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How did you find the Veritaville forum?
1 other (please explain)
2 I was given a link by a current forum-goer
3 I was on the profile of one of the admins
4 through fanmortals
5 Someone sent me here to troll
6 On the forum list
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Yeah. The characters/aurthors were in a BATTLE, though.

10/20/2010 #61

Cezariaz: The fic name was Death of Fanficition by Theia 47.

Peter Ji: I meant if I could join the battle.

Sorry for the n00bishness.

10/20/2010 #62

There was a battle? Where?

*feels like crushing people with evil laugh*

10/22/2010 #63

Go on ahead and kill them dead! Mary Sues do not deserve to live. Hell, even Jesus can't forgive them for their existence, let alone the things that they do.

Yeah, I think MidnightFlyte was talking about Dead of Fanfiction by Theia 47. A good reliever when you have just wandered out of the fandom, traumatized by the Mary Sues and bad writing in general, I tell you. And why do the Mary Sues always have to be girls? I have seen less than a handful of the nine thousand-something OC fics in the PJO fandoms featuring male main characters. Are the guys so undeserving of the spotlight? I think not.

By the way, I'm Quill. Generally a flower wall in whatever fandoms I post in, since I'm a reader more than anything. I'm searching for decent people to talk to, and seems like you guys are the last ones in this fandom that met my standards of "decent". Hello to all.

10/24/2010 #64

You mean Death, not Dead, right?

10/24/2010 #65

Mary Sues are usually female because most of the people on Fanfiction are female. A Sue is an overdone self insert, and they resemble the author closely (hence the SELF-insert). Ergo, they are female... unless the author wants to be a boy. And hi Quill. I am Midnight.

10/25/2010 #66

Personally, I'm not an advocate of flaming. It's a waste of workforce...

There are several dozens of crapfics that sees inception every day. We are simply outnumbered.

So, I think that we should just go for smaller packets of writing communities like this one.

10/31/2010 #67
Midnight Sol

People tend to forget that every character will be slightly Mary-Sue-ish at some point in a story. They get so wrapped up in trying to catch and kill the Mary-sues that they rule off characters that are still salvageable or just developing. That's why I try not to use the term lightly. I think it has all gone slightly overboard.

. . . Just my opinion.

11/25/2010 #68

^^ *nods*

Almost all YA protagonists can be considered Sues, if you think about it enough.

However, if a name has Xs, Ys or Zs in the middle of it, it's probably a lost cause.

11/25/2010 #69
Midnight Sol

True daht.

Or if they have more than three names, or apostrophes in the middle of *a* name.


Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way


11/25/2010 #70

more than three names

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden. XD

If it weren't for the Harry... XD

11/26/2010 #71
Lost child of Gallifrey
Hi so I am new here umm is your character a Mary-Sue if you don't make your character good at everything? Or if make some of the characters hate her? Because all of my characters are a lot lie me? They have my past except I make them have worse lives then I have had. Also I am still in the process of developing them also I am working on my spelling and grammar so please don't hate me because of that I am very bad at spelling and grammar but I am working on it that counts right?
11/27/2010 #72
Skadi 2. Marchking

A self-insert: a character whose appearance, personality, and/or background is similar to that of the author's.

A Mary-Sue: a character who has many good traits and not very many or no bad traits.

A cliché: a character, plot, etc that has been used many, many times and is no longer original. (Ie, a dark and terrible past.)

That answer your question?

11/27/2010 #73
Lost child of Gallifrey

I guess I just hope my characters are not to much like a Mary-sue like what is the consensus on self-inserts?

11/27/2010 #74
Skadi 2. Marchking

Honey, I can't understand that sentence. It doesn't make anywhere near grammatical sense. Rephrase it, please, and I'll try to answer.

11/27/2010 #75
Lost child of Gallifrey

Sorry it made sence in my head. I what do ya'll think of self inserts it seems that that is what my characters are.

11/27/2010 #76
Midnight Sol

Self inserts suck. If you want to post here, by the way, please try to actually spell. Just a warning, if you're here to troll, we will murder you.

12/9/2010 #77
Vanished Snowflake
I'm still considerably new to fanfiction so...what exactly is a "troll"? (I can see you guys rolling your eyes at me and maybe preparing to throw something at me for the fun of it...sigh, the pain of being a newbie...)
1/9/2011 #78
not someone of importance

It's grand. It was two months before I found out what a Mary-Sue was. *shudders at some reviews she gave* A troll is somebody who writes horrificly and/or comes on forums using horrible grammar and spelling like : OMGZ!!1111 U LYK AL SUK!

1/9/2011 #79
Vanished Snowflake
OHH...thanks so much!:) I took forever to realize what a Mary-Sue was too. In fact...know all those horrible fics with the bad grammar and abrupt sentence structures? In the beginning, I thought that was all PJO fandom had to offer and so was feeling quite proud of myself and my ability to use a dictionary. Later on, I finally realized there were fics of much better quality. I'm real glad I discovered the Veritas website:D
1/9/2011 #80
meaner than my demons

Ohhhh so thats what a troll is. I'm such an idiot, I don't know what a fangirl is, and still don't know what a Mary Sue is. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!1

1/9/2011 #81

My usual action when encountering an unknown fanfiction term:

1/9/2011 #82

My usual action when encountering an unknown fanfiction term:

And there we have a newb with some suave. Hiya Chees! XD

1/9/2011 #83


1/13/2011 #84
Just Your Average Evil Genius

Hello. I'm kind of a newbie on and need help with my story. JessieRedbird told me to come here to Veritaville... so here I am. Just kinda curious about Veritaville and looking for some help on my story.

1/18/2011 #85

This seems like a good forum... [smiles] I found this quite by accident, really. Sneaking 'round on Fanmortals after my story got nominated last round, and I came across this basket of good writers.

1/19/2011 #86

Hey Occ! *nicknames*

You're from Dubai? That is seriously awesome. I'm kind of obsessed with that city. :D

1/19/2011 #87
Just Your Average Evil Genius

Cool avatar Claire!

1/20/2011 #88

Thanks Coo.

Just a tip, I usually go by Luna. :)

1/20/2011 #89
Just Your Average Evil Genius

No problem Luna, where'd you get it?

I go by Coolio. :{D (it's a mustached smiley)

1/21/2011 #90
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