we are the Veritas. By definition, the Veritas are not a cult, we are a political party dedicated to trying to make the fandom a better place. Or just chatting. Whatever strikes us.
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How did you find the Veritaville forum?
1 On the forum list
2 Someone sent me here to troll
3 through fanmortals
4 other (please explain)
5 I was on the profile of one of the admins
6 I was given a link by a current forum-goer
View Poll Result. Please vote for one of the choices.


1. Listen to the Admins. Don't and you will get your ass banned from this forum in two seconds flat. They control this forum and are to be listened to and respected.

2. Do not consider yourself a Verita simply because you hang out here. However, you must (as the rule above says) must obied by the Veritas rules and if you are here to piss us off (*cough*IFlameYou*cough*) then you will be banned, though Storm seems to enjoy torturing them first. ^-^

3. Not trolls, idiots, fangirls, etc. (See Rule #2)

4. We have a zero tolerance policy. We may discriminate against fangirls and trolls, however, racism, homophobia, and inquiries about personal things are not tolerated and you will be banned immediately.

Example: One of the guys we actually knew and liked for a bit came onto the forums saying, "So, what are your bra sizes?" and he was banned before he could post a second time and show us that he was kidding. We do not joke about this shit.

5. We also do not, do notrant about other cultures because they are not how we are, do not act how we act or think they should act. We recognize that some cultures are different than ours and we are perfectly okay with that. Americans are not better than anyone else, nor are the English or the Croatians or whatever nationality you may be. It doesn't matter. You are not above someone else and we will have no problem telling you if you break this rule. You will be banned from this forum for a week, depending on the seriousness.

6. We do not discuss Skype or give away Skype names on these forums. All Skype related topics can discussed via PM or email. This rule was added because of privacy issues.

7. Storm, Sheva, Kay, and Theia can and will edit posts if they feel it is necessary. Beware. Obied by our posting rules and you should be good. =]

8. We allow one 'Kay' on this forum and that would be KayCelestine. If your nickname is normally 'Kay' then find a new one because we only permit one.

9. Do not diss Storm's use of bold. It started as a technical issue and has been used since. It is not newbish in any way and we have no problem with it. Got that?

10. We have an on-going competition for last post on the Ghost Town topics (which are our chat topics, really). If you get last post, be proud. If you get first post, be proud. If you get the last post on a topic then you get to post the new one.

11. Here at the Veritas we are a tight knit group. If you are a newb and you see any unfriendliness towards you, it is because we are not used to having newbs. Just bear with us, talk a lot, and we will get to know you. Thought I'd point that out...

12. We respect grammar and spelling here. Talk in chatspeak (chtspk) and you will get your ass banned.

13. Please do not create topics without first asking Storm. Unapproved topics will be deleted. Thanks.

14. This is in regards to the whole Verita Family Tree thing. It started as Storm and Theia getting engaged but it has expanded. Still, it's just our fun way of being the Verita family. And at this point, I (Storm) can't keep up with it. Suddenly every random person is being adopted. Look, guys. You aren't going to get on by begging. I'm tired of the FS questions asking to be on the tree. You get on the tree if we invite you, clear? If someone voulenteers to adopt you. Not by begging. I'm friggin sick of it. It's a tree, guys.

15. Do not consider yourself a Verita just because you hang out with us and chat on our forums. If either Storm or Theia PM you, then you can consider yourself one. But for now, you're just a forum-goer.

Thanks. That's all.


-Willful Destruction and revised by Storm

P.S.- If I have missed anything in this, feel free to leave a reply but other than that, this is here as a guide. Thanks.

6/27/2010 . Edited 11/19/2010 #1
Ariadne's Twine

You forgot Lola.

ed: You can put what we go by?

6/27/2010 . Edited 6/27/2010 #2

(Psst, it's also still signed by Des. May cause confusion. XD)

6/27/2010 #3
Karma's Inferno

Yes, you did indeed forget me! Ha ha.

ed: I feel less forgotten now. :) Best for last. ;)

6/28/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #4


I'm your daughter.

I feel not just dissed, but neglected. =P

6/29/2010 #5

Hey! Des wrote this list, not me!

6/29/2010 #6
willful dest

*cringes* Sorry to those I forgot! *cringes and backs away*

6/29/2010 #7

Would someone add me to the list? PLEASE?

6/29/2010 #8
willful dest

I can't and I don't believe Storm is here anymore. -.-

6/29/2010 #9

-cries- Ah well.

BTW, Des, if you have a copy of your last sent email could you direct it to my gmail? I'll PM you in a sec, I need to re-install Skype.

6/29/2010 #10
willful dest

Okay. =]

You're on the list, Lioness.

6/29/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #11

Would you mind adding me? I intend to stay active, Des. I have read the rules!

7/6/2010 #12
Ariadne's Twine

Peter- Des doesn't do the list. You'd have to ask Storm. But prove you're a regular first, 'kay?

7/6/2010 #13


7/6/2010 #14

Oops. Sorry. I forgot the topics rule. Please don't torture me and then dump me in the electronic river of disdain.

7/6/2010 . Edited 7/7/2010 #15


Who's IFlameYou?

7/8/2010 #16
Aventine Hill


That was some troll who showed up for about half an hour a long while back.

7/8/2010 #17
Raven's Spark

Heyo all. Mix up and confusion aside.

7/9/2010 #18


...say, aren't you from that Twilight forum some idiots (Myself included, but only for a short while :P) kinda-sorta trolled? Nice to meet you.

7/15/2010 #19
Ariadne's Twine

*raises hand shyly* I kinda could've might've maybe been a part of that troll-fest too. I wasn't there long, either. I would've apologized myself, but I was told I could never go back there, so... I hereby (word?) apologize.

And welcome to our forum. ^^

7/15/2010 . Edited 7/15/2010 #20

Guys, I added another rule.

7/19/2010 #21
Raven's Spark

Thanks. Oh. I wonder why I'm here?

7/19/2010 #22

*blinks* I've never seen you before in my life. Nice to meetcha.

I'm not trying to sound harsh. That was more pointed toward the sudden branch added by Tool and Zim and god knows who else and I don't even know who Zim and Buttefly are

7/19/2010 #23
Raven's Spark

Hello. Never met you before either. At the moment you can call me Zero.

7/19/2010 #24

ok. I'm Storm. *shakes hand*

7/19/2010 #25
Raven's Spark

*Shakes hand Then bows.* Nice to meet you Storm-San.

(Confucius say: Always take the lighter box. It's easier to carry.)

7/19/2010 #26

Zero-san, you have won me over with your use of Japanese honorifics. I'm Lioness. It's a pleasure to meet you. =]

7/20/2010 #27

Hello. Nice to meet you guys. I'm Butterfly and Joyce adopted me a while back. I'm really sorry for not introducing myself to you guys before as I wasn't sure how you all would react.

So, that's about it. (:

7/21/2010 #28
Ariadne's Twine

Me thinks that wasn't officially. Me doens't even know if Joyce is on the tree. Me waits for Storm to answer.

Me welcomes you anyway: Hai thar. Join us on GT9.

7/21/2010 . Edited 7/21/2010 #29

The only people I acknowledge as being on the tree are the Veritas and the Ghosts. The original tree.

Despite that, it's nice to meet you, Joyce. =]

7/21/2010 #30
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