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Ariadne's Twine

Title: And In the Darkness, She'll Find Her Ending

Summary: Because Thalia Grace can only keep up the facade for so long.

8/14/2010 #31


Too dark? Too harsh? Too something else? Tell me, please.

8/16/2010 #32
Cascading Rainbows

Juliet: I like the lotus outline, and the water, but the girl isn't my favorite. I'd reccommend choosing another girl or just not using the girl. :)

8/16/2010 #33
Infinity Blues

Read this drabble to make meh happy!

8/22/2010 #34
The Evil Sniff


8/24/2010 #35

No one has really given me any constructive criticism, and I need it badly.

8/24/2010 #36

*creepy voice*

I am the review loan cannot escape me.

8/25/2010 #37
willful dest

My Wordpress blog. Mostly about running... Er, well, there is one post that is about running so far, lol. ^^

Check it out? I am still using my Blogger because Wordpress is going to be about running... *stops rambling*

8/27/2010 #38
Infinite Sorrow

King of Shattered Land; a brief drabble that will take but a moment to read and but a minute to review. I would be honoured to hear your true opinions, without the honeying of words.

For the poison of hatred seated near the heart doubles the burden for the one who suffers the disease; he is burdened with his own sorrow, and groans on seeing another's happiness.


8/28/2010 #39
Infinity Blues

Review please?

8/29/2010 #40
willful dest

See... there is this fic. That is amazing. And epic. And brilliant. And to die for. This fic is here. Feel special.

8/29/2010 #41
Aventine Hill

It is requested that you click here, read, and review.

8/30/2010 #42

Please CC, my work is in need of serious help, one of my better fanfiction stories, the others are just... *shakes head and cringes at thought of how bad my writing is* :D

Annabeth is scared of only a few things when she was younger; spiders and loud sounds. Thunder being the worst. Will her dad come and comfort her? Annabeth is three and her dad hasn't met the step-mother. Father/daughter moment.

ED: Don't read chpater two, i've only realized that it is extremly OCC. *head deask*

8/30/2010 . Edited 8/30/2010 #43
The Midnight Doe

Silvermint:_A_Parody Please R&R(:

9/2/2010 #44
willful dest

RIST - Chapter Two.

It is finished. Please review. I am really nervous that people will be let down...

9/2/2010 #45

^^ Silvermint is great, by the way. Please read.

9/6/2010 #46
Infinity Blues


9/7/2010 #47

For those times when no one is online: Time Zones are Annoying.

9/10/2010 . Edited 9/10/2010 #48
Infinity Blues

-turns into review!whore-m REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! PUHLEASE?!

9/17/2010 #49

Lucky -One hundred word Hunger Games drabble

Shadowed Dreamland -A collection of Harry Potter drabbles. I could really use an opinion or two on it. Link is to chapter six.

9/28/2010 #50

Awesome Poem, it's not mine, but reviews for it would be nice!

10/8/2010 #51

A cliche school story, or at least my take on it :D

Of Locker Notes and Shakespeare Quotes

10/9/2010 . Edited 12/30/2010 #52

Never mind.

10/10/2010 . Edited 12/13/2010 #53
The Midnight Doe R&R please(: Mai romance drabbles! First chapter is...*gasp* Percabeth! But according to my beta, it's IC...

10/12/2010 . Edited 10/12/2010 #54
El Vagabundo Solitario

IC Percabeth is hard to make. Most just make the story as fucked up as possible (no cliche pun intended).

10/12/2010 #55
the wise and the brave

Not a fanfiction story, but rather a random URL.

It's my shelfari account.

I have no idea why I wanted to put this up or how anyone would ever care.

But boredom does many strange things to the mind.

10/12/2010 . Edited 10/12/2010 #56

Something else that also isn't mine, but it's an interesting idea, and I suggest that everyone here read it. With some CC, it could become an amazing story.


10/25/2010 #57


10/25/2010 #58

Attenshun all: FICWHORING AHEAD.

Review, please, it's much appreciated. ^^

10/26/2010 #59

Go to Twi Parodys. How to Save the Literary World. REVIEW FOR HUGGLES. (Oh, and Draco? If you don't review I will huggle you)

10/28/2010 #60
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