we are the Veritas. By definition, the Veritas are not a cult, we are a political party dedicated to trying to make the fandom a better place. Or just chatting. Whatever strikes us.
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Or, as I have begun to think of it, "blabberama."

The rules:

1. No flirting

2. No drinking

3. No trolls.

4. Here in the Veritas we have a zero tolerance policy. That is to say, we may descriminate against fangirls, however, racism, homophobia, sexism, and inquiries about personal matters (cite: bra size) are not allowed, and will be deleted.

5/10/2010 . Edited 5/11/2010 #1

Hai. :)

5/10/2010 #2
AC Thorn

Hai peoples.

...I still miss the old thread. -___-

5/10/2010 #3
fleur hazel

Hai! I might tear up now.

5/10/2010 #4

It doesn't feel right, breaking away from the forum we used to be in. Or maybe I'm just not ready for change yet.

5/10/2010 #5
The Evil Sniff

Yes I deeply miss the old thread too =[

But it was killing my email

5/10/2010 #6

We will start the inbox killing on this thread... This new home.

5/10/2010 #7
fleur hazel

So, are we still mourning?

5/10/2010 #8

Well we still have 800 posts left on that one, you konw. And we'd have to leave it when it reached 5000 eventually, that's why we were talking about moving.

5/10/2010 #9
fleur hazel

Ah, oh well.

5/10/2010 #10

No, we should be happier. It's like we just left communist or dictatorship to be our own people- like the pioneers.

So, first things first, we gotta post like mad so we can reclaim our rightful place in the top ten forums.

5/10/2010 #11
The Evil Sniff

ehhh so be it

5/10/2010 #12
fleur hazel

Yes we do! Everyone needs to get their butts on here!

5/10/2010 #13

So, Honest's forum is just going to die like that?

5/10/2010 #14

But DUDES. We should've at least finished it up 8/

*is telling Sheva*

5/10/2010 #15

Andy, we were already about to reach 5000.

And yes. because here, we're in control. XD I can delete any posts a troll makes.

5/10/2010 #16

Theia- it took us a week on that one. hey do you want to mod?

5/10/2010 #17
The Evil Sniff

Yes becuase now we side with the Veretas

5/10/2010 #18

266 posts away from number 15. :)

5/10/2010 #19


5/10/2010 #20

Shore. ^-^

5/10/2010 #21
The Evil Sniff

Sorry .. so who's drownded in homework ?

Has anyone took there final's yet ?

5/10/2010 #22

We seem to have a loss of words. We're not as chatty as we usually are.

5/10/2010 #23

hoshit I've been on an hour and a half I gotta go NOW! AHHH!

Theia your code is 475b0

Sheva, apparently I invited you a year ago. Your code is 760d2

5/10/2010 #24

Haihai I'm here now. XD

I think I'm officially turning over a new leaf. I'm gonna be a CCer. A harsh CCer, but a CCer.

5/10/2010 #25
The Evil Sniff

Andy - becuase we don't have that many people here, they still think we're in the other forum =[

Theia- Who made your picture ?

Hi Lioness

5/10/2010 . Edited 5/10/2010 #26

Someone should PM Jessie...

ed: Hai Draco. :D

5/10/2010 . Edited 5/10/2010 #27
fleur hazel

People! Hai. I'll check the other one.

5/10/2010 #28
Aventine Hill

Hai people. This feels weird...

5/10/2010 #29


...Anyone here read Tamora Pierce?

5/10/2010 #30
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