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I confess that I think we all think about suicide at one point of life or the other.

Just don't get carried away. Suicide is easy. Taking it for the ones left behind is not.

11/6/2010 #691

I confess that I'm huggling Critic back.

I confess that I've thought of suicide dozens of times, I'm just too chicken to actually do it. (I suppose this means I can't really get upset at Iris, kind of hypocritical)

I confess that the one person I always turned to for comfort is dead, and has been since January.

I confess I hate confessing depressing things on here, but I can't help it.

I think I'll confess something happy.

I confess that my mom was surprisingly nice enough to get my favourite fruit. A pomagranate.

11/6/2010 #692

Suicide isn't necessarilya cop-out, but if it doesn't succeed you have to live with the consequences for your entire life. I confess it really isn't worth it, and people can get their lifes back on track, even in the worst of situations.

I confess I really miss Reese and Kay and Storm. I confess I love talking to Kay about boys and freaks and all things inbetween, cause she's mah special big sister ^^

11/6/2010 #693

I confess that I'm entirely too freaked out by the idea of dying to even consider suicide.

I hope. Because life is sucking pretty hard right about now.

11/6/2010 #694

I confess that I'm not entirely sure what's keeping me going; I have a sneaking suspicion it might be you guys.

11/6/2010 #695
Infinity Blues

I confess that I care too much about Veritaville.

11/6/2010 #696

I confess I purposefully left one line on my profile like that on purpose because it's you, you, you.

11/6/2010 #697
Blue Truth

I confess I lie to my best friend waaay more then I should.

I confess I'm scared of my best friend.

I confess I don't want my best friend to be my best friend anymore.

I confess I want action in my life, and I'll do almost anything to get it.

I confess I wish my parents didn't care what I did on the Internet, so I could chat via forum without them bugging me 24/7 to see my FF account.

I confess I'm scared of confessing.

I confess I think I'm too curious to see what happens after life, and that it scares me too much.

I confess I'm a horrible writer, and each of my angsty stories are based off my feelings.

I confess I hate the BOE because they hate our grade because they probably think I'm suicidal for something I didn't do.

I confess that I'm afraid of my birthday, because each year for three years nothing good has happened. (Ex: I got suspended on my birthday three years ago. My birthday was on Easter last year, and I spent the entire day at my grandma's house with cousins six years or older then me.)

I confess that I literally cannot wake up in the morning but stay up all night doing random things.

I confess I think I am confessing too much.

I confess that no matter how low I'm feeling, I have to be happy because that's who everybody thinks I am.

I confess I want to dye my hair blue just to see who notices.

11/6/2010 . Edited 11/6/2010 #698
the tiniest pyre


11/6/2010 . Edited 3/27/2014 #699

I confess that I'm afraid of my birthday, because each year for three years nothing good has happened.

We live in the same world, then.

*hates her birthdate with a passion*

Nothing good ever happens on the damn day. It's almost enough to make be believe in the Friday the Thirteenth crap.

11/7/2010 #700
Kay Celestine

I confess, that I wish that out of all the people who left FF, they weren't my sisters. And that I miss them so damned much sometimes.

11/7/2010 . Edited 11/7/2010 #701

I confess that though the newbs that go on nowadays are the most tolerable ones we've had in a while, I wish we could go back to the days when it was only the regs and inbox-killing

I confess that I'm still pissed about some of the drama that circulated when Storm posted her Verita story, and I confess that I'm sickened that said person hasn't formerly apologized and has the nerve to go back on this forum. What sickens me the most, however, is that people are taking her back with open arms. And I confess that the days of me being friendly with her are over, seeing to the fact that this is the second time she's succeeded in thoroughly pissing me off.

I confess that I'm probably going to hold this grudge for a long, long time

I confess that I've considered going against this person, but I decided against it because I didn't want to start a blood feud

I confess that starting a blood feud is out of the question, because the risk of losing Kay and Jess are too great and it's not worth the risk

11/7/2010 #702
Infinity Blues

I confess that I hate you skype.

Every time I see a skype logo, I just want to scream.

I confess that I love you too much. All of you.

I confess that sometimes I wish I could go back to when I never met you, because it was easier back then, but then I scold myelf for not wanting to know my best friends.

I confess that I wish I could live a normal life.

I confess that for the first time, I'm afraid of being different.

I confess that I'm not ready for life.

I confess that I cry more than I should.

I confess that every night I read the note Lea sent me, because I just want to feel good about myself.

I confess that I've only trusted you- and I havent shared a secret with my IRL friends in years.

I confess that I've said too much.

11/7/2010 . Edited 11/7/2010 #703

I confess that Luna should indulge in electronic espionage. :D

11/8/2010 #704
m y e h

I confess that sometimes, my family and friends don't understand me...... and it makes me depressed...

11/8/2010 #705

I confess I have no clue why i wear my hair long. Life was easier when it was shorter... hmm...

11/8/2010 #706
Clockwork of Time


11/9/2010 . Edited 9/25/2012 #707
Infinity Blues

I confess that whoever mocks/cheats off of Jed needs a serious fucking wake up call, because, what the hell? They ahve no right to make fun of such a beautiful, talented, and amazing girl. I think that jed did the right thing by ignoring them, because you should make friends with people who are like you, instead of fighting with those who arent. If they tease you, and you fight back, thats their sastifaction. Thats what they want. Don't give it to them.

I confess that I miss Jed like hell, and when I had to run a mile to day, I focused on her, and I worried about her. I confess that I worry myself sick, and when I'm not at the computer for a while, I'm scared that Jed has done... something.

I confess that whoever said Jed is crap, needs to go to hell and stay there, because she is a fucking biotch.

I confess that being offended it natural, but I have a tip against it. Whenever someone mocks you, imagine to words just as blocks of text, and imagine them running down your body, not getting to your brain, but slipping off and around your feet. This helps for me.

ED: Jed, I love you.

You, and Veritaville, are seriously the only thing that keeps me going.

11/9/2010 . Edited 11/9/2010 #708
Clockwork of Time

I confess that I am screaming "LUNA!!!!!" and huggling her.

I do ignore them, today was the first day I told to him to leave me alone... it's never the girls always the boys. -.-

I confess that Luna does not need to worry if I have done...something.

ED:I ♥ you too, Luna. *briefly wonders if the heart came out*

-glares- No following in my footsteps. I forbid you.

11/9/2010 . Edited 11/9/2010 #709
Infinity Blues

I confess that at school, I daydream about meeting you guys, Jed especially, and sometimes I cry during class and everyone laughs.

I confess that you should just give them a firm, even, "Leave me alone," and walk away. Show them that you are strong, and you could fight them if you wanted to, but you have better things to do.

I confess that I do need to worry, because if you did anything... it would hurt me, hurt us all, but it would hurt you the most. You can recover from hurt feelings, but you cant recover from the dead.

11/9/2010 #710
Clockwork of Time

I confess that if I ever meet you will get the biggest hug of your life.

Maybe we should move to the chat?

*steals Luna and brings her to chat*

11/9/2010 #711
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

I confess Luna shouldn't have to read my note to feel special, but if it boosts her self-esteem, I'm fine ^^

I confess that I screamed a helluva lot during Paranormal Activity 2. But it was totally worth seeing.

I confess I really have nothing bad to confess about, which makes me feel guilty. Why should others go through hell and I remain in a happy position?

11/9/2010 #712

I confess that, a year ago, I wouldn't have given a crap about my 75% on that test. I still shouldn't. But I do. I'm pissed. I actually studied for it. Hard. I thought I did well. But when my teacher showed me that grade, I confess that, if I had a gun with me, I probably would've shot her head off. And my friend too. She barely studied. She got a 90%. And I HELPED her study.

Call me crazy, but that doesn't seem fair to me. I guess life just hasn't been very fair lately. And I hate it. If I had a gun during one of those rash moments, I probably would've shot my own head off. And I confess that I'm not sure if it's a good thing that life goes on. Sometimes I just want to stay pissed. At my teacher. At my friend. At myself.

I confess that this is the third "paragraph" I'm typing this up, and I'm still wondering how I'm going to cope with this. Just forget it? Keep going? Don't care? Why do I even care? I NEED TO STOP CARING. And I'm just about ready to scream. Or make obnoxious noises, like a hyena. Whatever appeals to me.

I confess that that confession sounds really cliche. But whatever. It's a confession. Confessions aren't supposed to be story-type material.


11/10/2010 . Edited 11/10/2010 #713

I confess right now I'm bawling my eyes out.

I confess the reason for this is my ex just made me feel incredibly guilty.

I confess that I'm only writing this here because I can't talk to my best friend because she doesn't know how to deal with this kind of thing.

11/10/2010 #714

I confess that I'm huggling AJ right now. Even though we've never met.

I confess that that was not a response. ;) Not at all.

11/10/2010 #715
The Midnight Doe

I confess that I am quiting NaNo.

I confess that I never have enough time, hate my plot, I so far behind ... and I just get way to stressed out.

I'll still be writing, but on multiple fics.

I confess that I can never focus on a story for more than a few days because of my immensely short attention span.

11/10/2010 #716
the wise and the brave

I confess that sometimes I think about ending it all.

I confess I lie way too much for anyone.

I confess that everything that people see when they thing of me is a big stupid phony fascade.

I confess that my only wish is too go back in time and change everything.

I confess that I cheated on several end of semester tests.

I confess that my mother calls me ugly.

I confess that my parents are on the brink of divorce.

I confess that I'm not what who you think I am.

I confess that I'm sorry.

11/10/2010 . Edited 11/10/2010 #717


I. Hate. People. Who. Laugh. During. Rememberance. Day. Assemblies.

This is not about the god damn band being out of tune, or whatever the hell you thought was funny when that man who had fought for our country, for us, for our freedom was speaking to us. When someone like that is up there, you shut the fuck up and listen with respect. You disgust me. I don't give a shit how old you are-- thirteen or thirty, it was barely a fourty minute assembly. Fourty minutes.

And yes, you deserved every god damn bit of the chewing out I gave you.

11/10/2010 #718

I confess I'm huggling Ocean.

I confess I don't know her that well.

I confess that I'm sure she's gorgeous.

I confess I'm just going to skip to the meaningful poetry.


It's such a complicated thing It's crap, it's amazing, it's a jerk, simply put, life is life

It constantly changes with highs and lows

Sometimes we're walking on clouds, others death's embrace seems welcome

But in the end, we will end up on top of life, looking back with fondness and regret

11/10/2010 . Edited 11/10/2010 #719
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

I confess I agree with Lioness.

11/10/2010 #720
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