quite a lot.) Sorry to anybody my idiotic thirteen year old self reviewed badly.

11/30/2011 #112
That One Yellow Smiley

@Code Purple: It was called "Christian Fanfics" and it was basically them advertising their own crappy writing. I admit, I did feed the troll *hangs head in shame*.

11/30/2011 #114
Code Purple

Sometimes it's fun~

11/30/2011 #115
That One Yellow Smiley

Yes it is :) I should dig up some of the PMs that trolls have sent me...

11/30/2011 #116
Code Purple

For some reason, they like me...

11/30/2011 #117
@Mary-sues-sucks Amigo, you're crazy if you think there aren't trolls in this fandom. Those trolls are just hiding. Anyone else hate when you don't get a turn to flame? You click the link and you can't get to the story. Personally, it kind of annoys me when that happens. It also annoys me how trolls will freaking EAT UP the hate like it's food. I wish I could ignore hate like that; I just go into PMS-y beyotch mode. I haven't seen many trolls in the Young Justice fandom(s). Has anybody here? I want to keep that place clean and pure...I'm going to fail though! Trolls are so hard to kill...//Grumbles// Chica/Lurch.
11/30/2011 #119
Code Purple


I like you because you mentioned the YJ fandom.

I have not seen any trolls in the YJ fandom, actually.

(Love that show!)

11/30/2011 #120
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