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Kay Celestine

So recently, everything seems to be going wrong. And no matter how hard we try, it just seems that there's no end in sight. Well, after reading through givesmehope . com, I figured we needed something like that. But no matter how hopeless things seem, there are still moments of happiness, even in the little things.

So, I created this post so that, well, anyone could post little things that happen to them everyday, to remind themselves and others about the little things in life that make things worth it.


ed: No spamming with anything other than good stuff. So no plugging and the likes. All posts will be deleted immediately.

6/22/2010 . Edited 6/22/2010 #1
willful dest

My close friend Madison was raped. During that time my friends online, who I have never met in real life, made a WeLoveMadison Formspring for her and sent her many inspiring messages. She committed suicide but before she did, she sent me a last email with many goodbyes for people. Every one of my online friend's were listed. Now, my friends are very supportive and are there for me.

My FanFiction friends GMH.

(This was posted on Givemehope .com but it takes awhile for those to show up.)

6/22/2010 #2

*bearhuggleglomps Des*

My dad's been in the hospital for about two weeks and isn't doing that great and one night I just cracked and starting sobbing. My mom hugged my and then my sister called and prayed with me over the phone. And even then my when I told my friends on FF they huggled me and made me feel better. My friends and family GMH.

6/22/2010 #3
Kay Celestine

-huggles Des and Critic-

I was feeling pretty bad lately, and today, as I'm watching my three year old brother, he randomly comes up to me and gives me 7 kisses in a row, all while holding my face. When he was done, he smiled, and then ran to finish playing. It was the sweetest thing ever.

6/22/2010 #4

Aww that's adorable. ^_^

6/22/2010 #5
Kay Celestine

Kids are the best get better gifts. Especially the littlest ones.

I'll keep your father in my prayers ^^ Stay strong.

6/22/2010 . Edited 6/22/2010 #6
fleur hazel

One the last day of school last Friday, I was crying a lot on the last hour. My friend Shawn and Ja'Kevin come up and hug me, then my sorta friend, (Even though he's really mean to me sometimes) starts slapping himself to make me laugh. I cry more when I get on the bus, and two kids I'm not even friends with sit in the seats beside and across from me, trying to console me. They are the best people that I know in real life.

6/22/2010 #7

Thanks Kay. ^_^

That's epic Cara. :D

6/22/2010 #8
Kay Celestine

Those are wonderful friends you have there Cara :D

6/22/2010 #9
fleur hazel

Thanks, guys. Your stories almost made me cry. -huggles all-

6/22/2010 #10

Group huggle!


6/22/2010 #11
Kay Celestine

-huggles Cara-

6/22/2010 #12

Awhile ago I reviewed someone's story telling them that it stunk. She Pmed me back asking me how to fix it. Now she's rewriting it and it's at the state of half decency. She GMH for this fandom.

Yeah, I'm bored...

6/22/2010 #13
fleur hazel

-huggles Kay-

6/22/2010 #14
AC Thorn

My really good friend likes this guy, but he bullies her constantly. We kept on telling her to get over it, but she never did.

Today, at lunch, he walks up to her and says sorry for everything he's done, says that he really likes her, and asks her out.

It was adorable. :3

6/22/2010 #15

Awww! :D

6/22/2010 #16
fleur hazel


6/22/2010 #17

Kay this is a freaking brilliant idea.

6/22/2010 #18
Kay Celestine

Glad you like it storm ^_^ Anything good happened to you today?

6/22/2010 #19

I went and read at the library for two hours. Maximum Ride. Stupid? yes. But... : / it was fun.

6/22/2010 #20
Kay Celestine

It's the little things that count storm ^_^ I'm glad you had fun :D

6/22/2010 #21
Ariadne's Twine

Yesterday, I realized that the last day of school was probably the last time I'll see my best friend, as we're going to different schools next year and she's going to California for the WHOLE summer.

Today, she sends me a text making plans for an all-night movieathon the first weekend that school starts. It GMH

6/22/2010 #22
willful dest

Today, my friend Mariano called me. Mariano is a friend of mine who has moved two states away. Him, a few of his friends, and some people in my class are coming up to my house tomorrow. They have been planning this for weeks. They GMH in human decency.

6/22/2010 #23
fleur hazel

My parents are fighting, and my friend Jayme is comforting me by video chatting and being as sweet as she can. Jayme GMH.

6/22/2010 #24
willful dest

Today, I actually wanted to feel happy and tried my hardest to do so. This GMH.

6/23/2010 #25
AC Thorn

When we went to the movies, my little brother sneezed, and some random kid from all the way across the theater said, "Bless you." Their innocence GMH.

6/23/2010 #26

Just a little thing:

I used to be the slowest person on the track team, and on Saturday, I placed third in our county chapmionships with a 2:55 in the eight hundred meter. Furthermore, on Monday, I ran a 25:17 5K with Mackenzie, shaving five minutes off my best time. I'd trained an hour a day for two months before that, and the fact that all my hard work had paid off GMH.

...oh, and I'm also happy that they decided to re-run Avatar: The Last Airbender on TV again. That GMH. (XD)

6/23/2010 #27
willful dest

Oh my God. Look. From the LGMH website.

Me and my boyfriend always tell eachother our wishes. One night, we were looking at the stars, and his watched beeped to tell him it was 11:11. I asked him what his wish was. He got down on one knee and said. "I wish you would marry me" and pulled out a ring. His love GMH

11:11. This made me smile. =]

6/23/2010 #28

: ) 11:11 FTW

6/23/2010 #29

A friend of mine invited me to come over to her place Friday, exciting me ridiculously because it's been ages since just the two of us hung out. Did she actually mean it? We'll see. But right now, it's making me very happy. =] Trivial? Yes. But I'm smiling.

6/23/2010 . Edited 6/24/2010 #30
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