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Aventine Hill

I. Need. Skype. Help.

6/2/2010 #2,971

Hai gaiz, nice to see people are back... I'm going to go eat now.

ed: Well, that showed up later than I expected it too.

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #2,972

Why. What. Is. Happening.

6/2/2010 #2,973
willful dest

I'm really sorry Thorn!

6/2/2010 #2,974
AC Thorn

Maybe deleting it from the Desktop deleted the program. ^^

ed: Des: xD It's okay.

Storm: Oh, the usual. People mixing me and Ave up.

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #2,975

I used to be called Bella every. single. fucking. day!!!

Yeah! My names Italian BUT IT'S NOT FUCKING BELLA!!!!!!!!!!

*breaths* Yes....

6/2/2010 #2,976
Aventine Hill

I log in and it just brings me to the stupid account settings where it demands that I buy things. That's as far as I can get.

6/2/2010 #2,977

Ave, that's really weird. Go to "conversations"

6/2/2010 #2,978

Where is everyone getting these badass avatars???

I'm the only one with a sucky one that doesn't say my name on it!


6/2/2010 #2,979
fleur hazel

W#hat, Storm? I don't know the definitions of those big words.... XD

6/2/2010 #2,980

Cara, let me put it in the simplest language:

Are you sick, or are you one of those people that thinks they have all sorts of diseases when they really don't?

Becuase first you're like "I have worms" and then you're like "I have lyme" and then you're like "I have bad-hair itis"

6/2/2010 #2,981
Aventine Hill

I think I figured it out. I only ran the program and didn't save it, so it didn't think of it as downloaded. But, parents won't know, so...I'll do it this way.

6/2/2010 #2,982
fleur hazel

No, I was wrong about the ringworm. The doctor said I have a chance of having Lymes disease, but we're not sure. Bad-hair itis isn't even an illness, I just got a real suckish haircut. -.-

6/2/2010 #2,983
Aventine Hill

CARA IS A SICKY! *hides for cover*

6/2/2010 #2,984

So you're one of those people that is convinced you're sick. Because you just pop up saying that you have it. Um, btws, there are worse things. So don't flip out becuase that's just annoying.

6/2/2010 #2,985

I need a haircut... my bangs are restricting my ability to see :)

6/2/2010 #2,986
willful dest

I'm back. =]

Athena- Which avatars are you referring to? Me and El made a few of them and others people have just had. ^-^

6/2/2010 #2,987

Storm and Fleur all have their names on their avatars!

*pouts* I need a cooler one.....

6/2/2010 #2,988
Aventine Hill

Which reminds me...


6/2/2010 #2,989
willful dest

Athena- I made Storms. I can make you one if you like. =]

ed: Ave! I made the bleeding flower (which you saw) and I made the exploding M&M but I need to fix it. It got distorted. Btw, do you it to have your name or say the amazing exploding M&M or something? Lmao.

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #2,990

Des, like the new av.

Athena, make one. (Or ask Des nicely. x_x )

6/2/2010 #2,991
Aventine Hill


6/2/2010 #2,992

Des? Pretty please? Pretty please with Percy on top! Lol, yes, that was as dirty as it sounded ;p

6/2/2010 #2,993
fleur hazel

I said "I went to the doctors and they said I might have Lymes disease" Please, can we just get over the subject. I might have it, or I might not. I don't know yet, because we haven't taken any of the tests yet. I know there is worse things, and I am not saying I have the worst thing ever.

6/2/2010 #2,994
willful dest

Ave- See the edit above. ^

Athena- Sure. Do you want a saying on it? Any preferences? Because Jess told me to make her one and didn't give me any rules and I ended up making 5-6...

6/2/2010 #2,995

Athena you should use some of the Verita ones. x__x those are prettty dang awesome. well, some of them.

6/2/2010 #2,996
Zoe Nightshade


6/2/2010 #2,997
Aventine Hill

Hai Zoe!

Des: Could you do BOTH? I think you could...*nudge nudge*

6/2/2010 #2,998

Cara, it's just getting annoying having you show up and wail about how you're bored or you might have some disease and freaking out. THere are certain things that are worth that, and certain things that we might care about. And ringworm and lyme are not big deals and quite frankly we don't need to hear about it. Some stuff is worth a panic and a FML-fest, and some just is not. So if you would limit your complaining to RL, that would be spiffy.


6/2/2010 #2,999
willful dest

Hiya Zoe!

ed: Ave, I have no idea what you mean by "make both"...With both sayings, you mean? I is confuzzled.

6/2/2010 . Edited 6/2/2010 #3,000
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